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Greetings and jamutations fellow Tin Hatters! We are back, in full force, with another round of Tin Foil Spec! Is this Previews Big Enough? Brock Lesnar may agree. We are entering a new era Tin Hatters. The Big 2 Capes from the Golden Age have now passed 1,000 seminal issues. It looks like the countdown will soon shift to the Silver Age web swinger, but he must first pass 900. What am I talking about? That’s the Previews for 2025! Let’s stick to the present which is the future which is April 2019!


(Also, I want to give a quick shout out to King’s Cache for always helping the Tin Foil with early access to the Previews book. If you’re ever in Austin and need a comic shop that is full of passionate and educated comic lovers, visit King’s Cache! There may be other shops within and around Austin, but only King’s Cache has the official Tin Foil Seal of Approval! King’s Cache.)




Does DC read my Previews spec? Do I say that a lot? It seems that DC is now revealing the cover art for variant covers way ahead of time. Even better, 4chan revealed the entire DC solicits way before they released online! (And CBR eagerly posted it.) Does this mean future B variants will no longer heat up, or could this bring in new collectors to the modern market, collectors that normally avoid the modern market because they don’t like speculation and guessing? One  thing’s for sure, it won’t be long before Marvel follows suit. Enough with all that! Let’s dive in.


Deathstroke #42 – While news tends to travel fast and burn faster, wounds take long to heal. They take even longer when you continue damaging the same wound. Is this a Previews synopsis for Deathstroke #42? No, it’s a quick metaphor for Mattina! As new art is revealed, it seems like there is heavy tracing involved from previous art. This cover has been pointed out for using a very similar Damian profile that Ben Oliver has used before. There are still Mattina collectors out there, although it seems more people are choosing to dump their Mattinas. In any case, if you think Mattina can weather this storm as before, and you still enjoy his art, pick up a copy for the PC.


Teen Titans #29This one has another sweet Mico Suayan variant. Once again, I’m glad he’s no longer stuck doing Unknown Comics exclusives.


Teen Titans: RavenDo trade paperbacks heat up? Well, if you read TRADE SECRETS by fellow CBSI writer Phil Newton, you know they do! This one looks to be a hot trade right out of the gate! Written by successful children’s book writer Kami Garcia, but more importantly, drawn by fantabulous artist Gabriel Piccolo, this book will paint a new Raven as she attends a new school and attempts to regain her memories. Don’t know who Gabriel Piccolo is? Just Google his Teen Titans art. Yeah, it’s the one where they’re all hanging out and Starfire has a 90s NASA shirt. You know, the ones you’ve seen shared all over the place. Yeah, that guy who has a strong online following only rivaled by Chiara Bautista. (He also has an amazing and beautiful story called The Forbidden Love Story.  Seriously, stop reading this and go read that.) Cover price of $19.99, it’s unlikely shops will order a lot of these. However, grab and hold Tin Hatters, grab and hold.


Aquaman #47 – The finale to Unspoken Water is here! It sure has been an interesting ride with Namma. Hopefully, this won’t be her last appearance. There is a sweet Middleton variant, but the regular cover also has what appears to be Namma and her cronies on the cover. If you have enjoyed this storyline, pick one up for the PC.


Batgirl #34 – That Middleton variant is a beaut, but the main cover by Manapul is nice, too. Don’t go heavy on Middleton. Stores have caught on to these.


Batman #68 – I gotta say, that does look like a sweet Mattina variant. Amanda Conner joins the pencil duties for this issue, so it looks like it’ll be a fun ride.


Batman #69 – Wait a minute, is that the cover for Batman: Damned #1? Is Matting starting to meme himself? Is he embracing the meme? Was the previous cover also a from an issue that came out recently? Are we ready for a self aware Mattina? One thing’s for sure, it’s about damn time that Yanick Paquette got some Batman pencil duties.


Batman Beyond #63Woo boy, that’s an awesome Ben Oliver variant. Pick one up for the PC if you’re a Batman Beyond fan, Ben Oliver fan, or simply a comic fan.


The Batman Who Laughs #4 – Store variants are killing this heat, so only continue getting it if you want to collect the entire single issue run. However, chances are you may see these later issues in the dollar bins.


Catwoman #10Another sweet Artgerm variant. PC worthy.


Detective Comics #1001 – Is that the first cover appearance of the Arkham Knight? After the massive print run that will be Detective Comics #1000, this could be a small quick flip book.


Detective Comics #1002 – It seems that the Arkham Knight will be too much for Batman. Is the Mark Brooks variant a hint of how Batman can defeat him? Also, has the Arkham Knight been revealed by this point? Was it Red Hood?


Dial H for Hero #2 – This fun looking series continues as the teenage protagonists set sail for adventure!


Scooby Apocalypse #36 – The finale to this series is here! Although it was a bit cliche and predictable, that didn’t stop it from being fun. Also, we have an amazing variant by Mirka Andolfo.


Second Coming #2 – Was there really a petition to try and get this book banned? Even more reason to pick this series up!  Can this be the equivalent of Seinfeld meeting Jesus?


