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Greetings and jamutations Tin Hatters! I hope the tin foil proved useful in wrapping presents and leftover tamales. We are officially in 2019, and the mighty Previews book has already hit the stands. So get some leftover eggnog, leftover brandy, and use your leftover tin foil to prepare yourself as we enter the future that is March 2019!




We begin with the house that’s going to CRUSH March with more Batman variants than Scientology levels. Let’s see what DC springs upon us.

The Batman Who Laughs: The Grim Knight #1

The Grim Knight Batman Who Laughs And Has Lots Of Guns. Whew, that’s a long title. The Grim Knight made his debut in the massively printed The Batman Who Laughs #1 (2018), and although he hasn’t taken the world by storm like The Batman Who Laughs did when he debuted, he still has a lot of potential. Scott Snyder brings his origin story through this one shot that has an awesome Jock cover and also (what will surely be awesome) a Gabriele Dell’Otto variant. This issue is sure to have store variants as well, so just get 1 of each of the regulars for the cover art.

Batman: Damned #3

The final chapter in the Batawang story is here. Something tells me that DC will quietly end their Black Label books after this book comes out. Such a shame that the mighty Batawang swung this label out of existence. (I say this because other Black Label books are quietly getting delayed, cancelled, or simply forgotten.) Pick this one up to see where the story goes, but it won’t be the same heat as #1.

Detective Comics #1000

Here we are. ‘Tec One Thousand (TOT) is here. $10 book. Guaranteed bajillion store variants. Maybe even your LCS will have one. DC is soliciting this as the debut of the Arkham Knight. However, with a print run that could reach Star Wars levels, tread very lightly on this “first appearance”. Collect your favorite cover, but chances are that the winner will end up being whatever exclusive Jim Lee variant that pops out.

Dial H For Hero #1

Hey, rotary phones are back. A new character looks to inherit the legendary Hero Dial that grants superpowers with a one hour time limit. If this was a Bendis-created character, I’d say definitely buy it as his characters eventually become money. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to pick up one copy. The hero appears to be a Hispanic character, and with the potential success of Shazam (and recent success of Into the Spider-Verse), new comic fans may start looking for young heroes that are not traditionally Batman or Superman.

Teen Titans #28

Mico Suayan is back. His line-heavy art is reminiscent of Baroque line art, and while he was stuck (contracted?) doing Unknown Comics exclusive variants recently, I’m glad that he’s putting out variants for DC. A new chapter in the Teen Titans vs Deathstroke story begins, and while there may not be first appearances, pick up the Suayan variant for the PC.

Second Coming #1

We may not have a Tom Cruise Saves the World comic yet, but we will have the Second Coming of Christ in comics. Call me crazy (I do wear tin foil on my head), but I love me stories where Jesus undergoes a Richard Linklater coming-of-age story that also has zany and kookie moments (anyone else humming “Rock Me Sexy Jesus”?). This will probably not heat up, but if you ever wanted to see Jesus and Superman (cough, I mean Sun-Man) be roomates, then pick up this book.

Adventures of the Super Sons #8

Super Sons continues putting out first appearances in the form of kid-villains. I don’t think any have heated up yet, but if DC puts out a cartoon on their app using these characters, watch out. We all know a cartoon debut can be a testing ground for future movie debuts as generations grow and nostalgia takes us all. I’ve said it before about this series, but if you are the kind of Tin Hatter that doesn’t mind holding on for the long haul, this series may be for you.

Aquaman #46

The previous issue had the potential new villain on the cover, and this issue might have her powered up. When’s the last time a new Aquaman villain had this much impact on his life? Could DC be hoping Namma and her daughter are the next big things? One thing’s for sure, no overprinting will happen on this issue.

Batgirl #33

Does DC read my tin specs? I previously talked about how 2019 could be the year of Yasmine Putri, and now she’s doing a Batgirl variant (precisely 10 issues after Middleton’s iconic cover). Coincidence??? Make sure to tell your LCS to order a nice batch of these. Also, James Jr. appears to be back? Is he the Arkham Knight? Nah, it’s probably Jason Todd.

Batman #66#67

Tom King gets to write The Question. Will this be enough to cleanse us from the mess that was Batman #50?  Plus, there’s a possible new villain in issue #67 (or is it reimagined?). If you’re still digging Tom King’s writing, pick these up.

Catwoman #9

Artgerm puts out one more cover after a brief hiatus from Catwoman variants. Guaranteed to meet demand, but still get one for the PC.

