Indie Spotlight Series 16


Hello everyone and welcome back. This week is an awesome week for Indie comics. There are quite a few series openers, some highly anticipated reads and a few stellar covers. Let's get to it..

Trump Titans Vs. The End – Keenspot Entertainment

As this whacky parody series continues, this should be number 8 but “8’s are for losers, so we are getting a brand new #1”.  I kid you not, that's what the preview says. Honestly, I have not read a single issue of this but there have been a couple cool covers. This week is no different and may be the best cover yet, as it is an homage to Superman vs Doomsday. I absolutely love this cover and apparently I'm not alone as Diamond’s stock is low. No listings yet on Ebay either so I think this one will be a tough find as well. For those reasons, I’m making this my pick of the week.


These Savage Shores 3 – Vault Comics

As the devil approaches with the promise of a hunt, the stench of war is in the air as good men and demons are set to march. This issue sees These Savage Shores on the brink of war and I can not wait to read it to see how it all will play out. This series is one of my top two ongoing reads right now and I highly recommend it to everyone! Vault comics was kind enough to give us a few preview pages for issue 3 and you can just see how on point the art is. This will definitely be the first book I read on Wednesday!


Magical Beatdown 1 – Silver Sprocket

Magical Beatdown 1 comes to us from Silver Sprocket and is written by Jenn Woodall. The series is described as revenge fantasy in the style of Sailor Moon. This book seems to have some buzz behind it and a lot of mystery. From what I can gather this series was launched years ago as a self funded project with very few books making it into distribution. If anyone knows anything else about this title please let everyone know in the comments section.  I do know that issue 1 will have fluorescent Pink and Blue coloring on it.. actually does look pretty cool. Very few of these have hit Ebay with no sales yet and the cheapest one listed is $14.99. Keep in mind though this one has a $6.00 cover price on it. Once again this is another one where the Diamond stock is showing low so I would definitely keep an eye on this book.


Vindication 1 – Image Comics

Releasing this week and coinciding with the start of Black History Month is Vindication 1 written by MD Marie. I think this book will be very hard hitting and touch on a number of modern day issues in society and our justice system. Marie said in a statement “So many beautiful colors are dimmed by myopia (nearsightedness). I want to provide a lens that lets in a little light. This is another one that I am really looking forward to reading and hope it doesn't disappoint. If done right it could be an eyeopener to many.


The Girl In The Bay – Dark Horse comics (Berger Books)

The Girl In The Bay 1 comes to us from the Berger Books imprint which is overseen by Karen Berger. For those who don't know, Berger was the founder of Vertigo Comics and is a heavyweight in the industry. This story will follow a wild teen who is brutally attacked and killed. Or was she?!??!?!? This story involves twist, turns, doppelgangers and more. I'm a big fan of Berger and the story sounds catchy so I will be picking this one up as a long term hold and hope for a good read.


With Berger Books making an appearance in my weekly picks im gonna try something a little new.


Ghost Hunting 1

In this section I will try to highlight a book that is hard to find, desirable  and may hold some value.

Anthony Bourdain’s Hungry Ghosts 1 – Dark Horse Comics / Berger Books

This book is written by the late Anthony Bourdain and Joel Rose and in it they tell resonating tales of terror and talk about different unearthly beings. Bourdain’s inspiration for this book was an ancient Japanese game played by Samurai warriors to test their courage. This issue contains art by Vanessa Del Ray and Francesco Francavilla and that is a winner in itself. Estimated print run for this book is right around 7000 which is small and attributes to this book being so hard to find. There is a Hardcover edition of this book that sells for $14 to $18 so don't get confused when looking to buy. As of right now there are only three #1 comic versions listed on ebay. The first is $19.99 with free shipping. The second is in a set with issues 2-4 also and is listed at $40.00 while the third is a Cgc 9.8 for $190.00. Last bit of info, there is also an Ashcan preview of this that is very hard to find. Currently only one listed on ebay for the HEFTY price of $3.99… Horror sells and is the in genre right now. Add that to the fact that  Bourdain had and still has a huge fan base so this may be one to watch and hold on to over time in my opinion.



Also Watch Out For These Titles Releasing This Week


Cemetery Beach 6 of 7

Image Comics

Die 3

Image Comics (Great Read)

The Freeze 3

Image Comics

Prodigy 3 of 6

Image Comics (Nice Shark Cover)

Self Made 3

Image Comics

Unnatural 7

Image Comics

The Walking Dead

Image Comics

Wasted Space 6

Vault Comics (this series now returns as an ongoing and not just a mini)

Halo 2 Lone Wolf

Dark Horse Comics (100 percent Cover of the WEEK )

Laguardia 3

Dark Horse Comics

Umbrella Academy Hotel Oblivion 5

Dark Horse Comics

Project Superpowers 6

Dynamite Entertainment (virgin 1:10 Mattina Variant )

Red Sonja 1

Dynamite Entertainment

Empty Man 4

Boom Studios (awesome Hervas variant that had to be pre ordered and believe will be hard to find)

God Made 1

Keenspot Entertainment

Monstrous 3 of 4

Source Point Press

Nice 3 of 4

American Gothic

Oberon 1

Aftershock Comics

Ogre 1 Second Print

Source Point Press


Last Week's Updates


WYRD 1 – Dark Horse Comics

Have not been able to read yet and both covers can still be found at cover price.


WWE Forever 1 – Boom Studios

Really enjoyed the stories in this book and the last sale was $15 on ebay. Can't be found for less than $13 right now.


Edgar Allan Poe's Snifter of Terror 4 – Ahoy Comics

Great covers sell and this is a $10 book right now.


Peter Cannon Thunderbolt – Dynamite Entertainment

Still can be found at cover everywhere


Unit 44 – Alterna Comic

Some sales for $3 to $5 but can still be found at cover price now.


Thanks again to everyone for reading and I hope this helps out.




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