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From the depths of the… pickup pages, haul posting groups and CBI forum, I present to you what I hope will be interesting, informative, thought-provoking and flat out wackiness around all things comics!

My comic hobbies include research, “what-if” thinking that gets pretty close to off the deep end, and the sharing of knowledge!


This will be all over the place and somewhat random with some break in the action thoughts and extreme sidetracking, but I take notes along my adventures each week and will do my best to consolidate the info here on books that I buy, and why I buy them, including those I think should have a market, or books that already have a market and I just found out about them.

Many will likely be obvious choices, but I hope to bring at least one book to the table in every post that you either did not know about, or knew about but didn't know something extra cool about it. Maybe a little market info too?

I should also probably take this time to apologize in advance for the corny humor. I just can’t help myself!

Ok then. Arms and legs inside at all times, seat belt remained fastened … here we go!

New stuff, diving right in!

Gimme the keys!



Flipping through Captain America #117, I am surprised to see so many ads in it. Makes you wonder how many were destroyed by those who wanted to learn karate, or make $1 to $5 weekly. Or, shall we blame scissors? Karate Lessons, Make $1 a week (possibly $5!), or Scissors? Poll time? Ha!

I should mention I like Falcon and feel his first appearance has room for growth.



Flash forward 2 years to 1971 with ASM #101 and you'll still find tons of ads in there, many that prompted cut-outs for various coupons.

Really hoping the movie is great. Great enough to spawn many sequels! Morbius Movie #4: Planet Morbius Vs. The Symbiotes! Hey, it could happen. I’m a dreamer!

Sidetrack alert! Speaking of ads, I find it interesting that “MVS” questions are for the majority asked about for Hulk 180/181 and Marvel Premiere #15, which makes sense as they command the most money, but there are a few other key issues that contain them from 1974 and 1975. I guess the “100% complete” disclosure should take care of it, but for reference, some other books that include the Marvel Value Stamp are Iron Fist #1, Doctor Strange #1, Astonishing Tales #25 (First Deathlok), Captain Marvel #33 (Thanos Origin), Giant Size Fantastic Four #4 (First Multiple Man), Incredible Hulk #182, and Invaders #1.

Mister Miracle! Love these in any grade. New Gods #1 and Forever People #1 as well, while we’re in the sideburn trimming, bellbottom sporting 1970’s! I love chasing books that spike from movie news. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m 100% bandwagon and hope every book and movie does well. With that, will we ever see DC vs. Marvel on the big screen? I call 2030!

Secret Wars #8, December, 1984. The last couple panels are interesting. So, this is the first time Spiderman wears the black suit, even though ASM252 came out in May 1984? Sounds like an X-Men Annual 14 vs X-Men 266 publication date snafu. To add to the intrigue, Marvel Age 12 came out in March of 1984 and had designs of the new costume. Now this sounds more like the Cable issue, with a cameo in New Mutants 86 (Feb, 1990), Marvel Age 82 from Dec, 1989 issue that predated that issue, and, oh yeah, a baby Cable (Uncanny X-Men #201, published January… 1986!)

Ok, I’m going to need more coffee for this. Ha! But, the Black Spidey suit was also in Marvel Team-Up 141, on the cover in fact, published the same month as ASM252. What about Spectacular Spider-Man 90? It also came out in May, 1984, same as Amazing Spider-Man 252 and Marvel Team-Up 141.

With more preview publications like FOOM, Comic Reader and Marvel Age being thoroughly explored by fellow researchers, we may see more early appearances come to light. I wouldn’t be surprised. No character is safe from an earlier appearance that pre-dates their current first known appearance!



Speaking of Gambit… First Gambit! Only a matter of time until the movie actually happens. Or something big! In the meantime, let's put some perspective on this issue, by dating it! There's a full page ad in there for a new movie coming out… Arachnophobia!

Hulk-verine! Ok, reflections don’t count for a mashup. But I love this cover. It’s got enough homages to be in the classic cover discussion. I can’t buy enough of them.





Natalie Sanders! She has some great covers.

