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Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu One-Shot

This is one of those off-beat one shots you may be able to find tucked away in the dollar bins. At first glance it appears to be just another wallet draining, no point one shot that Marvel likes to hit us with very so often.

Granted the Lucio Parrillo cover may make this hard to find in a bin, but not everyone catches this one. I’ve found this along with the Parrillo Mystic Hands of Doctor Strange. Both are worth grabbing for the covers alone. But with Shang Chi, you also get a Deadpool appearance and 48 pages of steel-smashing martial arts in glorious B&W. That’s right, this book is an old school throwback.

Recent High Sales Data:

CGC 9.8 – $25.49 on 3/3/18
Raw – $10.00 on 12/7/18 or $0.99 on 12/9/18

Don't Feel Like Digging?

Infinite Kung Fu #1

I have to give credit to my buddy Keith for putting me on to this title. This is an independent gem from Kagan McLeod that delivers some awesome kung fu action.

The art on this is simply gorgeous from cover to cover. The interiors are even better than the covers. If you like Kung Fu, you will like this book. Grab any or all of the 7 issue run if you find them.

I’m not gonna pretend this will be easy to find, but you never know what indie gems you may breeze past when digging in the bins. I’m just telling you keep your eyes open for this one. It went from indie published to picked up and distributed through IDW’s Top Shelf imprint.

Recent High Sales Data:

No single issues but the collected TPB sold for $3.93 on 1/16/19

Don't Feel Like Digging?

So until next time, remember while you dig that…

“It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard… is what makes it great.” – Jimmy Dugan

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