Hello my fellow agents. It’s good to see you once again.

I hope your recent hunt for hardbacks and trade paperbacks has been more successful than mine.

But, I won’t let tough times stop me from bringing you valuable intel on some recent book sells. Today I bring to you four books. The first two are ebay sells I’ve observed. The second two I sold myself. The very last one is not technically a graphic novel, but I found it among them on the shelves.


Classic GI Joe TPB Volume 15 (IDW)


First up is Classic G.I. Joe Volume 15. It collects Marvel’s GI Joe A Real American Hero #146155. It sells constantly in the $70 range. An auction in November ended at $112.67. Those G.I. Joe fans don’t mess around! Needless to say I’ve kept my eyes open for this book. I’ve seen other volumes, but never this one. I can only assume it was under-printed.


Thor To Wake the Mangog TPB Epic Collection


This collection of Thor #154174 sports several healthy sales ranging from $60 – $70. I like the Epic Collection books. They are paperback like the Essential reprints, but the interior art is colored.


Gears of War Book Three Hardback


I love it when the gaming world crosses over with the comic world. When it hits, it hits big. I purchased this used, but still in great condition for $12.50. I sold it for $39.95 plus shipping.

This hardback reprints Gears of War #1424. The book features the story “Dirty Little Secrets” which bridges the gap between the Gears of War 2 and Gears of War 3 video games.

It is apparently sought after by fans. I also assume that being book three of three the print run was too low.


J Scott Campbell’s MARVELous Art Book Hardcover


Last, but not least I present to you, J Scott Campbell’s MARVELous Art Book (signed).

Yes, I found this one stuffed in among the graphic novels. I didn’t even notice that it was signed at first. Campbell’s art book originally sold from Campbell’s website unsigned for $40. I paid (please don’t hate me) $4.

There is no barcode. I guess the used book store does not go out of its way to search ebay for sells data. Fine by me. I listed it for $99. Five days later I took a best offer of $65.

I love making money while still giving a collector a great deal. In fact, I love it so much I’ll make it…

Trade Secret #15: When you find a great deal, pass along your good fortune. It’s good for them, good for you, and good for the collecting community. Win. Win. Win.

That’s all for this week, my true believing agents! Be safe out there.


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  • Avatar

    That Campbell is awesome. Great as always keeping me up with unusual trades.

  • Avatar

    Congrats on scoring that Campbell book!
    Also thanks for the heads up on the Thor book – never considered checking prices on that one. I have been lucky enough to score a few copies of the GI Joe book over time and sold them on Amazon for prices close to what you mentioned. 🙂 I have only found that Gears of War book once (and that was in trade) but honestly I believe that all three volumes are worth picking up. On a related note, have you ever been lucky enough to score a copy of the Uncharted graphic novel, based on the game?

    • Phil Newton

      I am always on the lookout for that Uncharted graphic novel. Alas, I have never found it. I did however pick up the full 6 issue run of the comic. Flipped it for a nice profit to someone in Ireland, if I remember correctly.

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