1 Amazing Spider-Man #13

WRITER: Stan Lee
ARTIST: Steve Ditko
The Mysterio hype machine is in full swing.  I have faith that Gyllenhaal will do the character justice (I think lol).  Virtually all grades are moving up and record highs are being set in multiple grades at this point.

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2 Immortal Hulk #2 Gerardo Zaffino 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Al Ewing
ARTIST: Joe Bennett
Well, if the awesome regular Ross cover is spiking, why not the variant?  This was a $50-75 book and is now $150+.  Why do we care so much about Dr. Frye?

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3 Cerebus the Aardvark #1

WRITER: Dave Sim
ARTIST: Dave Sim
I will be the first to say that I don't exactly understand the appeal of this book.  Record highs were reached in 2 different grades this week (7.5 = $1400 & 4.0 = $380).  For those unaware, please do your research if you buy this raw…lots of fakes out there.

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4 Showcase #79

WRITER: Jay Scott Pike
ARTIST: Jay Scott Pike
Like Mysterio above, sales across the board are increasing and there was a record 9.6 sale for $1500 this week.  All of this is occurring when we don't even know if Dolphin is going to appear in the next Aquaman movie (although it would appear likely).  As an aside, a great Dolphin cover is Aquaman (1996) #18, which you can find for nothing.

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5 Detective Comics #854

WRITER: Greg Rucka
ARTIST: JH Williams
1st print, variant and 2nd print are all jumping at the moment.  This regular cover went from $1-2 to $10-15 and a 9.8 just sold for over $100.  All of this because of the casting of the villain Alice for the Batwoman show.

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6 Star Trek Q Conflict #1 J.K. Woodward 1:25 Variant

This is not my favorite cover, but it has to be rare, right?  25 copies of Q Conflict?  Anyway, sales have been in the $55-60 range.

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7 Harley Quinn (Vol. 3) #58 Derrick Chew Variant

WRITER: Sam Humphries
ARTIST: John Timms
So not a massive price spike, although $10 isn't terrible.  A lot of buzz on this one though.  If you like Chew, don't forget that he did that Red Sonja #21 NYCC variant…

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8 Motor Girl #1

WRITER: Terry Moore
ARTIST: Terry Moore
Terry Moore tweeted that he was writing the script for Hulu for a show based on this book.  Same day, this cover price book jumped to $15.

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9 These Savage Shores #3

ARTIST: Sumit Kumar
I have heard this is a good story, but have no way of reading it since no store around me orders it.  That being said, how is this #3 selling for $10-15 which is at or more than #1?

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10 Magical Beatdown #1

WRITER: Jenn Woodall
ARTIST: Jenn Woodall
Don't know much about this indie title as well, but make sure you check out Andy Tomberlin's ‘Indie Spotlight' article here to check out what it's about.  Selling for $15 out of the gate.

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My Greatest Adventure #80

WRITER: Arnold Drake & Bob Haney
ARTIST: Bruno Premiani
I haven't jumped into the DC streaming service yet, but after the positive buzz about Titans and what now looks like a fun Doom Patrol series, I think I will break down and do it.  Their first appearance here have been setting new records (3.5 = $400, 6.5 = $800).

Fantastic Comics #6

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Joe Simon (cover)
Why don't they make covers like this anymore?  Anyway, a CGC 2.5 sold in 2017 for $1300.  A Raw 5.0 copy just sold at auction for $3800.  Guide for 5.0 is around $750.

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  • Who doesn’t love Q, always screwing with Captain Picard and his crew. Some of my favorite episodes were with him in them. The Borg were always my personal favorite though! Theses Savage Shores #3 cover looks pretty damn awesome, need to look into that series, heard its pretty good. Happy to see Immortal Hulk #2 1:25 is getting some attention too. I like Zaffino’s work. His Dead Man Logan #4 cover is Awesome, as well as sold out everywhere online. Hopefully i can get one from my LCS. It reminds me of his Immortal hulk cover. Great Top 10 list once again. Thanks Ben for being on top of your game!

  • Their is only one of the Star Trek books on ebay right now with a bid of $100

  • The Showcase #79 1st Appearance of Dolphin with a Jay Scott Pike cover has always been sought after by collectors for the cover art, it’s nice to hear that there cold be something done with the character development and it hit the “Hot 10” list this week.

  • Adam Lebednik

    Great work as always.
    These savage shores is a great read. Highly recommend.

  • Cerebus’s appeal is that it’s one of the greatest North American comics of all-time, a landmark in the history of the form that innovated a way without which comics wouldn’t be recognizable today (Sim basically invented the idea of collecting a whole series and having a series be one lone story, at least for an English audience).

  • Topher

    Another solid list!

    Just a note on Cerebus, It is nearly impossible to tell the difference on the counterfiet and that book in itself is desirable.

