The Wednesday One 01/09/2018


Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 01/09/2018

Another big week is upon us. Lot of good opportunity for flips as well as some great reads. There is a “One” for all. Let's take a look.


Miles Morales Spider-Man #2 Cover B Incentive Sana Takeda Variant Cover 1:25

Possible 1st app of new foe? If not it is a great Sana cover. Seems to be selling over ratio at ~$30. I am hearing mixed rumors so far so I'm sheepish and say $15 or less. Tread lightly.


Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Vol 2 #1 Cover I Incentive Stanley Artgerm Lau Virgin Cover 1:100

I'll stick with the trade dress, but Germ has a following. Most recent was an auction for $36 which can't be close to avg. I'm sure that was probably an outlier. I wouldn't go over $50 personally, but I'm super sheepish about these 1:100 virgins when the regular cover is trade dress. Plus I just don't dig this one.


Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Vol 2 #1 Cover G Incentive Joe Jusko after Ditko Variant Cover 1:25

I'm a Jusko fan and I dig this Ditko spin. Most recent was an auction for $10 which is where I think it is a good grab. Seems no one cares about it so only grab for PC.

Captain Marvel Vol 9 #1 Cover F Incentive Adam Hughes Virgin Variant Cover 1:100 Trade Dress 1:25 

I don't think I'll be lucky enough to snag the 1:100 so the 1:25 trade dress will work. The 1:25 was as high as $37 but most recent sales are $20 and $12. I think $15 is about where it will land as I expect there to be tons of these. There were a number of store variants, Hughes is popular, and 1:25 is easy to qualify for is why I'm low on this one. The 1:100 seems to mostly be going for ratio and seems to be the better one flip wise of course. I think $70 or less is safe. Normally I would be even lower but Hughes has a following and it is a pretty good cover. Her neck is a little long though imo, but the colors are popping. Plus light coming from behind is my jam for some reason.

Captain Marvel Vol 9 #1 Cover E Incentive Alex Ross Variant Cover 1:50

I like this Ross cover better than the Hughes but it is close. These should be all over also. Was hitting $70 but most recently around $50 which seems about right. I'd try to grab $30 or less or wait. Ross doesn't usually flip well. Despite how amazing his covers are they just don't have the aftermarket that someone like Hughes has. I want one for PC and if you can't find one for a good price I'd just wait a few weeks.

Man Without Fear #2 Cover C Incentive Greg Smallwood Variant Cover 1:25

I doubt this does much, but I do like a good skull cover. So far it isn't doing terrible at $20-25ish. I wouldn't pay over half ratio. I don't think anyone cares too much about this one, but a PC grab for me.





Harley Quinn Vol 3 #57 Cover B Variant Julian Totino Tedesco Cover

This is a great cover and it is already hot. Selling as high as $25 is nuts, most recently ~$15-20. Def a flip even when the flood hits it will probably still be $10+. Rumored 1st app of Mirand'R. The “One.”

Cool Covers

Young Justice Vol 3 #1 Cover F Variant Jorge Jimenez Superboy Cover

“new series that also introduces new heroes Teen Lantern and Jinny Hex!” 2x new characters and dank meme homage, WTH I'll grab one. The Putri cover has the teen lantern on the cover so that is probably the better one though.

Star Wars Age Of Republic Jango Fett #1 Cover B Variant In-Hyuk Lee Cover

Jango on a Lee cover is a grab for me. There is a movie variant 1:10 that is cool also. He was just a simple man trying to make his way in the universe, well until he got cut down on Geonosis by a certain purple saber.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Vol 2 #1 Cover E Incentive Animation Variant Cover 1:10

I'm not big on these, but a few of the others warmed up. I might grab one for cover.

Captain Marvel Vol 9 #1 Cover B Incentive Movie Variant Cover 1:10

Should be tons of these and if/when this movie does well it might see a bump. I wouldn't pay much over cover. If it doesn't do anything it is still a cool cover.

Martian Manhunter Vol 5 #2 Cover B Variant Joshua Middleton Cover

Middleton has such amazing range. I have high hopes for this run also.

Green Arrow Vol 7 #48 Cover B Variant Neal Adams Cover

I know some folks are jammin on this one.

Read it


X-23 Vol 3 #8 Cover A Regular Ashley Witter Cover

It isn't great, but i'm still reading it for some reason. I should drop it. Good Witter cover though.

