The Current Omnibus Market


Hello my fellow agents. Welcome to the new year. I figured it was time to discuss omnibuses again.

It has always been the case that Marvel Omnibuses rule the roost. Sales are consistent, strong, and range across many titles. The current market is full of examples. Below are just a few.  

For the record the search I used was: Collectibles>Comics>Graphic Novels, TPBs
omnibus -lot -set. I set sales to a low of $199 and sorted by most recent (I don’t feel right reporting on a single $400 sale from 2 months ago)


Avengers Omnibus #1 Kirby variant


I’ve seen this go for more, but this is the most recent sale.


The Mighty Thor Omnibus Volume #1


Nay, a thousand time nay! I could have purchased two of these when they came out.


Daredevil Omnibus Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev


Another popular modern run. Personally, there’s nothing I love more than a good Daredevil story.


X-MEN OMNIBUS VOLUME 1 By Chris Claremont and Jim Lee



Chris Claremont and Jim Lee on X-men, another winning combination.


Uncanny X-Men Omnibus Vol 3 Opena Cvr



This is a reprint omnibus with new Opena cover. My guess is that, being a third volume, it was underprinted


Fantastic Four omnibus vol. 1



There’s this guy named Jonathan Hickman. Apparently, he’s a popular writer. Who says there aren’t any good Modern FF stories?


DEADPOOL Omnibus by Joe Kelly



These were once everywhere. Now they have dried up. Deadpool isn’t dead!


Amazing Spider-man Omnibus Vol. 3 Kane Variant



This one was mentioned in the VARIANT HEAT CHECK FOR 1/3/19. Yep, it sells.





Classic character. Classic stories. Classic cover. Winner!

There are other examples, but I will stop here. It is more important that I leave you with a few words of wisdom.

Trade Secret revisited: Be on the lookout for announced reprints.

Trade Secret #11:  Look for scarcity, and multiple recent sales on eBay. One outlier does not set the market. I know. You read this and think, no duh Agent Newton, but we all know those people that see one sale of a book and immediately overpay for a copy.

Trade Secret #12: Look up the listing on You can see total views and watchers. The more of both the better.

That’s all for this week, agents. Until next time, keep your eyes on the omnibuses, true believers.


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  • Dan Piercy

    Awesome list! Have you mentioned The Eternals omnibus before? One sale in the $300 range and all of the current listings are all over $400.

  • Avatar

    I could get into this as a monthly article.

    I was an early adapter to the Marvel Omni products. Would be interesting to hear about Tomb of Dracula (v2 and v3) or Silver Surfer in a future update. Eternals is my white whale – someday I will get you!

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