Shazam #5 – That Albuquerque variant is pretty rad. Is Shazam the PG Deadpool?


Wonder Woman #68 – Now that is an awesome Wonder Woman variant. Kaare Andrews draws Diana in an almost perfect warrior pose.


Wonder Woman #69 – You can never go wrong with a David Finch variant. Pick one up just in case.


I know there were some sweet variants I glossed over, like the Parillo or the Putri, but I figure with the added bonus of having the variant cover art revealed, it no longer becomes a guessing game. Does this make it less fun or less frustrating? Make sure to flip through your shop’s Previews and pick the cover that you want for your PC. However, my aim is to always try to highlight the books that will be good for a quick flip.




War of the Realms #1Detective Comics #1000 will have a bajillion variants in March, but it looks like Marvel will try to break that record with a gabajillion variants for this random crossover event. This is just too much, man. Will this probably be a movie one day? Maybe. Is it worth to invest in this now for when that day comes? As Team Hell No would say, “Hell No!”. Listen, Jason Aaron can weave a great tale, and perhaps this will be a fun popcorn read, but the Tin Foil says to wait when the single issues hit the $1 bin if you want to collect them all. There are Hidden Variants, Ratio Variants, Party Variants, Shaba-doo-da variants, etc. Collect the cover you want, but I urge you to buy in cheap.


War of the Realms: Journey Into Mystery #1A 5-part miniseries tying the tie-ins to the tie-ins for this epic crossover event. This issue has gotten mentions because it has Thor’s baby sister. Is this a possible first appearance? I’m not familiar with Thor’s family. Let me know if this baby has appeared before. If it is a first appearance, look for a cheap buy-in to one of the ratio variants.


Venom #13 – Cullen Bunn returns to Venom for this tie-in issue. Is that the Necrosword that made Jason Aaron’s Thor run heat up? Probably. Donny did say that what happens in this issue will lead to his next Venom arc. There’s also an InHyuk Lee variant that promises to be a beaut.


Marvel Tales: ThanosWhew, I think we’re finally out of all those weekly crossover events. Another big book reprint here, this time collecting Thanos’ biggest key moments. Jen Bartel draws another amazing cover. If your the kind of Hatter that likes spending the big bucks on variants, the virgin variant is for you.


Thanos #1 – This series looks promising. Tini Howard, who has had indie success and will also be writing the promising-looking Age of Conan: Bêlit series, prepares to take on the Mad Titan as she brings a sort of origin story between Thanos and Gamora.


Major X #1 & #2 – Did ya’ll know that Rob Liefeld has me blocked on Twitter? Rob pulls into another one of his many pouches to bring us a new character named Major X. Who is Major X? Whoever he is, he seems content in working together with Cable. Will this lead to Deadpool jealousy? Don’t go too heavy as I’m sure shops will be ready for this.


Symbiote Spider-Man #1 – Peter David returns to Peter Parker’s life as he brings us a new tale involving Peter and the Black Suit. That Greg Land cover has a big head, but then again, since it is an alien symbiote, it makes sense to have it look like an alien creature when Peter is not in control. However, that Artgerm variant is a thing of beauty. Get this for the Artgerm cover alone.


Marvel Team-Up #1 – The Marvel Team-Up series returns, this time starring Kamala Khan. Who better to hand off the mantle than the Amazing Spider-Man himself!? Who better than Kanyon?! This series promises to be a lot of fun, and Marvel picked the perfect creative team for this issue.


Web of Venom: Cult of Carnage #1 – Ever since the Carnage Born One-Shot, it seems Carnage has been recruiting followers for his new cult. It also seems he went back to the 90s, as it looks like Doppelganger, Shriek, Demogoblin, and a few more Maximum Carnage members make their return. Is Maximum Carnage II in the works? Nostalgia, get ready to grasp at straws! Also, that Dell’Otto variant is guaranteed to be cheddar.


Spider-Man: Life Story #2 – Chip Zdarsky, eat my heart out.


Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #5 – Mephisto Part Deux? It looks like Aunt May will tell Peter her terrible and deathly secret. Make sure to have an onion nearby.


Magnificent Ms. Marvel #2 – Something tells me that the variant cover will be a hit. Call it a tin feeling. Brace yourselves.


Winter Soldier #5 – Final issue of a pretty good miniseries that introduced us to RJ. His first full cover appearance still sells around the $20 range, and this solicit promises to end the run on a high note. Will we get a new hero, perhaps with a new name?


Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History #2 – Prepare to have your childhood ruined! That’s pretty much what this issue promises. What tricks does CGR have for our Silver Age hero?


The Unstoppable Wasp #6 – Hey look, Miles and the Into the Spider-Verse crew are on their way to adventure! If you’re thinking of collecting as many Into the Spider-Verse comics as you can, this easter egg cover may be for you.


Uncanny X-Men #16 – Yasmine Putri on variant duty.


Deadpool #11 – Good Night continues tormenting Deadpool in this issue. It seems he has also removed Deadpool’s entire skeleton. Deadpool flopping around as a bag of flesh sounds like fun that I didn’t know I wanted. Also, that Nakayama variant is too sweet.


