Indie Spotlight Series 13


Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of ISS. This week should not be too bad on your wallet as there are just not that many Indie titles releasing. However, there are some good ones but I anticipate they will be very hard to find. Let's get to it……


Appalachian Apocalypse 1

Cave Pictures Publishing

Written by Eisner Award nominee Billy Tucci,  I am really looking forward to this one for a slew of reasons. Let me start by saying Appalachian Apocalypse is the first title to be published by the brand new company called Cave Pictures Publishing. They as a company, vow to be different and not just make comics but make comics that speak to your soul.

Not sure how zombies fit that bill but that’s what their first title is all about. Good zombie books tend to sell very well so let's hope that this one hits the mark. The last reason is if pre sales are any indication we might have ourselves a winner with this one. Several sales already of $10 as I write this article. I am making this my co pick of the week.


Knights Of The Golden Sun 3

Mad Cave Studios

This series continues to blow me away for many reasons. First off the story right now is second to none and has now become by far my favorite read. The epic tale is easy to follow, full of twists and turns and leaves you begging for more at the end of each issue. Hats off to Mark London for what he has created. Secondly the art just keeps getting better and better.

I have said this before and I will say it again, Mauricio Villarreal is going to be the next big thing. The fact that this is his first work in comics is honestly what I think may be part of the draw (haha no pun intended) to this series. Issue 1 is now a $60 book while issue 2 sits at $20. I don’t think issue 3 will see that , but I think it will settle around $10 to $15 on the aftermarket. This is my co pick of the week.


Middlewest 3

Image Comics

Loving this series after the second issue! One of my top three reads at the moment , as it seems like Skottie Young has all the elements in place to make this story great. The protagonist has already won me over as I find myself already feeling his pain and wanting to see him succeed. Can't wait to see what new characters this issue has in store. I absolutely love the art in this book by Jorge Corona . His style is unique and very eye catching! This is one to read then put away in the longbox and wait for movie news!


These Savage Shores 1 Third Print

Vault Comics

Vault Comics has been putting out some quality titles lately. A clear indicator of that is some of their titles going back for third prints. That doesn't happen very often in the Indie world and when it does you should take notice. These Savage Shores is another story that if you’re not reading you should be!!!

Vampires and monsters amid civilizations being born… what more could you ask for?!  I'm a sucker for second and third prints with different cover art than the original and this one is no different. Don't think this one will catch any heat but it will definitely be rare and hard to find. I will be looking for it for sure as a long term hold.


Black Badge 6 Tedesco Incentive Variant

Boom Studios

For fans of this series this one will be highly sought after. Small print run, combined with great cover art will be the draw on this one. This series just keeps getting better and better and in my opinion it's the best series out there right now that no one is reading. Jump on board! Would love to hear in the comments section who else is reading this book or if it's just Adam Lebednik (the man who puts out the spectacular Wednesday One) and I.


Worth a Read


For all of you that like stories that put a new twist on history, then this book is absolutely the one for you. Feast or Famine 1 tells a whole new story about the battle for electricity between a character called TESKA  ( Nikola Tesla) and another named EDISON ( Thomas Edison). However that’s just the tip of the iceberg as we find out by the end of the book.

Although the jumping back and forth in time may require a look back to get your bearings, this is a very well written book! This is another Alterna title, like Blood Realm where the art fits the story perfectly! Highly recommend reading this one as I can't wait for issue two. Alterna Comics has been putting out some high quality work lately and people are starting to take notice. Keep it up guys and gals!!!

Also Watch out for these titles releasing this week.


Burnouts 4

Image Comics

Deadly Class 36

Image Comics

Gideon Falls 10

Image Comics

The Warning 3

Image Comics

Death Orb 4

Dark Horse Comics  (great read)

Lodger 3

IDW Black Crown

Fearscape 1 Third Print

Vault Comics

Babyteeth 14

Aftershock Comics

Dark Ark 13

Aftershock Comics

A Walk Through Hell 7

Aftershock Comics

White Widow 1

Red Giant Entertainment  (not sure what to make of this book. Honestly, I like the cover for the Red Foil Variant and it wouldn't surprise me to see this book heat up a little.)


Last Week’s Updates


Savants 1

Haven’t had the chance to read it yet and I'm dying to! Can still be found at cover everywhere.


Rags 3

No heat on this one, as it can still be found at cover price for the main cover and slightly over for the exposed variant.


Criminal 1

I have heard great things about this one read wise but once again I have not been able to read it.


Barrack Panther vs The Tremendous Trump

Lots of sales on this one as it’s starting to creep up to a $7 book.


Blood Realm 3

Great story continues!!!! Slow Sales but around a $4 book


I do apologize for being so far behind with all the reading and I promise you all I will catch back up. We have been very busy doing a lot of cool things with Indie Spotlight Series and I hope to be able to share more with you in the very near future. I hope this will help everyone out on their picks this week.


Thanks for all the support,



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