New 52 Batman 66 Variant Run

Welcome back to another Run Recap!   In 2014, DC Comics released certain titles with a Batman 66 incentive variant cover. All covers sport art by Mike Allred. Some have gained in value while others are easy finds on the cheap.


Keep in mind the stated numbers are a max estimate based on ratio of 1:25 against total print run.  Some of these should have drastically lower existing copies(How many folks were really ordering 25+ Batgirl, Batwoman, Teen Titans just to name a few).


“Action Comics” #31 1643 copies


“Aquaman” #31 1283 copies


“Batgirl” #31 1260 copies


“Batman” #31 4299 copies


“Batman and Frankenstein” #31 1686 copies


“Batman/Superman” #11 2140 copies


“Batwoman” #31 4299 copies


“Detective Comics” #31 2180 copies


“Earth 2” #23 1381 copies


“The Flash” #31 1369 copies


“Green Lantern” #31 1750 copies


“Green Lantern Corps” #31 1137 copies


“Harley Quinn” #6 2498 copies


“Justice League” #31 3098 copies


“Justice League Dark” #31 1013 copies


“Superman” #31 1621 copies


“Superman/Wonder Woman” #8 1912 copies


“Wonder Woman” #31 1226 copies


Max available print runs determined using for posted sales information.

Thanks to former CBSI Author Van D for the inspiration to recreate this style of article.


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