Moth & Whisper #5

This is a great read. I don't hear many people talking about it sadly.

Blood Realm #3

Last one and I really hope they do a volume 2. I think as well as it was received that it has a good chance. The first two were great and you can probably order the set from Alterna.

Exilium #3

Good read. def recommend. Only goes to issue 6 and probably easy to find in back issues.

It Came Out On A Wednesday #4

Why so many Alterna books this week? Bottom line is they are producing great reads at a great price. $2 for a huge book is where we should be. There is a reason Alterna grew 700% last year and I think indies like these are the part of the industry that is thriving. Recommend Midnight Mystery #2 out this week also.

Criminal Vol 3 #1

Brubaker & Phillips are my jam. One of the greatest duos period. Books like these are the reading jems.

Murder Falcon #4 Cover B Variant Daniel Warren Johnson & Mike Spicer Heavy Metal Cover

Love this Pantera homage. I might grab a few. I used to love seeing Pantera play at Fair Park Coliseum when i was young. RIP Dimebag and Vinnie.

Batman Vol 3 #62 Cover B Variant Frank Miller Cover

Bats is solid and this Miller cover is one for the PC.

Cemetery Beach #5 Cover A Regular Jason Howard Cover

I've been digging it. I can see some not liking the art, but a great read.

Die #2 Cover A Regular Stephanie Hans Cover

I'm excited for this issue. The first one was really great. Hans cover is a bonus.

Bitter Root #3 Cover A Regular Sanford Greene Cover

Wild art and a great start. This book has a great feel.

Savants #1

Andy's article INDIE SPOTLIGHT SERIES 12 got me hyped for this one. I had no idea about Gary Reed.




Web Of Venom Unleashed #1 Cover B Variant Nick Bradshaw Cover

This one has peaked my interest. I like some Stegman covers, but writing? I'll give it a shot. This cover seems to be a lil warm, but both covers are really good.


  • Rags #3 “Exposed”– if that is your jam. I stay away.
  • True Believers Conan Swords In The Night #1 – $1
  • True Believers Conan Devil-God Of Bal-Sagoth #1 – $1

Bonus look back – how did last week do a week later?

 How did last week's spec end up doing? We take a look at last week's predictions and see if we did OK one week later!!!

(Last week's spec will be quoted like this. What it really did will look like this.)

Champions (Marvel) Vol 3 #1 Cover E Incentive Lee Garbett Variant Cover 1:50  – (edit I thought the guy being carried was pinpoint but I was wrong. thx for the catch JW) – Being the highest ratio is driving the heat on this one. It is a mediocre cover though. Presales $40-50 but I would try to grab under half ratio to be safe. Recently $50 is solid! 

Conan The Barbarian Vol 4 #1 Cover M Incentive Bill Sienkiewicz Variant Cover 1:200 – I like this cover, but there are so many conan covers with a lot of retail variants. How many people actually care about Conan? I can only find one sold a month ago for $200 but there are a few auctions over $100 so we will see where they end. I'm very skittish about these types of books and I think $75 or less is a safe buy in. I dont think a lot of people will want this and I think there will be more than demand inducing undercutting. Seems to be ~$150 which is better than I expected. 

Conan The Barbarian Vol 4 #1 Cover L Incentive Adi Granov Variant Cover 1:50 – I like this Granov also, but like the Bill cover will anyone care in 2 months? esterday 2 sales for $25-30 and i think it goes down from there. I think $15 is a safe grab. I kinda want one for my PC but I will wait a month if I don't see one cheap. ~$25 isn't terrible. I thought it would drop more. 

Star Wars Han Solo Imperial Cadet #3 Cover B Incentive Todd Nauck Variant Cover 1:25 – These seem to be low print runs, but the heat seems to have slowed. Presales $15-20 so I think this is a grab $10 or less. Might be better to pass. ~$30 but very little action. 

WWE #24 Cover D Incentive Rahzzah Virgin Variant Cover 1:15 – and do well. These are always hard as there aren't many that get bought and sold. These Rahzzah covers are so great. ~$40 is great. I think long term these sets will be super rare as they get squirreled away. 

