Aristocrats of War #17 – The War That Time Forgot

The War That Time Forgot

Dinosaurs, sci-fi, and war! What’s not to love.

“The War That Time Forgot” was a Edgar Rice Burroughs-esque feature that ran for roughly 8 years. Taking pace on an uncharted Pacific Island, later known as Dinosaur Island. Credited with the creation of the feature are Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru.

1st Appearance of Dinosaur Island, “The War That Time Forgot” begins.

Even though this is the 1st Appearance of Dinosaur Island, it is not named in this issue, nor is the storyline called “The War That Time Forgot.” Most of these stories share similar themes but are seemingly unrelated.

Although Kanigher and Andru are credited with the creation, there were several predecessors. First Up, Star Spangled Comics #108 predates Star Spangled War Stories #90 by almost 10 years and features Naval Adventurer Captain Compass discovering a secret island inhabited by dinosaurs and unicorns. In the story the island is referred to as “Island X.”

“The Secret of Island X”

Occuring even earlier in Action Comics #50, there was a 3 Aces story named “The Island Where Time Stood Still.” The story featured 3 Aces being sent to investigate the disappearance of several Air Patrols in the Western Pacific. The heroes happen upon an island inhabited by Neandrethals and prehistoric beasts.

Story Continued from #90

In this issue the Island is referred to as “X Island,” and the story is referred to Part 2 and 3 of “The Last Battle of the Dinosaur Age.”

This story takes place off of Lava Island, with no mention of Dinosaur Island, and occurs when some Navy Frogmen create a subsurfave crack in the ocean floor, letting giant creatures out that soon attack them. 

This time some paratroopers are dropped to a location in which a paratrooper was rescued from the sea. As the lone survivor, the new squad is sent to investigate after not being able to gather any information from the shocked survivor. The are shortly attacked and seek refuge on a “postage stamp size island.” Still not the same location as any of the other stories.

1st Story referred to as “The War That Time Forgot”

If I had to consider a location called Dinosaur island from all of the issues thus far, it would be this one. We also have the first time time “The War That Time Forgot” is used, and it is right on the cover. Up until this point the stories are all standalones.

1st Appearance of Mac and G.I. Robot

A paratrooper is deployed on a mission with a new experimental G.I. Robot and end up on an island inhabited by dinosaurs.

1st multi-issue story featuring Dinosaur Island and also 1st Japanese G.I. Robot

This time after some improvements, G.I. Robot and Mac are dropped onto the island (called Dinosaur Island in the next issue.) In addition to dinosaurs, they encounter a Giant Japanese Robot.

1st time the island is called Dinosaur Island

Continuing from the last issue, the giant Japanese Robot and dinosaurs harass Mac and G.I Robot.

The War That Time forgot has appeared sporadically since but has never taken off. I think a recurring character and storyline would have led the entire series to success.



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