Let’s go to the 50’s!


I’m in …Shock!

As in, Shock Suspenstories #8 from 1953, published by EC.

I thought it would be neat-o to pick up a reprint for a side-by-side comparison with the original. So many goals for the New Year, including, pick up more Pre-Code Horror!


Check the synopsis for a couple of the stories:

  • A woman plots to give her naturalist husband an overdose of sleeping pills so that she can be with his younger brother. Before he passes, he acquires a large shark and places it in their outdoor pool which the wife regularly swims in.
  • Ninety-five thousand years after man destroys himself with nuclear weapons, the evolved rats develop space travel and meet their Martian neighbors.
  • Every morning, after a man stabs a woman to death and stashes her body in the attic, he sees a huge bloodstain spreading across his ceiling. He tries to cover it up with paint, but every morning it's there. He even puts a bucket on the floor to collect the blood, and it appears half full to him when the suspicious detectives listen to his confession and tell him there is no stain and no blood in the bucket.


Next up, I’ve got the Chills!

Chamber of Chills, that is! Not #19, or #23, but the majority of this runs’ covers are classics. This one’s #20 from 1953, published by Harvey.

Did you know? The series stopped due to the Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency, which, in large part, blamed juvenile delinquency on comics! As a result, Harvey Publications shifted their books to more children-friendly material.



Y, it’s the Last Gold Disney Nightmare on Hellboy Street!

I spent the entire week coming up with that. With no sleep!

Gambit #1 1993. Gold Edition. I’ve always loved this book. I really need a reminder to self to research Gambit books that may have some upside other than this one and his first appearances, X-Men #266 & X-Men Annual #14.

Y: The Last Man #1. 2002. DC/Vertigo. The pilot worked! Filming for Season 1 has begun! Let’s hope the show knocks it out of the park and the characters become household names.

Disney afternoon featuring Darkwing Duck!

#9 is difficult to find, but the final issue in series, #10 from 1995 by Marvel Comics, takes the cake for not the easiest of finds.

Hellboy Winter Special #1, 2016, Dark Horse

I don’t know why this isn’t around much. I think it’s the NYCC Retailer Appreciation Variant?

Nightmares on Elm Street #6, 1992, Innovation.

This one’s always been a tough find. It’s the final issue to the series. To make tracking this book down that much more difficult, I believe this was close to the last book, if not the last book, Innovation published before filing bankruptcy and closing its doors. There was another 4-issue mini-series (can we call that fims?) planned after #6. Too bad because the proposed covers floating around online looked good.

I hope they bring Freddy back in epic proportions. How about something on the scale of a Thanos and World War Z combo where the movie picks up as he’s single-handedly taken out the majority of the population over several years and still killing? The world is aware but helpless. Scientists working on solutions. Throw in some crazy CGI animations with dark humor but still have some creepy seriousness to it. I can see it!




A Belmont Legacy #1, 2005, IDW.

The TPB was a surprise from a few weeks back, but some deeper digging brought out the first printings of issue #1.

Love, love, love video game comics. Fans far outweigh print runs for many of them.

Prophet #1, 1993, Image Comics. Gold Edition.

Did you know? The character’s creator, Rob Liefeld, intended Prophet to first appear through Marvel in X-Force. Can you imagine Prophet in the MCU? Or, Crypt!

Who is Crypt? Besides a beyond cool looking character, he is an alternate, evil future version of Prophet, who first appeared in Prophet #7, 1994. He is a big bad of the Extreme Universe, taking on Supreme (dubbed Image Comics Superman), and also Teams Youngblood and Bloodstrike.



ESPN Variants!

I came across the Punisher issue and forgot why I was looking for it. I don’t know the production numbers, but I’m thinking it’s relatively scarce. Then I looked into theses a bit more. Released in January 2015, they are In the Game Championship variants created by Marvel to celebrate January’s College Football Playoff on ESPN. This was the first college football playoff.

8 covers were created. They are: All-New Captain America #3, Amazing Spider-Man #12, Ant-Man #1, Avengers #40, Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #4, Hulk #10, Legendary Star-Lord #7, and The Punisher #14.

Aside from the Punisher cover, the Hulk cover spoke to me. That green just hits my eyes and makes my brain all warm and fuzzy. Well, maybe sharp is a better word here than fuzzy. Ha! In any case, I like it!



Next up, a couple books I thought had promise.

Superman World of New Krypton #1, 2009 by DC and Transformers More Than Meets the Eye #1, 2012 by IDW.

Superman World of New Krypton #1

This is a 1:25, putting the print run at approx. 2,000 copies.

There is some new stuff in here, among them, a few minor character debuts.

-Asha Del-Nar – Formerly a writer in the Artists Guild of Kandor that became Kal-El's second-in-command.



– Tyr-Van – A guide for new comers of New Krypton.



Transformers More Than Meets the Eye #1

I’m seeing a 15,000 print run split between 5 covers. Hard to imagine I’m reading that right, but IDW books don’t have a lot of copies produced. This one appears to do the best in the aftermarket.


I referenced the Morbius-Santa #31 cover in a previous write-up when I picked up Morbius #32. I could not resist grabbing it! Santa is either going to be a Vampire, or dead!

ASM #700, 2013, Marvel Comics.

Final issue in series alert! That didn’t stop it from having a huge print run, but the huge print run didn’t stop it from doing well to this day in the aftermarket. The first printing cover is a classic in my mind. I’ve never had this cover before and saw a few sell so I figured, why not?

A few pages in the back have a cover gallery of every issue from Vol. 1.



Also, in this issue, we have the Superior Spiderman suit Otto Octavius designed when he took over Peter Parker's body.



Halo! This is a small preview comic. But I’m sticking with the, video game comics have a strong market, theme.



White Widow! I did not realize these both are prism covers! Shot out to early-mid 1990’s gimmicks! But I did see them selling. Who knows if that will last. It’s so difficult to move all the chips to the center of the table on new, out this week's books. A few may hit but the majority do not. On the other side, the wait and see approach can leave you unable to find a single copy for certain books that overheat and go nuclear. Such a wild game we all play, no?

Teen Titans #37, 2006. This reminder to self to buy actually worked! First Miss Martian. It’s really too bad that she’s not on the cover of this book. But there are a bunch online still with asking prices in the single digits.


Talk about an introduction…



Invincible show on Amazon is green lit and in production? How can she not show up it in? If the show is a success, shouldn’t this book (her first appearance) increase? No telling if there are plans to bring the contents of Invincible #110 to the show, but if they did, I’d imagine it would cause quite the stir and the book would heat back up.

Weird Love #1 2014 IDW. Because I haven’t been able to find more Haunted Horror #1 2012 IDWs! I really like these books though. This one has a print run under 5,000.

There is also a second printing to this issue. Not many around of it.



X-Men! Mr. Finch! I like how this wasn’t an easy find. I may be late to the party on them. Will the market flood with copies? Has it already? Or will they hold value and, da-da-dare I say it, increase, over time? The comic gods refuse to give us an answer!

Deus Ex! Another shot out to video game inspired comics! This 6-issue 2011 series is absolutely a fan favorite.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s piece. Have a great week!


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