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New Avengers #40 2nd

This week I received a suggestion for this book from Joe Winfree thru the CBSI MeWe. And then on Tuesday, another G+ member, Angel Rodriguez, also posted about this book. So I just wanted to give credit to both CBSIers.

That said, this book has some interesting upside. With the MCU introducing the Skrulls in two months, this book features the 1st appearance of Veranke, who is Skrull royalty and a key player in the Secret Invasion storyline.

The 2nd print features her on the back of the wraparound cover and seems to be tricky to find. The 1st print may also be worth grabbing, but be aware it was heavily printed.


Recent High Sales Data:

Raw 2nd – $9.99 on 1/8/19
Raw 1st – $3.99 on 1/3/19
CGC 9.8 1st – $59.95 on 3/20/16


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Young Avengers #9

Sticking with the Skrull theme, another book to keep a lookout for is Young Avengers #9. While Hulking’s 1st appearance was in YA #1, that’s not gonna be found in dollar bins very easily anymore thanks to Kate Bishop.

But in issue #9 when the Super-Skrull shows up, we find out that Hulking is really a Skrull and heir to the Skrull Empire. This could be someone they want to bring into the MCU to tie in the Young Avengers at some point.

Now that Marvel has the Fox characters back, Super Skrull would also be on the table for this storyline to play out in the future. For a buck this could be worth a stash and hold.


Recent High Sales Data:

Raw – $7.57 shipped on 12/14/18


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  • Great article… a couple books I’m always hunting!
    There are not many copies listed on eBay and I’ve only come across one copy in the wild, is it a low print or just way overlooked?

    • Peter Renna

      I think a tiny bit of both. I’m sure the print in was low. As far as overlooked, that’s debatable. It’s pure speculation on the importance of the character. She may show up in the MCU or she may never appear again in any medium. And if she did appear in a movie, it may only be a glorified cameo. I personally wouldn’t invest in it heavily, but if you find it in a bin, scoop it up and take a chance. It is a solid wraparound cover. I dig the purple.

  • How is NA#40 Veranke’s first appearance when she had been impersonating Jessica Drew for years? Totally a Copycat situation where NM #98 is labeled as her first despite only appearing as Domino. Veranke’s first is, at the latest, NA #1

    • Interesting point.

    • I really dislike the whole NM 98 Domino thing. It’s the first appearance of Domino, full-stop.

      Say I become a DC writer and put in a comic that every single appearance of Superman since 1938 was an imposter. Say DC actually lets this happen. Is my comic now Superman’s “first” appearance, and Action Comics 1 now has to be re-labelled? Of course not, because he still appeared as said character. I see Domino in 98, she’s named, hence it’s her first.

    • Peter Renna

      I think the reveal is the important part of the story and what would make the issue desirable for collectors, the rest would be semantics.

      • True, but I think it’s disingenuous that they refuse to call NM 98 her “first” appearance. I get the significance of X-Force 11, but it doesn’t diminish that 98 really IS her true first.

  • I’ll contact CGC and make sure they are aware of your opinion on the matter

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