Age of Conan: Bêlit #2 – This series continues with the amazing art. Only 2 covers this time, but both look like worthy PC contenders.


Star Wars: Tie Fighter #1 – Have ya’ll seen the Tie Fighter short animated film that’s up on YouTube? If you haven’t, go watch it now (man, I’m full of great recommendations today!). Watch that film and feel the hype potential that is this book! Will it be an overnight success? Probably not, but if Jody Houser is able to capture at least 10% of the magic that animation has, this will be an instant classic for any Star Wars fan.


Star Wars: Age of Rebellion – Grand Moff Tarking #1 & Princess Leia #1 – We have passed the prequels and entered into the OG trilogy. Expect these books to be hot! Maybe not hot for speculators but definitely hot for stores. These are the meat and potatoes of the Star Wars fandom, so I expect high print runs on these books. Still, it wouldn’t surprise me if they sold out.


Star Wars: Vader – Dark Visions #3Yasmine Putri on variant duty again. She is a machine!


Marvel Rising #2 – That Savanna Ganucheau ratio variant looks like it could be interesting. Very interesting…be on the lookout for the art reveal.




Time to delve into the meaty portion of the Previews! First up, Image Comics.


Ascender #1 – No surprise here, Tin Hatters. This is a hotly anticipated book. Print run will be high for an Image book (but it is a sequel to a popular series and has a huge following). The Descender #22 variant isn’t crazy expensive (some sell for $1), but once this series drops, maybe that book will move.Either way, Lemire and Nguyen are back, and the Tin Hat can’t be more excited.


Spawn #296 – Before Amazing Spider-Man gets to issue 900, Spawn will reach #300. McFarlane is sure to have surprises along as he’s made it well known that the number 300 holds a special place in his heart.


Now onto the rest of the companies!




Narcos #1 – Does Pablo Escobar have a first appearance? All I could find so far was a comic titled Escobar: El Patrón by Europe Comics. I don’t know if these were ever printed, but it looks like Pablo Escobar is ready to raise hell in the comic book world. 3 covers on this issue; if you’re a fan of the show and historical drug empires, this is the book for you.




Elvira: The Shape of Elvira #4 – This series is ending, but those Francavilla covers are to die for.




Faithless #1 – Whoah, now that’s an eye catching cover. Brian Azzarello brings over his edginess (and whatever else he couldn’t use in Batman: Damned) to BOOM! for this new series that’s full of erotic, sexual content, and Satan. Paul Pope brings his gorgeous art to the cover of this book that’s sure to make heads turn. There is also a sexy variant that will be red-bagged. Only a five issue series, let’s hope the writing lives up to the art.


Rocko’s Modern Afterlife #1 – Now this is something that I swear happened on Nickelodeon, but I can’t prove it. Anyway, Rocko going up against zombie infested citizens of O-Town is something I definitely need. Two covers on this one, might not be bad to get this series for the PC.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #38 – These Xermánico variants are things of beauty. More than likely they will be a 1:25 ratio.


Action Lab – Danger Zone


Spencer & Locke 2 #1 – This another highly anticipated sequel. The detective and his stuffed cat are back! After the crazy revelation from the first volume, what other secrets are left for readers to uncover. Ships with 3 covers but only get the one you want.


Aftershock Comics


Orphan Age #1 – All the adults are dead! What? In this new post-apocalyptic series, all the adults mysteriously die and only the children survive. The world falls to hell, and it’s up to the children, now adults themselves, to rebuild the world. Very interesting and cool premise. Has a ratio variant cover by the amazing Juan Doe to boot.


Albatross Funnybooks


The Goon #2 – Alex Ross brings his amazing art to The Goon!


Antarctic Press


Punchline #6 – Can never go wrong with Punchline variants. The heat may not be the same, but they still got heat. Definitely more heat than Rags.


Heavy Metal Magazine


Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast Vol. 2, #1 – Eddie’s back!


Red Giant Entertainment


Amped #1 White Widow CoverJamie Tyndall has a strong following. While shops may be ready for White Widow #2, this issue claims to be a limited 500 print run. Not sure how true that is, but cover price is $9.99. Have it on your radar just in case.


Wayward Sons #1 White Widow Cover – Another White Widow cover. $9.99 as well. 500 copies. Buy if you think you can flip quick.


White Widow #3 – It seems like Red Giant Entertainment is banking on shops ordering the variant covers. $9.99 and $19.99. If you feel you can flip for double on the ‘Bay, go for it.


Scout Comics


Electric Black #1 – I love that horror anthology series are a thing right now. This one looks to continue that genre.


Dang, much like March 2019, April 2019 looks hella stacked, too! It is con season after all, so companies want to throw as much out there as possible. As always, there are good reads I didn’t mention because I like to focus on potential quick flips and possible long-term holds. Feel free to sound off on any series that you think should be mentioned. Look up to the skies, boil your water, and set fire to railroad tracks. Farewell from the world of tomorrow!



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