1 Young Avengers #1

WRITER: Allan Heinberg
ARTIST: Jim Cheung
News this week of a Young Avengers film broke and copies of this were being snatched up again.  Prices have risen to $50-60.  Don't forget about YA #6, the first appearance of Stature (Cassie Lang).

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2 5 Ronin #4

WRITER: Peter Milligan
ARTIST: Goran Parlov
MCS has this incorrectly labeled as the ‘B' cover.  It is not (check the barcodes).  Absolultely gorgeous cover, but I thought this was still a $25-30 book.  It went up to $50 and now $80.

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3 Amazing Spider-Man #212

WRITER: Denny O'Neil
ARTIST: John Romita, Jr.
Placing this title on the back of a ship in the Spider-Man trailer caused heavy movement on this book.  Would they really put 4 villains in one movie (Hydro, Molten, Sand-man and Mysterio)?  I doubt it.  I think we are just being thrown a phantom bone.

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4 Supernatural Thrillers #8

WRITER: Tony Isabella
ARTIST: Val Mayerik
Piggy-backing on #3, more speculation on who those characters were in the Spidey trailer, some think it may be the Elementals, who make their debut in this issue.  This has skyrocketed from $10-15 up to $50-100 depending on grade (don't forget to check the Marvel Value Stamp!).  Could Mysterio just be pulling a fast one on everyone?  Buyer take caution…

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5 White Widow #1

WRITER: Benny Powell
ARTIST: Jamie Tyndall
Very successful Kickstarter project for Tyndall that was picked up by tiny Absolute Comics.  Too many of those Kick variants to discuss, but this regular cover appears to be a big winner selling for $30+.

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6 Mister Miracle #6

WRITER: Jack Kirby
ARTIST: Jack Kirby
This 1st appearance of the Female Furies was in the $10-20 a few weeks ago.  With an actual dedicated series now, it looks like speculators are jumping on board and a VF copy will now cost you $40-50.

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7 Harley Quinn (Vol. 3) #57 Julian Totino Tedesco Variant

WRITER: Sam Humphries
ARTIST: John Timms
Still going strong, it looks like this may have survived the undercutters.  Up from last week in price to $25-30.

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8 Captain Marvel (Vol. 7) #17 2nd Print

WRITER: Joe Quinones
ARTIST: Kelly Sue DeConnick
And we are circling back to this book…again.  An 8.5 sold for a record $411 and a 9.6 also sold for a record of $900.  What is the ceiling for this book?  Does it have one?

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9 Young Justice (Vol. 3) #1 Jorge Jimenez Variant

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
ARTIST: Patrick Gleason
Not sure why the Superboy cover is the one to get, but it has jumped to be a $15-20 book.

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10 Catwoman (Vol. 5) #7 Ben Oliver Variant

WRITER: Joelle Jones
ARTIST: Fernando Blanco
Similar to HQ #57, the ‘B' cover run by Artgerm finished at #6 so the number of these gorgeous Oliver covers likely decreased in order amounts.  Oliver is a great artist and I hope that this increased exposure brings new fans to his prior work.  Anyway, I think most were expecting this to be an easy $15-20 book, but it has settled in the $10 range with a lot of sales.

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My Little Pony: Fiendship Is Magic #1 Twilight Sparkle Variant

WRITER: Katie Cook
ARTIST: Andy Price
So, I would credit the person who filled me in on this, but I'm afraid he would be embarrassed…lol.  In any case, I have no clue about MLP, but this retailer incentive sold for a whopping $660 this week.  In this market, it is pointless to try and figure stuff like this out–people are buying what they want, and I actually think that shows that the market is healthy.

Weird Tales Nov. 1935

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Margaret Brundage (cover)
Yes, it's a pulp, but we rarely talk about these and some are worth quite a bit.  This has a guide value around $175 but sold at auction this week for $720.  Never underestimate the power of striking cover art.

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  • Matthew King

    Good Stuff Ben. Keep on keeping on Brother… I certainly appreciate it.

