New Pickups, with some insight!


New Pickups, with some insight!

In 3, 2 … 1!



Cosmic Ghost Rider!

Thanos #13, 1:25 variant. November 22, 2017. I love when books sneak up on… well, everyone! I don’t think any new characters were talked about before order cutoff occurred, which caused this book to be, how you say, under ordered. A bit of hysteria ensued that continues today.

Could this character’s popularity lead to the big screen? I’d rather see the original Ghost Rider and Frank Castle back on the big screen together with some ensemble of the Avengers, but I wouldn’t mind movies centered around an alternate reality where every fact can be rewritten!

I tried to find the earliest mention of Cosmic Ghost Rider and thought a tweet from the creator himself introducing the character was fitting.



His name is Venom!

300! No, not Sparta! ASM #300, 1988. Has there been a cover swiped more than this one? Interest may have waned a bit but that is typical post big screen. Bottom line is that it’s still going strong. I flipped though it and thought this Venom vs. Spidey fight scene was cool…



I initially thought this panel in #300 was this the first time we hear the name Venom.



But I checked #299 and though he doesn’t introduce himself yet, we see the name on the last page.



Miss Danvers!

Carol Danvers, that is. I mean, Ms Marvel. I mean, Captain Marvel! I mean, Head of Security at a missile base? Looks like that’s how she started out, straight from the pages of this book!

Can you believe just a few years ago this book was not worth but a fraction of what it is today? My, what a big budget film and marketing campaign will do for a character! Here’s to her success and a Captain Marvel Disney theme park attraction! Any-who, here are the first images of her…



Next stop, a Totally Awesome Symbiote Planet!



Totally Awesome Hulk, 2015, #1.

As you can see from the cover, introducing Amadeus Cho as Hulk!

About 3,000 of this 1:25 out there? Not terribly high for a kbwacc (Key book with a cool cover.) Something tells me that acronym’s not going to stick!

Other first appearances in this book…

Olympus Group B-98 Beta Robo Drone aka Kegger – A drone that is used by Maddy Cho, sister of Amadeus, to communicate remotely. Apparently, it does the dishes too!



Lady Hellbender – A warrior from a planet called Seknarf Nine. She searches for rare monsters to take to live on her planet. Reminds me of The Collector. What a great story that would make, huh? A collector vs. THEE Collector!

She has a couple minions, Gnasher and Gasher, and a pet dinosaur too!



ASM Super Special #1 – Planet of the Symbiotes, Part 1.

Nothing about the planet of the symbiotes in here that I see, other than the arrival of a symbiote ship on earth, and some symbiotes in the shadows. Is this the first symbiote ship?



Also in this book, first appearance of the team Shadowforce Alpha. This is a team of mercenaries comprised of…

Cordite – Leader of Shadowforce Alpha

Bombardier – Explosives expert

Clash – Hand-to-hand combat expert

Flare – A mute super-patriot whose outfit sports flamethrowers on each wrist

Shell and Shot – Twin brothers carrying heavy ammo

Stampede  – Martial Artist



Lizard! Not “The Lizard” from ASM #6, 1963. A different Lizard!



Tales from the Crypt!



Did you know? There was a 13-issue Tales from the crypt series by Papercutz from 2007?

“The greatest horror comic of all time is back with all-new tales torn from today's terror-filled headlines.”

Did you also know? David Gerrold wrote these? He wrote the script for the original Star Trek episode “The Trouble with Tribbles!”

A couple thousand of these printed, tops? Not bad for such a classic title, especially so when you consider there are plans for a reboot. Yes, please! It’s too bad M. Night Shyamalan’s series reboot that was expected to debut late last year is dead. Why, TNT, why?? Hopefully the next attempt will work out and make the old 7 season HBO show proud!

A couple reprints of key books.

1st Skrulls! The poor man’s copy. Or rich man’s copy, who doesn’t want to risk damaging a beautiful original!

Daredevil #1

Anything of note in here? How about, the panel showing how Daredevil became blind as a kid? That’s right. He wasn’t born blind!

How ironic. The man he saved from being hit by the car was blind.

What if? He transferred some type of power to our dear daredevil? And, Daredevil’s really a mutant? What if! Hey, if more than one person can get bit by a radioactive spider back in the 60’s, and we didn’t find out until 2014, nothing is off limits. Am I right?



Captain Atom and Blue Beetle!



While the originals from the 1960’s to both of these are set to sky-rocket, their reprinted counterparts, presented here, from the 1970’s, are seeing some interest as an effect.

Main indicators of the reprint to look for is the blue “M” logo in the upper left corner of the covers.

Did you know?

The Question makes his first appearance in Blue Beetle #1? Loved his character in the JLU cartoon.

Who is The Question?

Created by Steve Ditko, Vic Sage is an investigative journalist w/hand-to-hand combat skills.



What’s up with his face?

He uses an artificial skin over a mask to hide his identity when out and about solving mysteries. The material of the mask is called pseudoderm, a fairly complex material.

The way he goes about his business, aka a chip on his shoulder, probably gives this character enough distinction to grow what is already quite the fan base.






Sweet Tooth!

It’s been optioned! So many titles are forgotten if enough time passes from option news to any type of news of progress such as script, director, casting, or pilot. Here’s a great example. This past November, a pilot was ordered. Robert Downey Jr. and Warner Brothers are involved. I think those are good signs!


Is this a tough book to obtain, or what? And, this isn’t even the comic. It’s the TPB, which actually may be even tougher to track down. Less than 1,000 copies made? Sheesh!


This was optioned by Sony last year with reference that it was in development. Hopefully that’s still true!

Didn’t realize there were 2 different versions to the 2011 series #1 issue.


Warning! Mature/Not for Kids! I didn’t see these around much at all.

I’ll leave you with… Mythologica!



As in, Thor and Hercules Encyclopedia Mythologica #1, 2009.

This book has always been somewhat rare and a great seller. I was flipping through a copy, since I’m sticking with my New Year’s resolution of, flip through copies, and was surprised to see references to close to 200 gods! Of the 100 or so gods who first appear in other books, there is a reference to those books, a cheat sheet if you will, on the last page.



Thank you for stopping by! So much to learn makes time feel so little! Please comment below with any additional information I may have left out, or let me have it if I got something wrong!


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