Harley Quinn #59

Derrick Chew puts out another Harley variant cover. Make sure to get a few.

Justice League #19#20

Future March brings us future Justice League. Get ready for an all out with battle between the Justice League and themselves (is it unfair if their younger selves are fighting their older selves?). The man among men known as Jorge Jimenez is putting out three awesome connecting covers (#21 will be out in April). Not sure if these future selves are possible first appearances, but the creative team of Scott Snyder and Jorge Jimenez is a team that I wanted yesterday.

Naomi #3

Am I a Bendis shill? Maybe. Naomi #3 promises to have a totally brand new character that will change the DC universe forever! Is it Jason Todd? Pick a few for the long-term hold.

Supergirl #28

Just like his Catwoman variant, this issue is sure to meet demand. However, it’s never a bad idea to pick up Artgerm covers. Plus, mutated Supergirls.

Titans #35

Another Mico Suayan variant. Pick it up for the PC.

Wonder Twins #2

Gleek makes his debut in this reboot (does this count as the DC Universe proper first appearance?). Either way, we’ll get a nice Nguyen variant.

Whew, DC always seems to have the greatest spec (or greatest solicits). Although most seem to be good written stories rather than quick flips, it still looks to be a good month for DC fans.




Now let’s jump over to the house that SNOWGUARDS the quick-flip appearances.

Age of Conan: Bêlit #1

Woooo, another new Conan book. That makes it one a month so far. This one is a 5 issue series that will tell the origin of Bêlit and how she came to be a fearsome pirate queen. The issue has a gorgeous cover from Sana Takeda of Monstress fame, and the variant covers pack awesome artists as well. Could this end up being a book where all covers are winners? As always, watch out for store variants.

Spider-Man: Life Story #1

Chip Zdarsky continues writing Spider-Man stories in what’s sure to be his magnum opus. Teaming up with the legend that is Mark Bagley, he will tell a story involving an aging Spider-Man, something Marvel is so afraid to do that they keep de-aging him with devil powers. Will Chip break the stranglehold and fear that Marvel has and show them that Spider-Man will still sell books no matter the age because he’s Spider-Man? This promises to be a good series, so make sure you have it on your reading list.

Magnificent Ms. Marvel #1

G. Willow Wilson had to say goodbye, but Marvel was able to get a promising new team for Kamala Khan’s new reboot. Babs Tarr provides an awesome 1:25 variant that’s sure to ghost out upon release. Get it!

Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History #1

Cosmic Ghost Rider is going to have fun, but it won’t be written by fellow fallen angel Donny Cates. Paul Scheer and Nick Giovannetti will take the writing reigns as they attempt to prove that the Cosmic Ghost Rider has staying power. It’s a bold move because Donny is usually the selling factor in his books and characters, but these two writers have a chance to show that Donny’s characters and ideas are here to stay.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: City at War #1

2018 was the year of Spider-Man with a successful video game and potential award-winning movie. PS4 Spider-Man gets his own mini-series that seems like it’ll retell the video game story as well as add new tidbids in. We get awesome cover art from Clayton Crain, Adi Granov, and Gerardo Sandoval. Watch out for store variants.

Venom #12

Tumblr may not like Donny Cates, but his writing keeps on being top-notch. Symbrock’s cancer reemerges, and he must go to The Maker to find out what’s going on. Are his Anti-Venom cells still in play, or is it possible the cancer might sprout another symbiote? And what leather jacket will Donny buy in 2019? Also, March is Spider-Man villains month for some reason, and Stegman is doing that variant cover as well. Chance it’ll be a Venom cover?

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #4

I believe this could be a first appearance for Vice Principal Drutcher. Could he end up being a J. Jonah Jameson to Miles? If he ends up being part of Miles’ supporting cast, this could be a good minor key.

Spider-Man/Deadpool #47 & #48

A mysterious and omnipotent villain goes up against Spider-Man and Deadpool. Could this omnipotent villain be related to the omnipotent villain that debuted in Moon Girl #28? Why did Marvel highlight the word omnipotent? Finally, is the Big Chungus dead already?

Shuri #6

We all know that Shuri became the Black Panther during the Dark Reign event, but she has since been rebooted to reflect the Shuri from the MCU. Issue 2 had a 20k print run which is ok, but will it stay within these numbers? The solicit to issue 6 teases that she may don the Black Panther mantle again (or maybe for the first time now), and it could look very different than the previous J. Scott Campbell covers of 2009 (is it the one depicted on issue 2?).  

