1 100 Page Giant: Superman #7

WRITER: Tom King (Lois Lane story)
ARTIST: Various
There have been a ton of sales in the $15 range.  Wal-Marts have been ransacked, complaints have been made about the content.  Craziness I say.  What actually sounds like an interesting story has turned into something entirely different at this point.

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2 Shazam! #1

WRITER: Denny O'Neil
The trailers look amazing, much to my surprise.  While 99.9% of us will never be able to even sniff Captain Marvel's actual 1st appearance, this re-appearance after the Golden Age is a decent alternative.  Hitting all time highs in 9.8 condition right now at around $1300.

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3 Immortal Hulk #12

WRITER: Al Ewing
ARTIST: Joe Bennett
I'm becoming increasingly convinced that this is Alex Ross' best run of covers, maybe ever.  Match that up with a story that is almost universally praised, throw in a 1st appearance (One Below) and you now have a hot book.  $15 at the moment.

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4 Alita Battle Angel #1

WRITER: Yukito Kishiro
ARTIST: Yukito Kishiro
I can't tell if the live action/computer generated movie looks interesting or not, but it is definitely increasing eyes on this early 90's comic.  Raw sales are well over $100 and a set of the original mini-series just sold for over $300.

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5 Uncanny X-Men (Vol. 5) #10 David Finch Variant

WRITER: Ed Brisson, Matthew Rosenberg & Kelly Thompson
ARTIST: Pere Perez
To be honest, I don't know why this has jumped up to a $30+ book, but it has.  Supply seems plentiful, the artwork is good, but doesn't look outstanding IMO…what do I know.

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6 Die Kitty Die: Heaven & Hell #3 Dan Parent Variant

WRITER: Dan Parent
ARTIST: Dan Parent & Fernando Ruiz
Back with a vengeance, multiple copies have sold for $40-50+.  As an aside, the #4 issue that just came out is doing well too.

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7 Blossoms 666 #1 Robert Hack Variant

WRITER: Cullen Bunn
ARTIST: Laura Braga
Hack's artwork just looks creepy and is a perfect fit for these Archie horror books.  And it has a skull!  $15-20

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8 Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol. 6) #1 Premiere Variant

WRITER: Donny Cates
ARTIST: Geoff Shaw
2 per store, and Donny Cates…I guess that is all a book needs these days.  $45-50.

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9 Phantom Lady #17

WRITER: Ruth Roche
ARTIST: Matt Baker
Words just can't describe this book.  A 3.0 went off at $3800 this week.  From 2005-2011 this same grade was virtually static at $1400.  I would look at the other Baker covers in this run as a backup to this one.

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10 Reborn #1

WRITER: Mark Millar
ARTIST: Greg Capullo
Sandra Bullock & Netflix teaming up to make a Reborn movie.  After the success of Blind Box, this one should have some serious buzz in about a year.  $15-20.

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Shredder in Hell #1 Rafael Albuquerque 1:10 Variant

WRITER: Mateus Santolouco
ARTIST: Mateus Santolouco
Many copies have sold in the $35-40 range.  It's a nice cover for sure.

Wonder Comics #11

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Graham Ingels (Cover)
A CGC 6.0 sold in September for $700.  A different CGC 6.0 just sold this week for $1100.  I have no clue what that monster is–Bat-Wolf-Devil?

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  • Walmart doesn’t even know if they sell comics 😉

  • A. J. Diesel

    Can’t go wrong with any of the Baker Phantom Lady’s!!! Great list! Thanks for the excellent work!

  • Didn’t we learn from Birdbox, one of the worst and over-hyped movies ever made?

    And my other 2 cents: Wolverine + Brown suit + Finch + early auts Facebook posts about Dave Mathews + Beer = Good Time, really does = Good Time. Or a hot book. I bought one.

    • Worst ever made ?!?!? Wow. Apparently you missed sharknado 😂😂😂🤯

      • Ha! You’re right, that is pretty bad. I think the difference is the people that made Sharknado knew they were making something ridiculous and they owned it, and sold it as such. The people that made Birdbox thought they were making some inspiring, interesting film, and sold it as such. There are way worse movies out there than Birdbox, but my all-time worst movies ever made are movies that tried to be something better than what they were, or at least what they sold us as being. I think Birdbox is a massive failure both creatively and technically. Especially given the hype. I’ll watch Sharknado all day and laugh with it. Birdbox is something I never want to see again because I laughed at it. And it wasn’t intended to be funny.

  • I’m one of the sales on Superman #7. Never been able to find any of the books at Walmart, I was trade waiting other than Jenni Hex. After Damned, I don’t trust DC to reprint this one and want s copy.

  • There were sales of $40 at the apex. Last weekend I was selling set after set of the 7s had to keep running back to wal marts while sharing it on cbsi venues

  • FYI Target 100 page Primal Age #1 is selling for 25 already

  • Lady Death Hellraiders #1 Bombshell Edition has had traction $9-$15 it is looking like.

  • Is Supernatural Thrillers #8 still selling strong?

    • A little all over the place. For a while, it seemed as if it was $100-150 BIN for VF and up and $50BIN for VG copies. Looks to have cooled a bit but still seeing $30-50ish. Some recent auctions starting at $20

  • Sink #1 published by Comixtribe, needs to be in the top 10. Mr Dig and clowns in a van….twisted and genius at the same time. This series is going to explode in value soon. Watch the variants, including hardcovers.

  • Juno Beach

    Re: Die Kitty Die, who would have thought there would be so many Bewitched fans out there.

  • Ben Steiniger

    Editor’s note: there was a typo for the most recent sale of Wonder Comics #11. It erroneously stated $100, when it now correctly shows $1100. Thanks for the correction!

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