    • A. J. Diesel

      I agree @Topher. I’ve even heard some people trying to scam people into believing their legitimate one is counterfeit. Whether it be the color of the staples or the gloss on the inside of the cover. That counterfeit is really the first major one of its kind in comic books.

    • It’s very easy to tell counterfeit Cerebus #1 from the real one. If the inside cover is glossy, it’s counterfeit. If it’s matte, it’s genuine. No staple tells, no need for obscure art comparisons, etc.

  • But its listed by comic exposure, listing number just in cases 192534103124

  • Earlybird

    Only got the Zaffino on this list, and I’m torn, do I sell and break up my IH run (cashing in), or just keep it ? damn! I hate it when books go mad like this.

    Great stuff Ben(S) thanks for all the work put in 🙂

  • Awesome list as always!!!!!!

  • Does the Hot 10 list only consist of single issues – like no TPB? Polar: Came From the Cold Harcover has seen sales over $100 as of recent and is super scarce. Only 2 listings (both over $100). Obviously there’s hype from the movie.

  • Ben C

    Cerebus is the 1st main stream indie title(oxymoron?) and it ran FOREVER, believe it or not, some of the fakes are actually worth money, lol.

    Awesome list as usual my friend, I only have 2 this week, though thats more than usual, lol.(MGA and ASM)

  • JamesGoodwin

    Cerebus #1 is a grail book for me, very few attainable books ahead of it on my list! The first 4-5 “phone books” of Cerebus are among my favorite reads. Only two for me this week, Harley and Motor Girl.

    • Dell18

      Exactly. I love Hot 10. It is well done, I read it every week and I don’t want to sound like I’m dissing it but…..”I don’t understand the appeal of Cerebus #1” is a fairly ignorant statement. Sorry. But it’s iconic, groundbreaking and just a flat out good series.

      • Ben Steiniger

        Thanks for the comment—I wasn’t trying to downplay the significance of the book. I agree that Cerebus is groundbreaking, all I stated was that I dont understand the appeal of it. A lot of people don’t understand the appeal of Grendel or Bone either. Doesn’t make them any less desirable or make those people ignorant.

        • Dell18

          Seriously. Try and find cheap copies of the High Society and Church & State tpb’s. If you don’t laugh out loud 10x while learning something (no sarcasm, I learned a few things) and enjoying a great story and really good Dave Sim (Gerhard might have been helping with art chores by C&S) art. Sim DOES eventually go off the rails but he just kills it for a good portion of the first 150+ issues. I still don’t have a #1, so if you decide you still don’t get it let’s just keep it hush hush and help keep those prices down.

        • Ben C

          10000% agree Ben. I did not take your statement as ignorant as much as honest.

          Glad Dell18 likes the list, but no need to insult people over their opinions…

          • Dell18

            It wasn’t meant as an insult, and I tried to write it so it didn’t come across that way. If someone didn’t understand the historical significance (I believe McFarlane has stated there would have been no Image Comics without books like Cerebus specifically), the rarity and age or the reason for high prices…well, that would be ignorant right? If Ben read it and doesn’t like it, I get that and I apologize. He would have actually had to read it though. If I pick up a copy of the Beatles White Album, look at the cover and say I don’t get the appeal of the Beatles…..kinda ignorant right? Cerebus DRASTICALLY evolves over the course of the first 25-50 issues too, so judging it just by issue 1 isn’t completely fair either. ASM 1 isn’t exactly a mind blowing read but if I said I didn’t get the appeal of it I’d be rightfully ripped apart and ignorance would be a completely valid criticism if I judged Spidey on only a few issues. I just wanted to clarify I wasn’t trying to insult him. Hot 10 lists are always difficult and overly criticized and Ben does a fabulous job of navigating those waters while producing quality material.

  • Motor Girl #1 seems widely available, I’m surprised. Anyone know the print run on that book?

  • Cerebus #1 is rough, and essentially nothing more than a Conan parody. But Dave Sim hits his groove as a story-teller very quickly. The series (and its creator) eventually go off-the-rails, but the first 100 issues are masterful.

  • This list is missing the first app of the Trench which is Aquaman #1 (vol 7). They just announced the movie spin-off and the price of this book went up like crazy.

  • Foxom

    No love for avengers 14 variant? Lot of movement there and they’re starting to dry up.

    • Ben Steiniger

      I noted the sales, but at the time of this writing, most sales were (and really still are) only in the $25 range—which is pretty typical for a 1:25 incentive variant.

  • I have been buying and selling the Showcase 79 for the past two years now. Definitely has gone up in value. I would prior, easily buy them for under $40, and sell for more. Those days are gone now. They do well in CGC too. Sold x2 6.5s for $185 this year.

    Happy I got my 9.0 before it hit the top 10..LOL.

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