1 Harley Quinn (Vol. 3) #57 Julian Totino Tedesco Variant

WRITER: Sam Humphries
ARTIST: John Timms
I stopped in a store yesterday on the off chance this would be there.  No chance of that, obviously.  I overheard the owner on the phone saying ‘I didn't order any because Cho was done with his run'.  I have heard many others say the same thing.  Add into the equation that Todesco has been too long overlooked, and you get a boatload of sales in the $20+ range.

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2 Knights of the Golden Sun #1

WRITER: Mark London
ARTIST: Mauricio Villarreal
I love it when these little indie books do well.  This one is doing really well at the moment, up in price from last week to $50+.

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3 Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi:  Force Storm #1 Gonzalo Flores Variant

WRITER: John Ostrander
ARTIST: Jan Duursema
There are several 1st appearances in this book, but I don't actually know why this has moved from a $25 to $45 book.  It appears to be fairly scarce and you know Star Wars collectors…

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4 Mercy Sparx #0

WRITER: Josh Blaylock
ARTIST: Matt Merhoff
So this character was optioned for TV and film–but from Assemble Media, whoever that is.  Either way, you could find this in dollar bins and now it is a $20+ book.

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5 Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #2 Ryan Sook 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Greg Rucka
ARTIST: Nicola Scott & Eduardo Pansica
This is a typical example of why variants can be profitable and it wouldn't be a bad idea to embrace them from time to time.  This was a $25 book a couple months ago.  The market completely dried up and now it is a $75 book.

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6 Project Superpowers #5 Francesco Mattina 1:10 ‘Virgin' Variant

WRITER: Rob Williams
ARTIST: Sergio Davila
So with all the Mattina tracing controversy, another story for another article, this one is bucking the hate and is selling at $25.  Maybe it's the black and skulls.  But seriously, Liefeld Jr., just give credit where it is due.

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7 Incredible Hulk #377

WRITER: Peter David
ARTIST: Dale Keown
This 1st appearance of Professor Hulk is seeing new interest as people are speculating what will happen Avengers 4 and beyond.  This was selling around $10 but is now getting upwards of $20-25.  For those who didn't know, the 3rd print (sorry purists) is a beast with graded 9.4 copies hitting $600.

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8 Ultimate FF #4

WRITER: Joshua Hale Fialkov
ARTIST: Andre Araujo
Miles Morhames?  Really?  I'm not telling anyone how to spend their money, but $25 for Miles Morhames?  Ugh…

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9 Aquaman (Vol. 6) #15 Josh Middleton Variant

WRITER: Dan Abnett
ARTIST: Philippe Briones
Up from $10 last week to around $15-20 with multiple sales.  To satisfy any hate mail, I was able to find a copy this week for cover price (which just so happens to be my only copy), so they are out there.  If you don't like this book, just enjoy the awesome cover.

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10 Thor #617

WRITER: Matt Fraction
ARTIST: Pasqual Ferry
Another slightly off the norm 1st appearance, Kid Loki is seeing media rumors.  This was already a $10-15 book but is inching up over $20.

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Grimm Fairy Tales (Vol. 2) #33 Mike Krome Variant

WRITER: Joe Brusha
ARTIST: Lucas Meyer
Hate on Zenescope all you want, but there are buyers.  And a lot of current hot artists got their start doing covers for the ‘scope.  Is it just me, or does the woman's face look like a J. Scott Campbell face?  Anyway, $20 for this one at the moment with very few for sale.  But if you look around, you can find them for cover at a major online retailer, hint hint…

Whiz Comics #2(3)

WRITER: Bill Parker
ARTIST: Pete Costanza & Bob Kingett
This rare 2nd appearance of Captain Marvel sold as an unrestored 1.5 this week for $6000.  The most recent unrestored copy that was anywhere close to this grade was a 3.0 that sold in 2014 for $1300.  That's quite a jump.

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  • Avatar

    nice. found 2 copies of mercy sparx in the dollar bin this past week!

  • Avatar

    Been a few weeks since I’ve already owned a comic on this list. Can’t part with my Hulk though, part of a run I got at an auction.

  • Avatar

    I knew KotGS was going to do well, even before it released, just a feeling. Suprised KotGS #2 didn’t make the list.