  • Ok, only one this week, being Catwoman #7 but I have 11 of them so can’t be too fussed. Hopefully I’ll flip them this weekend. Surprised by the Superboy variant of Young Justice. I would have expected the Robin variant to heat up being the first cover appearance of the new Teen Lantern, but then again that’s the fun in comics – finding the unsuspected hot comics. Great list, look forward to it every week even if I don’t have anything on it

  • Woo, I have Young Avengers #1 and 2!

    • I sold a #1 NM copy for $35 about a month ago…it was returned to me as it wasn’t good enough a NM copy for the buyer…I said “send it back!” It might be NM- if I’m being critical….but I was regretting selling it anyway as I knew it had more potential. Happy it’s back home!

  • I sold a set of young Avengers 1 to 12 plus special and it went for $10 last week, to some lucky c*nt, guess I should have waited one more week, but I got two more full sets so it ain’t all so bad. Sold a 212 a month back. I got the white widow tbh they’re beautiful especially the fed foil. I also got a 9.4 Ms marvel 2nd print just before Christmas. Got that tedesco just need to jump onto that Catwoman waiting for a little dip. And I got both those Mister Miracle books too, not a bad week for me all in all.

  • Not sure, why the superboy variant is the popular one for Young Justice either. It was the about worst one to me. I even liked the Wondergirl one better.

  • To all those wondering about the Superboy variant:
    1.) It’s the meme
    2.) It’s Jiminez
    Totally expected this to be hot.

  • that mlp is super scarce.

  • I think I have a Young Justice #1 standard cover that I bought when it first came out…somewhere. I do have three of the Directors cut. For anyone who doesn’t have one yet, looks as though the directors cut is selling for about ten dollars less than the standard cover (from when I checked). Good alternative if you don’t have an issue one and don’t want to drop fifty bucks for the regular cover. Last month I did pick up a VF Mister Miracle #6 for $17. Just wanted to fill a hole in the collection. Good timing I guess. I do have two copies each of ASM 212 and Super Natural Thrillers #8. A high grade and a mid grade of each. I think it is time to sell the mid grades while the prices high. Those two mid grades will pay for themselves and the high grades.

  • What’s the deal with psylocke 5 Ronin #4? Why is that book have so much heat, and the others don’t?

    • Ben C

      I believe its the cover. I know the other covers sport some solid art, but none come close to the Psylocke

      • David Aja has some of my favorite covers, from Immortal Iron Fist, to Immortal Weapons to Hawkeye (vol 4)…and of course 5 Ronin. Surprised this one stands out so much more than the rest.

        Needless to say I’m not giving my copy up! At least not until Im desperate for the $$.

  • A poster of that Weird Tales would be great. Beautiful cover.

  • Dale Valiant horton

    I have been hoping for hydro man to appear in a movie for as long as i can remember. I have wt least 4 copies of that book but i agree it will probably not be him as morris bench(hydro mans human identity) should have been a high profile casting imo. But i could be wrong, i was predicting beta ray bill in either thor 3 or guardian’s 3 and thats not looking to good.

  • The MLP book is not Friendship is Magic #1. It is Fiendship is Magic #1. It was published 3 years after MLP FIM #1. It is a four part mini about the villians of Equestria.

    Just letting everypony know.

    BTW Sara Richard kills it on these MLP variants.

  • Sweet news for me as I have a couple nice copies of Young Avengers 1 that I’ll be listing very soon. I usually don’t sell books but I’m chasing a particular guitar sound for my new band and need a relatively pricey guitar rig so I need to raise a little capital.

  • Wal Mart Superman #7 is blowing up. Theres an auction right now of just that issue at 35 and sets of all the 7s are flying

  • Went to the store to pick up my Harley Quinn #57 variant from my pull. Shockingly, it was in my pull. Happens every time. Should’ve known

  • AZBarbarian

    I think Weird Tales is more about a Robert E. Howard Conan story than it is about the cover. Not to say the cover isn’t cool. Weird Tales with Howard or Lovecraft are very collectible.

  • Just picked up two very good copies of Supernatural Thrillers.

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