Scott’s Collectibles RED SONJA #1 Parillo Variant Contest

Welcome back to another awesome CBSI Comics Giveaway Contest!! 


Scott's Collectables has just announced an awesome exclusive variant for the reboot of RED SONJA. This is extremely limited with only 400 copies and an exclusive cover by Lucio Parrillo and CBSI Comics is here to give a few out!!


Best 3 answers to this question will each win one of these awesome extremely limited Red Sonja #1 Parillo Virgin Variants from Scott's Collectables!!  Contest will run until January 14th so make sure to get your answer in before then!!

With so many Red Sonja comics out there, which sports your favorite cover and why?





As always, a huge thanks to our friends Dan Scott and the Scott's Collectables crew for the awesome prize support!!


  • Good luck to who ever wins this comic, please keep the contests going!!!

  • There are a few cool Art Adams covers in the Dynatite series, but my favorite one is Red Sonja #2B (2005) because it’s also an homage cover to issue #5 of the original Marvel series.

  • Dynamite 13; I love the way she is slogging into the enemy, blade raised!

    • Red Sonja #20 Parrillo NYCC virgin variant (which I was lucky enough to get early). If you look at that one, it’s basically a reverse image companion to this cover. They would look great displayed together!

  • Foxom

    Red Sonja: One More Day #0 orange foil variant. A beautiful homage to Frazetta’s Death Dealer, by Liam Sharp. The regular cover is awesome but the orange really gives it a Frazetta feel.

  • KravenHuntsAgain

    That’s a great cover!

    I am trying to put together a Jenny Frison run on Red Sonja, but my favorite from it would have to be #10. That cover just slick. I think these covers are under appreciated and you can get them for fairly cheap. I found a few in $1 bins, and now I want them all.

  • Red Sonja She-Devil with a Sword #1 Vol. 1. (Marvel)- why you ask? Because there is a unicorn, a wizard, a snake and a beautiful red head with a sword all on the same cover!

  • Savage Tales 4 from Dynamite. She is sexy, regal, and badass all in one. I don’t think there’s a cover out there that can incorporate all those traits and really work well together like this one does.

  • The Frison cover to Red Sonja #8 from the 2014 Dyanamite series. With so many Red Sonja covers highlighting her sexuality it is refreshing to see one that is just pure savagery. Stalking her prey like a crocodile in the water with a snowy white background serves as a solid reminder and allows you to focus on what a true warrior she is without the other “distractions”. Simple covers always get me and this is why #8 by Frison gets the nod from me.

  • Conan the Barbarian 24- the first cover appearance of Red Sonja. She is portrayed here as an equal to Conan, and no skimpy armor needed to sell her importance.

  • Queen Red Sonja # 23, the Parrillo cover. Yes its sexy, but she obviously just won a battle in which she brained a guy with a mace! Everything she is about in one great image!

  • There are indeed so many different covers and artist’s renderings of the Red Sonja, including her guest appearance in other books. I’d have to say I like RED SONJA #8 by Greg Horn as published by Dynamite Entertainment in 2006. I’ve enjoyed modern covers by Mike Mayhew, Greg Land, J Scott Campbell and so many other great artists, but this specific cover has a fierce sexiness to the pose and facial expression along with a great job in the color scheme. It’s a popular cover, having been used for trading cards too.

  • There are so many beautiful and creative Red Sonja covers out there, but I’m going to have to go with Red Sonja 3-D #1 (1988). It reminds me of the Heavy Metal movie so much, her pose and flowing hair are so dynamic. Plus the fact that the book you’re about to read is going to be in 3-D….this is total 80’s nostalgia and it’s great!

  • I love the Brandon Peterson cover for Red Sonja #0. It looks like she’s stepping right out of a D&D campaign! On to the Demi-Lich!

  • personal favs are the One More Day homage to Frazetta’s death dealer and the vol 4 #18 Tula Lotay cover with her laying on the bed with a knife. Seriously who doesnt love seeing a fiery red haired half clothed woman with a sword give everybody a beat down!? I know im not alone! (her motorcycle cover was pretty sweet also) BY MITRA’S MILK!!

