CBSI CONTEST : OGRE #3 Indie Spotlight Series Variant

Back with another awesome contest & giveaway!  Local CBSI Writer Andy Tomberlin(Indie Spotlight Author) has released an incredibly limited(Only 100 copies) Ogre #3 Variant cover with art by Shawn Daley.  Better yet, Andy has graciously gifted CBSI with some copies to give away!!


The top 2 answers to the question will win a copy of this extremely limited variant for Ogre #3!!




CONTEST WILL RUN UNTIL February 1st so make sure to get your answer in now!


CAN'T WAIT?  DON'T WANT TO MISS OUT?  Don't Worry!  Bat Comic Shop has an extremely limited number of copies available for sale on their site.





  • Knights of the Golden Sun has got to be my favorite new indie title, it’s the perfect combination of great art and a great story. Saw the spotlight on this series months ago and it peaked my interest so I grabbed #1 and loved it. It definitely has its own atmosphere to it and you don’t feel as if it’s something that you’ve read a hundred times before. Great stuff!

  • Batman

    I have to say Rags by Antarctic Press. I know there is a lot of controversy as of late surrounding this series but I’m a huge fan of the zombie genre and I thought this title brought some much needed newness to it. The book was well written and illustrated and had an edgy feel to it because of the covered up nudity. I hope the creators can put the current controversy behind and keep putting out great books for those of us that want a great read!

  • Foxom

    Hot lunch special by Eliot “the 3rd Coen brother” Rahal. Great gritty story mixing a little Fargo with the Godfather. And more stories should take place in the Northwoods!

  • I really liked Jeepers Creepers. I bought issue number 1 randomly and wasn’t expecting much but I added it to my pull list as soon as I was done with the book. The art is so lifelike and sophisticated and the storyline just sucks you in. I was actually sad that it concluded after only 5 issues but they were suspenful and extremely entertaining.

  • Ogre… cause duhhh.. does this even need an explanation? <333

  • I’m really enjoying The Magic Order. The story is full of twists and turns and had me hooked from the very start. It’s supernatural enough to get my attention and the art by Olivier Coipel is simply stunning. It’s reallu great to see Mark Millar making another fantastic comic and I cannot wait for the final issue next month. Here’s hoping it gets an ongoing volume 2.

  • So far I’m loving Outer Darkness by Image Comics! Sarcasm in Space! A ship whose engine is an evil spirit! A captain that tests his crew by nearly killing them! It’s reckless, funny, raw, and a creative universe. The art matches the story and is crisp with moments of looseness and chaos. I know it’s pretty new, but I have faith in co-creator of Chew, John Layman. I’m in for the ride on Outer Darkness!

  • Skyward (Image) gorgeous art and a wonderful premise, a world with no gravity, but it’s so much more than just that!

  • I must go with The Whispering Dark from Dark Horse Comics. This is a creepy mystery/supernatural story of an Army Rangers team stuck deep behind enemy lines trying to find their way out.
    Helicopter Co-Pilot Lt. Hannah Vance is the highest ranking officer left after a crash deep in Russia. Hunted by the Russians, Hannah and the rangers must find a path away from the enemy territory. Hannah is juxtaposed trying keeping her religious faith and sanity as the days go on and they have no food or rest, just Army issued Go-Pills to stay awake and enemies over every ridge. This is a tense and terrifying journey through the lies laid bare by modern warfare, and the dark truths that lurk beneath them!

  • I would have said Bloodborne but I said that in the last giveaway so I’ll go with go with something else.

    Best Indie title since 2018 – Sonic the Hedgehog by IDW

    Super undervalued series, as a huge sonic fan this series as brought new life to this franchise they introduce 5 new characters throughout 10 issues.

    They put a new spin on Robotnik that was really fun and gave other big baddies more spotlight – like Metal Sonic. Certainly the best relaunch of a title in recent years, also just in time to create hype for the new Sonic Live-Action movie coming out soon (Hope it’s good)

  • William the Last by Antarctic Press has a very interesting premise which was written and drawn beautifully. Picked it up on a whim and now I can’t wait until each new issue! (Ogre is pretty awesome too!) Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Riptide by Red5 was awesome! Beginning, middle & end – love it. Same with Ogre by Source Point. 😀

  • Coda from Boom Studios. The art style is what got me.

  • For me it’s Farmhand. Mix of humor and zombies can’t be better.

  • For me PREACHER by Vertigo!
    Great art work and story!

  • Dan Piercy

    Monstress because the scope of it is like a novel and Sana Takeda’s art is a cross between an Anime/Manga style and Japanese traditional fantasy, if that is such a thing. Epic fantasy.

  • Animosity from Aftershock comics is really good!

  • Unnatural by Image Comics.
    Love the series great art. Lots of Variants with amazing cover art I like to display.

  • Right now the face is Abberant from Action Lab. With the perfect art style to compliment the excellent writing it has my attention til the end. Normally the secret soldier brutally policing powered individuals seems mainstream played out. But the cool twist on this normally familiar plot has me thinking a little facism may be acceptable in a world filled with powered douchebaggery.

  • I’ve really enjoyed reading the new X-O Manowar series. Interesting character and epic story telling like we used to find in the big companies. A fun ride!

  • Gideon Falls by Image is amazing! Creepy and suspenseful with amazing interior artwork.

  • I’m going to go with Animosity as well…. I just like the idea of knowing what my dog is thinking. If it’s my favorite from past years, I have to go with Liberty Meadows. Come on Frank! Make some more!!

  • Infidel is pretty great. It is a legit scary story and it touches on real life issues without making it all about real life issues. There’s the horror in the story and then the horrors of real life to reflect on. Then of course it got a movie deal after like the 2nd issue. I like it a lot

  • beta420

    My favorite right now is Lady Death from Coffin Comics. I’ve always loved the character going back 25 years, and now that Brian owns his baby again it’s been one killer story after another. The interior art is beautiful as well as all of the great covers that they crank out by some of the best in the biz today. The production is excellent from design to paper quality to the excellent shipping. It’s a HELL of a book!

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