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Zatanna: The magic I perform brings people happiness

John: You sure there’s not a two drink minimum love?

Zatanna: Your such a pessimist!

John: Wrong, I expect the worst, and when the worst happens, I am ready. But my outlook doesn’t alter the reality of the world…

The Dark Corners of the World…

*The following is a DC centric article!


Greetings from the desert fellow CBSI members! I am back with another Run the Table, Justice League Dark style. There is a lot of fair banter back and forth on what is the 1st appearance of JLD. This includes Swampy 49/50, JLD # 1, Annual, etc. We will leave this for another debate, however let’s look at Ryan Sook’s run that really are some underrated covers. In addition, some hidden gems Sook has created over the years that command attention as well. So let’s get started…


Justice League Dark # 1


Justice League Dark # 2

Justice League Dark # 3

Justice League Dark # 4

Justice League Dark # 5

Justice League Dark # 7

Justice League Dark # 8

Justice League Dark # 9

Justice League Dark # 10

Justice League Dark # 11

Justice League Dark # 12

Justice League Dark # 13

Justice League Dark # 14

Justice League Dark # 0

Justice League Dark Annual


Those depict the JLD in perfect fashion IMO. There is a lot of emotion depicted within this crew as they experience going to Hell and back. This rag tag group of folks mesh very well. If you have not read this series, I highly recommend you giving it a try!


Bonus Issues


Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #5

Blackest Night: Wonder Woman # 1 Variant

Blackest Night: Wonder Woman # 2 Variant

Blackest Night: Wonder Woman # 3 Variant

Friday the 13th # 1

Friday the 13th # 2

Friday The 13th # 3

Friday the 13th # 4

Friday the 13th # 5

Friday the 13th # 6

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Vol 2 #12

Jonah Hex # 70

National Comics Rose & Thorn # 1

The Jetsons # 6

Worlds’ Finest # 12


As seen with these number of different covers, Ryan Sook is very talented. Again, this was strictly DC books, and as many of you know his Marvel stuff is top notch too. Finally, his recent work for Image on The Weatherman has been amazing as well. While some of his work is very well known and growing in value as we speak – I am looking at you Vision # 1 1:25, there is many pieces that are under the radar and can be had for very cheap in relative terms. Please seek out this man's work. He adds a lot with his art to our hobby and beyond. Why even this fine gent below has a smile on his face thanks to Ryan…



Talk soon,






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    Great to see those Justice League Dark covers getting some love! 😀 I was a big fan of the first few arcs of that series

    Aside from #1, I really love the #9 and #10 covers!

    Added bonus for #9, it’s the first appearance of the new Black Orchid (Alba Garcia). She was very prominent during the New 52 (mostly in JLD of course, but also made appearances in Justice League, Animal Man, Swamp Thing and others) but hasn’t featured much since that I’m aware of. She also featured in the Justice League Dark animated movie, albeit in a slightly different iteration, and I think also in DC superhero girls cartoon, and was pencilled in to appear in Constantine, before it was canned. Could be worth picking up cheaply, as if they do go ahead with the movie, and it’s based on the Lemire/Janin run rather than the current one, she could easily feature. The fact that she is also on a lovely cover on her first appearance goes a long way for me too.

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