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Hello my fellow agents. Last week we took a look at Marvel omnibuses. In an attempt to balance our intelligence, this week I found it fitting to delve into DC Archive Editions.

This series of classic reprints is ultra-high quality and retail priced ranging from $49.99 to 59.99.  

Years ago I ran across a large collection at a local shop. I got my hands on a few of the under printed copies for 25% off.

Below is a break down of the issues that sell for a premium. I have included the latest sell figures.

If you can score a discount on any of these, you will find yourself with a great deal or profitable flip (if you are so inclined).


Sgt. Rock DC Archive Editions vol 3


First up is Sgt Rock volume 3. This edition collects Our Army at War #111125. DC did not reprint this volume as it did with the previous two.


Wonder Woman VOL. 6


Next up is Wonder Woman volume 6. This book contains Sensation Comics #4148 and Wonder Woman (1st Series) #1315. Not reprinted by DC, it sells fast when listed.


BATMAN Dark Knight VOL 7


I found a copy of this Batman Dark Knight just last week. It reprints Batman #2631. The store had it priced at $19.99. After my discount and sales credit, it cost me $5. I’m holding on to it for now. I think it will only become more scarce .


Batman VOL 7


This Batman volume collects Detective Comics #136154. I’ve seen it sell for well over $80.


Golden Age Spectre VOL 1


Spectre never gets enough love as far as I'm concerned. This collection of More Fun Comics #5270 is an exception. If I ever find it in the wild, it will go to my PC.


All Star Comics VOL 10


All Star comics volume 10 moves us into the upper realm of hard to find. It reprints All Star Comics #4448.


Legion of Super-Heroes Archives VOL  8


LOSH fans keep the market solid for these last two Archive Editions. Volume 8, collects Adventure Comics #368376. It was reprinted, but is still in high demand.


Legion of Super-Heroes VOL 13


Last and certainly not least is Legion of Super-Heroes volume 13. This collection of Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #224233 was the last of the Archive Editions to be printed. As I understand it, the print run was lower than normal. You can pay full retail for this one and still make out like a bandit!


Trade Secret #13: ebay search in Collectibles>Comics>Graphic Novels, TPBs for: dc archive editions -lot -set


Happy hunting my fellow agents and as always be careful out there.


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  • Avatar

    ” It reprints Batman #26–31. The store had it priced at $19.99. After my discount and sales credit, it cost me $5. I’m holding on to it for now. I think it will only become more scarce .”

    And this is the part of the market that makes little sense to me. The fourth Golden Age Omnibus reprints all these issues and more, cover price is $75. I guess if you really want to complete your Archive set, and they are easier to read, but the price difference between OOP editions and the GA Omnibuses is substantial.

    • newt72

      I hear you, but that’s just the point. There are collectors out there that will pay to complete this collection. Hey, to each their own. I’ll pay a premium to get a high grade Marvel Fireside that reprints stories that have been reprinted a dozen times.

  • Avatar

    For being a good customer, my LCS gave me for free Superman Archives volume 1. Havent read it yet as it’s still sealed!

  • Mike Morello

    I need me that WW. Great write up as always, man!

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