  • Avatar

    Managed to have and sell the top 2 on the list this week. Sold KotGS #1 on Sunday for $63 then sold 5 copies of HQ #57 for $92!! Heard rumblings of some of the others, like the Kid Loki etc, but tough week on the wallet after getting the Hughes variants for Captain Matbel. Best I’ve done in a long time though

  • Topher

    Nice list as always. I suspect the Star Wars book is hot because it really does tell the origin of the franchise. There is an issue 0 though with a very hard to find third printing. As for Hulk 377, I get why it’s heating up but sadly there is no way Avengers 4 is going to have this character. That Sook cover is sick btw.

  • Avatar

    Ugh Variantville.

    • Ben Steiniger

      How so? Only half the list is variants. Out of the 211 new books this week on Midtown that weren’t under ‘Independent’, 135 were variants. That’s 64% of all new books are variants this week. I’d say half on the list is pretty reasonable.

      As always, thanks for reading!

      • Adam Lebednik

        i didnt realize there were so damn many. that makes me sad actually.

      • Ben C

        I would actually suggest that B covers are not truly variants, so if 4 of 12 is variantville, then get ready for Variantpocalypse throughout 2019…

        Great list as always Stein!!

      • Avatar

        I understand you are putting out what the masses are buying. Just has an eerily similar feel of sporting cards and their “insert” and “chase” cards that killed that hobby for so many. And considering this is a speculation and investing site I am most likely in the minority as I have never actually sold a comic from my collection in my life…..much to my son’s delight. Although I do have a few variants in my collection they are almost all alternate cover and not ratio based.

        • Ben C

          Completely hear you, but had to point out that B covers are like you said, NON ratio variants especially when you felt the need to post a negative comment about the variants, when in reality, its really not that deep in variants.

          I can certainly see the comparison of sport cards to this current market, but really it was not the chase cards or memorabilia cards that killed the sports card market. Both Sports and comics were killed by the print runs and the gross reckless purchasing that “investors” were doing. 86-91 topps, fleer, donruss pair right next to the millions of Xmen 1, Spiderman #1 and god knows how much of the later Valiant stuff like Bloodshot 1, Turok 1 and all the other gimmick stuff.

          This was years and years before the Sports market introduced chase cards or game used junk.

  • Avatar

    Always look forward to this list. Thanks! I’m surprised those Black Knight variants aren’t still on the list. They cooled off a touch, but the Powell and Bradstreet covers are still up about 6x what they were 2 weeks ago. Another one I noticed some movement on is the JTC variant for Shadowland #5. Amazing homage cover.

  • Matt DeVoe

    Awesome list Ben! Just to add, KNIGHTS #1 has a preview edition that gets mixed up a bit as the 1st print, the preview is selling for $60 and the standard 1st print is about $45. Also, worth noting, Thor #617 has a decent Tron variant that’s selling for $30 now. This was always one of the hardest Tron variants to sell (could barely move at $10). Not anymore!

    • Avatar

      any thoughts on the Knights #1 store variant (w/no store label)?

      • Avatar

        I like it. Only 750 available and there is no store variant marking on it. It was left off by accident making this a TRUE Virgin variant. Not sure why it’s not through the roof honestly. And the fact that Vanessa Del Ray did the cover!?!? I’m sold!

  • Avatar

    Let’s not forget the 1:15 Tron variant to Thor 617.

    That book may see some major heat too.

  • Avatar

    Pulled an Aquaman 15 out of a bin for cover price this week after seeing it posted in another article…liked the cover and now it’s pushing $15….and I’m picking up early DC Middleton covers (supergirl, Catwoman, batgirl) when I see them at a good price.

    Also found a KotGS #2on the shelf this past week. Middletown sold out of #3 in minutes Wednesday.

    Lucky enough to score an HQ57B this week…my gut says it could too BG23B in collectibility given time for a number of reasons. Holding it for that.

    This past week flipped some Avengers 684s for decent price.

    Been doing alright with flipping n lately….got more stories but I think I’ll stop there as some Are sleeps i think will show up on next weeks list…so I gotta keep quiet for now!

  • Avatar

    Bad week for me…only 2. Be on the lookout because Monstress #1 2nd Print is heating up again! One just sold for $100 and another is up to $69…

  • Avatar

    It’s almost criminal that hulk 340 isn’t on this list this week.

    • Ben C

      Dont worry, Stein has been put on notice for missing it.

      Though I have a feeling that he will be doing a hot 10 McFarlane Hulk and Middleton Aquaman list next week out of spite…

  • Avatar

    I like your write up on #5 Blackest Night: WW , ref variants ,, makes sense

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