First You May Have Missed :Jinny Hex & Teen Lantern

Move over teen titans young justice is back and ready to play with some all new additions to the team. A new lantern and a shot-gun wielding Texan. Todays first you may have missed Jinny Hex and Teen Lantern.


Jinny Hex is the great great-granddaughter of Jonah Hex. Not much is known as she is fresh into the D.C. comics scene but she didn't actually appear 1st in this weeks Young Justice #1. Jinny Hex first appeared in the 100 page giant batman #4 (you remember those straight to Walmart comics?). Although brief in the story she has a short dialog with Batman himself.

Her name is given and she appears in a bunch of panels which ends with her pulling out a photo of her great great-grandfather. Her appearance in young justice is also brief but with Bendis behind her who knows where she can go. Young Justice is spearheading the new Wonder Comics imprint from D.C. and the animated series is trying to continue its beloved status with a new season so it's very possible hex can make an appearance at some point.


Teen Lantern, perhaps its too early to even call this a first as we don't get any actual images or dialog from Teen lantern* besides one of the many covers for Young Justice #1. Maybe we will chalk this one up as a cameo/first cover and revisit later. Another hero controlled by Bendis and if Miles, Jessica Jones, Riri Williams, or even Quake are any indication of what his characters can do in terms of spec and value then this is worth a look.

*There was another character that went by the name Teen Lantern from the 31st century, this appears to be someone else.


100 page giant Batman #4. 1st appearance of Jinny Hex, no idea how many of these are printed or are in a grade worth getting. If you can find them its an easy pick up but finding them with Walmart's horrible stocking practices is the hard part. If you have a chance at a clean copy for less than $10 i would snap it up.


Young Justice #1 1st appearance (cameo) of teen lantern and first cover of Jinny Hex. I would grab the covers featuring Teen Lantern for spec, but that Chew impulse cover is amazing so i grabbed that for my PC. These are available for cover price everywhere right now.

Thanks for reading everyone, short one today but the next few weeks will be treats as i dig deep into my speculator bag so stay tuned and remember “its better to have first and flip then to never have first at all” — Valiant Horton.


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    There’s no chance of getting Walmart Batman 100 Page Giant #4 for $10 or less unless you can find it in a Walmart. The lowest on ebay is $16.88.

    Also, I’m not sure why you’re calling it a cameo for Teen Lantern? She’s in the majority of the comic and has multiple speaking parts. It’s definitely a full 1st appearance.

    • Dale Valiant horton

      Yes some Wal-Mart’s do still have this book on shelves, maybe not in the best condition but it is available this is why i said IF you have a Chance at a clean copy for less then $10 then i would snap it up, meaning that it is a great buy under $10. Also ebay is not the only source to buy comics.

      To the point of teen lantern, while she does have dialog you do not actually see Teen Lantern in the book. What you do see is one of her manifestations which is a large green mech. If you refer to her picture on the cover you will see that the character shown never appears in the book. Which is why i said i will chulk it up as a cameo. Feel free to disagree but that is my reasoning for not crediting it as a full first as we only see the results of her powers and not the character herself.

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        You’re right. I didn’t realize that you never actually see her, only constructs. But she’s on the cover, so isn’t it still her 1st full appearance?

        • Dale Valiant horton

          Personally i say 1st cover/cameo but it is fair to say 1st app. A point of reference is gwenpools secret secret wars #1 which is usually credited as her 1st cover but Howard the duck #1(which came out later) is accepted as her first full apperance. Thats my reasoning but its just one of those things in comics that can be seen different ways.

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    The walmart here had at least 10 copies… all bent to $#!+… except for the one great copy I saved!!! 🙌

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      I did the same thing at my Walmart. There were about 10, but nearly all had scuff on the top left corner. That seems to be a common problem with the Walmart books. Luckily I found one that was in acceptable condition, but definitely not 9.8.

    • Dale Valiant horton

      That’s some luck! I have yet to find any of the D.C. books in a condition worth holding on to.

      • Father_fanboy

        The stocking day for Walmart comics is Sunday—if you can get there early in the morning it’s your best (and probably only) chance at finding a clean copy. I’ve bought several of their books and have ended up with one or two that are probably as close to 9.8 as any of them get.

  • Matthew King

    Great Stuff ! Thanks

  • Adam Lebednik

    i hate how hit and miss walmarts are. mine has skipped a few issues here and there.

  • Avatar

    Living in the UK I have no chance of the wallmart blike. However some good friends from the USA have sent me the swamp thing one and the jinny hex one and they have arrived in tip top condition. A second swamp thing was also sent but not in suchbhigj grade.

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