Variant Heat Check for 1/8/19



Life is Strange #1 Vieceli Jetpack/Forbidden Variant

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I always find it strange when comics from video game properties do well, but apparently people are enjoying this series that takes place after the game’s sequel. A couple of copies were sold by Jetpack (even though the website is sold out) and fetched $50.


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Spider-Man Noir #1 Calero Variant

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Another character from Into the Spider-verse that is still doing well is Spider-man Noir. Not sure where Sony is going to take any of these characters, but it’s great to see the movie get some golden globe love. A 9.6 sold for around $150, while raws were getting close to $80. Sets of 1-4 do very well.


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Vampirella Lives #2 Hughes Variant

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I gotta admit, I’m a pretty big Hughes fan and I can’t remember ever seeing this cover. Unlike his older Vampirella covers, this one is transitioning towards his current style and sold for $40.


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  • manbat

    I have a set of the Spider-Man Noir variant issues I purchased when they came out. They are in amazing condition…should I send them in for grading…? Hmmmmm…

    • Keith S.

      It might be tough to sell a graded set, but you never know in this market.

    • If it were me, I would simply sell the set raw. Especially if your total investment is 20$ (5$ a book).

      Now you can maybe slab issue #1 (the most important of the set) and then sell the set online with the #1 issue graded and the other 3 raw, that might help increase value.

      In the end look at the pro’s and cons and decide for yourself.

      But if the CGC turn around time is 2 to 3 months, keep in mind that by the time you get the book back the market might have dipped for that comic.


  • Did you mean Sony instead of FOX in the Spider-Man Noir feature?

  • There’s also a DF signed version of that Hughes Vampi cover. Very happy to own that one.

  • Life is Strange is not your avg video game. The story resonated across genres and was unexpected success. Of particular note was the quality of writing. When Life is Strange 2 came out and did not include Max and Chloe, gamers were disappointed. The comic breathes new life into those characters and continues the story where the game left off. I suspect there will be long term high demand for the Comic, so as long it includes Max and Chloe.

    • Keith S.

      Thanks for chiming in on that. Video game properties don’t usually translate well over to comics, so I was wondering what was causing this to do well. The first and second printing of #1 are also selling well, so I can see that there is demand.

  • Man I never would have guessed that was adam Hughes. The eyes are usually what give it away for me and I guess he hadnt found his signature style at that time.

    • Keith S.

      his earliest Vampirella work was nothing like his style of today. This one was done a few years later, and you can really see the transition to his current work, but it’s still needed refinement.

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