2010 Marvel Tron Variant Run

Welcome back to another Run Recap!  This week we take a look at the 2010 Marvel Tron Variant run.  While most variants from a given month have many different artists, this run is made up solely of Mark Brooks and Brandon Peterson.

10 covers in all, each exemplifying the essence of Tron, which makes sense as Disney had recently acquired Marvel.

Below each comic is the cover artist as well as the max number of the variant(based on the 1:15 ration against the stated print run of the comic) that could exist.

Remember a lot of stores were not ordering enough of most of these titles to qualify and that some of the projected numbers are actually much lower.

Amazing Spider-Man #651 Tron VariantAmazing Spider-Man #651
3,783 copies
Avengers #7 Tron VariantAvengers #7 
5,983 copies
Avengers Academy #7 Tron VariantAvengers Academy #7 
1,851 copies
Captain America #612 Tron VariantCaptain America #612
3,156 copies
Incredible Hulks #618 Tron VariantIncredible Hulks #618 
2,289 copies
Invincible Iron Man #33Invincible Iron Man #33 
2,792 copies
New Avengers #7New Avengers #7 
4,522 copies
Secret Avengers #7Secret Avengers #7 
3,999 copies
Thor #617 Tron VariantThor #617 
3,277 copies
Wolverine #4 Tron VariantWolverine #4 
3,520 copies

Max available print runs determined using comichron.com's posted sales information.

Thanks to Van D who inspired the recapturing of these Run Recaps.


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