  • stevemcqueen

    My favorite Red Sonja cover is Dynamite’s RED SONJA #78 Lucio Parrillo cover released on July 3, 2013. For me, this is the best cover art that illustrates Red Sonja, showing a rare example of a woman in the pre-modern era taking a stance against an extremely strong force of evil. Here, Parrillo achieved something so unlikely, so close to impossible, because the picture shows a woman warrior fearlessly holding Lord Dracula by one of its horns after jumping from great heights and ready to plunge her sword into the Dark Prince’s heart. Parrillo deserves to be one of the best comic book artists in the industry that creates comic book covers as if these were old master paintings. It is not simply that he’s becoming a successful artist in an age when the likes of Jim Lee, Adam Hughes, J. Scott Campbell, David Finch, and Stanley Artgerm Lau have already cemented their names as among the greatest names to have created powerful women in cover art. In this particular masterpiece, I believe Parrillo also managed to communicate a powerful personal vision where women like Red Sonja can fight back against bigger adversaries that dominate any world she lives in.

  • Definitely in agreement with all the previous posts. There’s been so many great covers of Red Sonja , especially since the Dynamite resurgence. From then till now, there’s been great renderings and interpretations of Red Sonja. Derrick Chew’s #21 stands out as a recent beauty. But for me personally, I gotta say the Michael Turner cover of Red Sonja: She-Devil with a sword #1 is my favorite. The ferocity of her stance after slaying a giant snake, an image of warrior beauty. I am and have always been a fan of Turner’s artwork.

  • eye_ess

    I’d say my favourite cover for Red Sonja for me is Volume 4 #1 J. Scott Campbell Virgin Cover. Something about the all white background, the black and white ink sketch style with the only colour being the red of her hair and lips. He did a more serious face separating from the usual smile or angry face, and the pose with the sword overall is a great cover you can display on the wall also. It stands out as a different cover not just Red Sonja covers, but also for Campbell covers. It’s a cover to get whether you are a Sonja fan or a Campbell fan.

  • My favorite Red Sonja cover that’s often overlooked is Savage Tales 1 cover from 2007 by Arthur Suydam for dynamite. It’s a fantastic cover with not enough fanfare.

  • I’ve got to go with Red Sonja #8 Frison cover from 2014. Love it!

  • Red Sonja #3 Cover A (2005 Dynamite)

    Suprised nobody has said this one yet. It’s a beautifully painted cover by Dell’Otto.

    To me this is one of her classics and is also very hard to find. Took me forever but found mine at a flea market for $1.

  • Red Sonja She-Devil with a sword #30 from Alex Ross.

    Fantastic looking cover by Mr. Ross.

    All that red which blends well with our titular character and the sort of brooding feel to the whole image. She’s ready for another battle. The muscle tone, the body lines, simply great!

    And maybe more importantly for many, one of the rare sensual covers by Mr. Ross.

    He isn’t known for his sexy female renditions. This cover though shows a rare sexy side to Mr. Ross’ work.

    I just love it! Check it out and so will you!

  • Conan the Barbarian #24! Red Sonja’s first comic book cover and first full appearance and a beautiful one at that from one of the great comic book artists ever! Barry Windsor Smith! His draftsmanship style was so unique! He put so much effort and detail into his work and this cover shows that! Sonja looks like a beautiful, female warrior, not a swimsuit model! Issue #24 It has everything! Conan, Sonja and a ton of action! What more could a barbarian enthusiast want?! Love it, love, love it!!! An important comic for many reasons!

  • Red Sonja 1 Michael Tuner Cover from Dynamite Entertainment back in 2005!!!! What a cover and defining time piece of the era.. the hottest cover artist drawing the Premiere Issue to the hottest looking female character! So 2005 to see this… every time I see this over the top cover with the huge dead snake and the chainmail bikini only Tuner could perfect it gives me goosebumps!

  • misfit138

    I like the Red Sonja/Tarzan #1 Hughes cover. I love the Peggy Bundy look!!!

