The Weekend After Wednesday for 1/5/2019

Happy New Year!  Another year of collecting and hunting comics in the bag.  Want to know which books from Wednesday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Weekend After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long-term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 1/2/2019. They could still be at your shop.



KNIGHTS OF THE GOLDEN SUN #2 (MAD CAVE)I haven’t seen this book at any shops nor does it sound like many others are ordering it, which explains why this is selling for $20/$25.  It looks interesting, must be good to command such high prices.

WWE #24 RAHZZAH 1:15 ANIMAL STEELE VARIANT (BOOM)WWE variants are very hard to come by lately.  At issue #24, most stores only order enough copies for pull customers and rarely qualify for the incentive variants.  This Animal Steele variant is no exception and is selling for $38/$40.


NONE – No HOT books from last week’s light week.


GREEN LANTERNS #38 (DC) – A year later always brings forth some strong lessons.  Last year, the appearance of a new villain team, RED TIDE, had both covers selling for $10. Sets were (obviously) $20. Sellers flooded eBay with copies and brought that market price back down to cover in just a week. Now, you can buy them for $1 (plus shipping).  “Hot new character(s) of the week” don’t always work out.  With some content one day, this could bounce back.  But right now, it’s ice cold.

POPEYE CLASSICS ONGOING #65 ZOMBIE 1:10 VARIANT (IDW) – I had this in WARM one year ago.  This was one of the most talked about books back then, but there were no sales and no listed copies.  That’s rare for a relatively HOT book of the week.  It’s a testament to how hard it was to find at the time.  Enough copies came to market and saw heights as big as $500+ raw.  The most recent sale in early December went for $150.  A 9.8 trends at $300.  While that is a significant drop over the past year, remember that this was a 1:10 variant.  Just hopefully no one here paid those initial high prices.

SECRET WEAPONS #0 1:50 POLINA VARIANT (VALIANT) – Last year, the 1:50 Polina variant sold for $100, and now it’s nowhere to be found.  Not a single copy has been sold or listed in well over 6 months or more.  It’s definitely a ghost book.  If you have a copy, the market is yours.



CHAMPIONS #1 1:50 GARBETT VARIANT (MARVEL)I actually like this variant a lot.  This Lee Garbett 1:50 variant is selling at ratio for $50.  There aren’t many listed, so this just might see a price bump by next week.

CONAN THE BARBARIAN #1 (MARVEL)This was easily the most anticipated book of the week.  However, most of the variants are selling for half of ratio or less.  The 1:500 Hildebrandt and 1:200 Sienkiewicz are both listed high, but have no sales.  I could see both of those selling and staying over ratio.






  • Gary Nusser

    Always appreciate the list but I believe that Brooks Conan cover is for issue 2.

  • Avatar

    Love the One Year Later stuff. I called that Secret Weapons but missed out. Plus, no one reads Valiant. They’re coming off their worst year PR wise since 2012. I’m really curious to see where these books go once the Bloodshot movie finally hits.

    • Foxom

      I love Valiant and I think some of their books are still among the best put out, but the whole thing with Dinesh killed their loyal audience. Maybe in time they can build it back up, but I bet if Bloodshot flops Valiant will be sold off (hopefully back to Dino for pennies on the dollar lol) a lot of the old Valiant still commands big bucks though.

      • Avatar

        Faxom: I’m right there with you. I beat the Valiant drum on this site for years until I just got tired of defending them. The Dinesh stuff came off as really bad, but the more I see what he’s been up to since, the more I start to feel like we don’t know the whole story. I think maybe he was in on the deal. Who knows. I just know they went from their best year in 2017 to their worst year in 2018. Bloodshot will make or break Valiant, but it they get sold again I think that might be the end of the publishing arm and the IP’s will be sold off individually. Really sad.

  • Avatar

    I heard there were 16 covers for Conan. That kills the rare collectibility of the book. I’ll wait for it to be sold in the dollar bin.

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