Peter Parker Spectacular Spiderman #313 Spidergwen Variant. It’s super fun to gamble on “new out this week” books! I had hoped this would become a ghost. I say that while, at this point in time, there are 15 listed.

Die Kitty Die #3 Variant. Because I want to be in with the Top Ten cool kids crowd!

Betty and Veronica #267 2013 Fiona Staples Variant. Why is this so difficult to find? Are there a lot of Fiona Staples cover collectors out there? Could very well be! Or, maybe under ordered? Print run numbers show just under 3,700 copies, but that’s before you guesstimate cutting that number in half because it’s a cover b. So, less than 1,900 copies in existence? Possibly way less? Probably so!

Final Issue in Series sighting! Transformers Lost Light #25 2018 RI Variant. Under ordered for sure. Less than 600 made. How many less than 600? I don’t know. I wish there was a way to know for certain though exactly how many copies were printed of all variants.





Did I mention I will buy just about anything comic-related? While I understand some do not choose to acknowledge preview books, I also understand some do!

Why we love this issue. Hm. That statement sounds familiar. Shout out to Boom Studio’s solicitations!

So many cool things about this book. You get a preview to so many series; Venom Space Knight, A-Force, All-New Hawkeye, Web-Warriors, All-New Wolverine and Totally Awesome Hulk, to name a few.

But the main reasons why I like this book are none of those. So, why do I like it, you ask? I like it because you get previews of 2 series where the #1 issue contains key first appearances. Vision and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. That’s right, Viv and Moon Girl debut here. While Viv is great spec, Disney has already made it known that they have plans for Moon Girl.



Whitman! 1980. Specifically, end of the year 1980 issues. Many are super limited. Gotta catch them all!

I don’t see the majority of the books I buy before I purchase them. Take GL51 as an example. I grabbed this without fully understanding DCU, though I know there are some super helpful, detailed breakdowns of some of the tougher to track down DC Universe variant issues here on CBI.

So, I saw a bunch of Green Lantern #51 DCU variants listed in the $20-range and could have sworn I read that it was super rare. $20 does not exactly scream, “Look at me! I’m super rare!” Sure enough, it is super rare, but only if it's a 2nd Print DCU Variant. Here is the upper left hand corner depicting the “II” for reference. That tiny difference can put a value on it of close to $100, if not more.



Invincible Iron Man #10, 2nd Print Variant. First Rescue Armor. I love the hype!

Deathstroke #58. I’m a broken record with this book. Classic Joker Cover, in my opinion. I wish it was the cover for #60. Why? #60 would have made it the final issue in this series. But I believe it should be on any Joker fans radar.





This is the 1:25 variant for the #1 issue. There is a following for Haunt. I mean, why wouldn’t you respect it? Todd McFarlane and Robert Kirkman created him! Keep an eye on the 2nd Print for the #1 issue too. There’s also a 1:50 and a 1:100 sketch. A few others too. Shall we call this a “Haunting” Rabbit Hole we’re all about to step into? Why, yes! Yes, we shall!

Speaking of McFarlane… Spawn!

#248 is not easy to find cheap. Nuff said? Cool cover too, no?

Scud! While the #1 first print issue from 1994 is cool, if you get your shovel out, dig these couple issues. Some fairly rare variants and second prints. I think there are a couple more. Note to self: Find out the couple more rare variants for Scud the Disposable Assassin!

Invincible Iron Man #1. I liked the cover art.


More variants!



X-Force Sex and Violence #1 Dell'Otto Variant. I thought prices had dropped a bit on these, but the fact is that it’s just not available in abundance. What's cool is that Dell'Otto did the entire interior.



Spiderman Reign #1. The 2nd printing of Issue #1 has been fairly difficult to track down. I had no idea it contained the first appearance of Old Man Peter Parker. Well, I just thought of that name. He isn't technically labeled that from what I can see, but the beginning of the synopsis, well, it raises eyebrows…

“Many years into the future, Peter Parker is now an old man who has retired from being Spider-Man and now works in a flower shop. Mary Jane Watson has died from exposure to radioactivity, due to Peter's radioactive semen. Supervillains are now a thing of the past, and so are the heroes, as New York now has a new merciless police force called “The Reign”. Mayor Waters announces a new protection system called WEBB, to prevent the city from attacks.”