  • Jenny frisson vampirella 3 virgin variant. So beautiful

  • Jenny Frison Red Sonja 8 (Gail Simone) – Jenny is my fav cover art and RS one of my fav characters from childhood and the minimal nature of the cover coupled w/ how deadly she still looks is perfect.

  • Gotta go with Red Sonja #20 Lucio Parrillo Cover. Obvious is obvious.

  • Have to go with Red Sonja #20 Parillo Variant (NYCC) and Savage Tales #1 (Arthur Suydam) is a close 2nd.

  • Savage Sword of Conan Magazine #1 She is standing side by side with Conan, fighting Zombies as an equal. He’s not protecting her. He is fighting with total confidence, leaving his back exposed because he knows that they are equals. He knows that if only a “Conan” could possibly protect his flank, he ‘s got one: Sonja. And its an early marvel painted magazine cover.

  • I tried to narrow it down to just 3 lol:

    Red Sonja: One More Day Frazetta homage cover – i mean common, badass.
    Spider-Man/Red Sonja#1 – we know how spidey feels about redheads

    here’s one no one else will probably mention Red Sonja 7 by Reeder, so much action and anger in one cover!

  • Marvel Red Sonja #1 by Frank Thorne. I never read any of the Robert Howard novels, but this book got me into the sword and sorcery genre and made me a fan of Red Sonja and Conan. When I learned Dynamite was putting or artist editions of the Frank Thorne Red Sonja series, I had to pick them up.

  • VOL 4 #12 by Ben Caldwell.

    It is just stunning. It’s also striking in that it is so unlike what most artists choose to “accentuate” when it comes to the “Bad Girl” art associated with Red Sonja. There is nothing titillating about it, but yet it still stuns. The colors and lines all explode with intensity. The power and ferocity of the character is there in spades. She is scary. She is fierce. She is wild. Yet she looks like a child here. A feral child that is going eat your face off. Love it.

  • Red Sonja #6 Cosplay Virgin Variant. (VOL 4. 2017, Dynamite)
    With the metal bikini out in the snow, it must be pretty cold to wear. I’m a fan of cosplay covers good and bad.

  • red sonja 77 parrillo the view

  • My favorite is Red Sonja She Devil with a Sword 76 by Parrillo. Her on horseback riding through the piked heads with the red sky is visually stunning. I like to think she is simply taking one last look at the slaughter she just laid down.

  • Moon-Knight

    Though I love Parrillo’s artwork, I would say Red Sonja 12 done by Jenny Frison. The look she captured in her eyes is unbelievable and definitely lets you know this is one lady you don’t want to mess with! Please enter me in the Red Sonja #1 Parrillo Virgin Variant contest

  • Another great contest for all the fans! I’m not really into Red Sonja but i’m just glad that you guys keep doing this for the community. Cheers!

  • Eman

    I’m going with…
    RED SONJA she-devil with a sword #1 by Michael Turner (Dynamite Comics 2005)
    I love this cover because although it’s not an action cover you can still tell that she’s a bad-ass warrior. I also love this cover because the snake reminds me of the Conan movie. And without Conan we would have no Red Sonja.

  • I love the Lopresti cover from DOOM OF THE GODS #4. For me, it’s Lopresti’s (and Red Sonja’s) nearest equivalent to the classic Matt Baker/Phantom Lady #17. This cover rocks.

  • In no particular order (2005) Red Sonja #1 Alex Ross full art cover. I have the lithograph of this cover hanging on my wall. The perspective of this cover is amazing and puts you in the moment. Marvel Super Special #9 by John Buscema featuring Conan The Barbarian and Red Sonja (in full color)! What always drew me to the cover was the sense of urgency depicted on the face of both characters. Neither is afraid, but rather each is determined. Classic SSOC goodness! (1977) Red Sonja #1 by Frank Brunner. Faced with the scene depicted on this cover would you be more inclined to gawk or to run??? The decapitated serpent leans me toward run, but that flowing red hair attached Sonja’s beautiful but brutal body could certainly give one pause. I would likely gawk and die 🙂

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