Wardobe Please! : Iron Man (Thor Buster)

Move over Hulk Buster, its time for iron man to take on another super strong Avenger so of course he needs a new super strong suit. Bring in the Thor Buster! On this edition of Wardrobe Please!


The Thor Buster suit first appeared in Iron Man #64 (vol 3) during the Stand Off event. Tony Stark crafted this suit with an Asgardian element at its core. He was instructed to do so by none other than Doctor Doom who had has own reasons to see Thor stopped preventing world war 3 from happening.

This Thor was no ordinary Thor. At this time not only was Thor king of Asgard he also possessed the Odin Force due to Odin being defeated by Surtur prior to this event. King Thor was a great deal more powerful than normal Thor and with his humanity removed from his body (and taken on the form of Jake Olson) King Thor was a ruthless Asgardian purist who set his sights on the governments of Earth.

Iron Man's Thor Buster had taken design cues from the Asgardian destroyer armor with a few Stark Upgrades. The mysteriously Asgardian material infused with the suit have Iron Man super strength and durability but the most amazing thing he managed to accomplish with this suit was stopping Thor's hammer in mid-air.

This battle carried on into Avengers #63 where Thor eventually got the best of iron man, tearing the Asgardian material from the suits reactor the Thor Buster was no more. Although short-lived and maybe some what cheesy the Thor Buster armor is a memorable addition to the iron man hall of armors. It did manage to show up to fight Riri Williams in her Iron Man series so we know the armor still exist…..somewhere. I must say i am a bit surprised the MCU has not milked Iron armors even more but maybe they have learned something from Iron Man 3.


Iron Man vol 3 (1998) #64 1st appearance of Thor Buster. Not big for spec but if your someone who collects Iron Man armors (I do both in comics and out) then this is a can't miss. Not hard to find and will cost you less than lunch. There is a Toy Biz reprint of this issue, same cover but you can recognize it by the “Not For Resale” remark printed on the bottom left. If you're going to nab one may as well go for it.

Thank you for reading and see you next week!. –Valiant Horton

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