Another cool Spidey book. Amazing Spider-man Vol 3 #1 from 2014. 3 issues prior to Cindy Moon aka Silk's first named appearance, we see her getting bit by the same radioactive spider that bit Peter, mere seconds later!



There's a lot of other people standing around. Elephant in the room, in the form of a spider? How many more people were bitten?

Over time, will more people be revealed to have been bitten on that same frightful day? If so, let’s all take a minute to come up with and share some ideas for new spider powers. How about Bell-Dive, for the spiders that can live underwater? Or, Wind-fly, for those species that can cast a web in the air and use it to glide through the sky? One more? Vatia! The spider that changes colors to match their surroundings. Ok, imagination running a tad bit too wild. Plus, I’m starting to feel like something is crawling on my neck! But seriously, pretty cool that Silk is in this book.

While we're all caught up with Silk, let's not forget about the Menagerie, who make their first appearance here too! An animal-themed criminal team created by White Rabbit? Yep! Hippo, Panda-Mania, Skein and White Rabbit!



Let’s see. What else is going on in this book? Natalie Long, a news reporter for The Fact Channel News, also debuts here. Lots of previews in the back of this extra-sized book as well.

What If Infinity Thanos #1, 1:25 Variant from 2015 – An interesting piece to this book, as with many Marvel books from this time, is that there's a digital code sticker inside. I'm not sure if CGC checks for these and notes if it's missing or not. Would some consider this book to be incomplete if it were missing? I would think so.



IDW RI’s! 1:10’s, 1:20’s, and higher ratios are rare and command money. Too many are overlooked. But there are so many so I can see why. Just look at TMNT. We’re talking hundreds from them alone!

Did someone say Turtles?


Turtle Fever!

Some of these mini-series sets aren't easy to come by. Take this Third Kind set, for example. A couple other 4-issue rare ones that come to mind are Brain Thief, Bad Moon Rising, and Blind Sight.






My how these have changed from unknowns to sought after. There are so many great covers he's done with Red Sonja, Vampirella and Warlord of Mars. So many limited Virgin covers. I love the challenge of chasing after them! Will they remain sought after and one day be referred to as classics? Or will we all be connected to computers living inside comic book simulations, if we’re not already? Too deep? Ok, too deep. Neo!

Ok, I’ll cut it here, as I’m clearly heading far too close to the edge of the deep end, if not past it! But, I’ll leave you with a random did you know…

Did you know? Mentor is the father of Thanos. I was a little bummed to see that he first appears in an already expensive book. One you just might be familiar with. Iron Man #55!!


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  • Father_fanboy

    Wow–LOTS of info! Fun read, too! Another book with the value stamp that’s a minor key (but is one of my favorite’s for the cover alone) is Amazing Spider-Man 134 (first Tarantula).

  • flipdb25

    Amazing article thank you! From Old Man Logan, Hawkeye, Harley, Parker! Looks like “Old Man” everything is starting to catch some attention! Old Man Logan is still one of the best Logan reads!

  • Gary Nusser

    Glad to see you’re immeasurable talents being put to use. I look forward to referring to this when I’m doing my digging!

  • Avatar

    Long over due my friend! This will be an immeasurable resource for the speculation and resale community! Welcome to the site Tim!

  • Avatar

    May have to track down reign #1, first print. First old man Parker as well as his “peter.”

  • Ben Steiniger

    Tim Walker…a glimpse into the mind of the matrix…awesome

  • Avatar

    “Secret Wars #8, December, 1984. The last couple panels are interesting. So, this is the first time Spiderman wears the black suit, even though ASM252 came out in May 1984? Sounds like an X-Men Annual 14 vs X-Men 266 publication date snafu. ”

    Not at all. ASM #251 ends with Spidey leaving for Secret Wars, #252 is his return. Part of the gimmick of the series was finding out over a year why our heroes had changed. Similarly, FF had She-Hulk replace the Thing, Hulk had a broken leg, etc.

  • Ioan L

    Great article, thanks Tim!

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