Marvel Knights 20th #5 Cover C Incentive Jae Lee Variant Cover 1:25 – I'm a Jae Lee fan. This isn't great, but I like it. I don't think it will do much flip wise, but there are some Jae fans and if you find it cheap enough it might more than a pc grab. I want one for PC. Most recent sale ~$30 and most are for sale around that which is pretty good. I think half ratio is a solid grab. $15ish but not much action 


Wrap Up

I like the “One” and hope to grab a few. I might even have to hit up a few shops. I'm really curious how the Hughes covers do this week. Let me know if I missed anything. I probably missed a 1st app or so. There was so much this week and I usually end up forgetting something so I def appreciate the feedback and corrections. Let me know what Y'all are looking forward to and thanks for reading!

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  • Avatar

    Great article!!! Gary Reed was the real deal for sure!! Blood Realm 2nd Series is confirmed!! I can’t wait!!! Thanks again for all you do Adam!

  • Avatar

    Hey Adam. Great writeup again. All the best in 2019!
    The In-Hyuk Lee cover for Jango Fett, is just a CVR B and not a ratio variant?
    Is the Soto variant or Skottie Young variant for Bitter Root good ones to look out for?
    How did the Zaffino cover for Conan #1 hold up from last week?
    You think the Mark Brooks cover of #2 (coming out next week) is gonna be one to look out for?

    Always looking forward to reading your article.
    Till next week!

    • Adam Lebednik

      the Jango Lee is a reg cover b and i dont think it had any weird qualifiers, but I don’t know for sure.

      Soto for BR if I was picking for cover. I like skotty but im not a big fan and that Soto is tops. I don’t expect any of them to heat up.

      Zaffino cover for Conan #1 – recently a few bins for ~$10 so not great. Im glad I got one for PC, but the run on that book was too big for a 1:25 to do anything.

      Im a big Brooks fan esp after last year, but most of his covers don’t get big heat. Though that Psylocke held much better than I expected, which was unfortunate for me as I want one but dont want to pay. That #2 1:50 though I think has a chance to hang around ratio give or take $10. probably take. I think $40-50. I really like it and I think it has a chance to do better than that though.

      love the questions

  • Avatar

    The HQ is going to be an interesting book. Is it going to hit and hold like Bats23? Or is it going to be ‘hot for a day’ like so many Mattina and Artgerm covers over the last year. Is the scene starved for spec ? We will see over the next week…

  • Avatar

    FWIW: Jinny Hex was first “introduced” in Walmart’s 100-page Batman #4.

    • Avatar

      Great column as always, Adam! BTW I am loving Aftershock’s Moth & Whisper. A truly inspired mystery/detective story cloaked in contemporary issues surrounding social media, identity and gender politics. And the art on the book is a perfect fit.

    • Adam Lebednik

      oh snap. i think I have #4 too. I need to actually read it now lol. Good call.
      totally agree with m&w the art really does compliment it.

  • Avatar

    Huge week! I appreciate your posts every week. You can’t buy them all but you can definitely appreciate the thrill of hunting a copy of what you like. Will you also be doing a review of some top picks for last year based on their movement?

    • Adam Lebednik

      Thats a good idea. I might. I say that but im so busy at work recently (12+hr days) that I doubt I do. I might do it slowly over the next few weeks though.

  • Dan Piercy

    Love that Murder Falcon. Hope I can snag one.

    Do you listen to any of Phil Anselmo’s other projects (Down, Superjoint, The Illegals)? They are all great.

  • Avatar

    Great list and thanks for doing this. Every week I make sure to check it out for what I inevitably missed. I thumbed through the Miles Spider-Man last night and didn’t see a new villain but saw an old villain. When I pick it up today I’m curious to see if it was just an old villain they want to rival Miles instead of Peter. I may have missed something but love that cover. Big week if you are chasing variants or if you are after firsts or both. Thanks again!

  • Avatar

    The markets completely flooded in the UK for HQ

  • Avatar

    Also worth mentioning that last week’s Detective 995 (both covers) is sold out everywhere and spiking pretty damn good on ebay in the $15-$20 range which I didn’t see you guys calling last Wednesday or the Saturday after. Book is pretty hot, not sure why, I mean I read it, but not sure if it’s what I think it is?

  • Avatar

    Hey Adam, Do you know what the ratio is for D.C. A/B covers? LCS said that they aren’t 50/50, which I always thought they were (or at least close.) re: Harley Quinn 57.

    • Adam Lebednik

      It is whatever the lcs orders. Afaik only dc knows the real #s. I know some lcs dont order any b covers and others order heavy. They are open order.

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