Fantastic Four #8

Only mentioning this because of the Sienkiewicz variant cover. Nice cover of Sue Richards that’s similar to his Walking Dead variants. If this ends up a ratio cover, it could be a real winner.

Black Panther #10

Another one I’m only mentioning because of the the variant cover. Jen Bartel’s art is ever rising, and this percentage variant will surely end up a beauty for the PC.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #42

The 50th issue is also the 42nd issue. Guaranteed to be a fun read for Squirrel Girl fans, and the variant cover by Marcos Martin might end up a PC beaut.

Guardians of the Galaxy #3

That first appearance of Wraith is still at $20. Also, he appears in here and seems to be part of the Dark Guardians. Also, this is written by Donny Cates.

X-23 #10

The X-Assassin storyline continues. The first appearance variant is still a $40 book, and it seems like this storyline will cement the character as part of Laura’s supporting cast (or it might die). However, we also have another Spider-Man villains variant, and this one is by the amazing Inhyuk Lee.

Deadpool #10

Do you have your Deadpool #1 Opeña variants ready? There was a very brief cameo (he was in the shadows) of Good Night at the end of that book. Now he’s back, on the cover, full first appearance, and a percentage variant as well to boot.

Star Wars: Vader – Dark Visions #1

Darth Vader on a horse! This two-part series will attempt to give a new light to the character that is Darth Vader. Do we need this? Hmm, maybe not. Darth Vader is already a badass character, and anything extra might be too extra. However, we do get an amazing Greg Smallwood cover that has Vader riding a horse with a lightsaber and shield.

Star Wars: Age of Republic – General Grievous #1

The Jedi Slayer gets his own Marvel one-shot. Why couldn’t Paolo Rivera do a cover for him? Grab the cover that looks the best.

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #30

Adam Hughes doing a Doctor Aphra variant  cover? Could it be? Be on the lookout for the reveal of the Greatest Hits cover.

Daaaang, what a solicit! Can it be Tin Hatters? My Marvel Tin Foil Spec is bigger than DC for once. Is March the Marvel month? They both have M’s.

Now, let’s move on to the rest of the Previews book.




Little Bird #1

A new image book that’s ready to kick off the Image train of 2019. It attempts to paint an immense world in the same vein as Saga. However, it’s only a 5 issue mini-series. It could still be a great read.

Assassin Nation #1

Another new Image ongoing, this one looks to have staying power. The 20 best assassins must learn to work together as they try to protect the one man that hired them. This smells like an option deal waiting to happen.

Spawn #295

All of the big 3 have reached milestone issues, and it’s almost Spawn’s turn to shine. Get the Mattina covers (which is all of them).


Dark Horse


Invisible Kingdom #1

I didn’t know that the creative team of G. Willow Wilson and Christian Ward was a team that I wanted. This may not heat up, but it’ll be a great read with amazing art. Besides, sci-fi and conspiracies. Hot dang!





GLOW has 2 seasons on Netflix so far, and a third season is on the way. For fans of the squared circle, the show meshes backstage politics with real life drama beautifully. Will this translate to success on the comic book market? Tough to say. However, if you’re a GLOW fan who wants to own the first appearances of your favorite characters in comic book form, this is the book for you.


BOOM! Studios


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #37

The Xermánico cover is amazing. It’s a ratio cover and bad ass enough to sell out.

WWE Wrestlemania 2019 Special #1

Two amazing artists provide covers for this book, Rahzzah and Xermánico. It’s an $8 book, but neither are ratio covers. If you’re a WWE fan, get these books for the PC.


Archie Comics


Sabrina the Teenage Witch #1

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina were pretty cool, and the Christmas Special was fantastic. All this success means it’s time for a comic reboot of course. However, we get the previously unreleased Adam Hughes cover. It is not a ratio cover, but considering that most shops order light on Archie books, and some don’t even order all the way to a C cover, this may have a small quick flip window.


Scout Comics


Stabbity Ever After #2

The Tin Foil gives the best of Tom Cruise’s healing powers to Mr. Richard Rivera. Stabbity Ever After is separate from the normal Stabbity Bunny universe. It looks like a blood bath will enter the Wonderland Kingdom. Pick one up for a fun read.

Wooooo, I hope I didn’t make anyone go broke. This month looks like it’s hella stacked. The Tin Foil has burn the brightest it has ever burned this year. DC has celebrations while Marvel seems to have the quick flips, and lots of good reads seem to be available amongst the indie companies. Look into the skies, Tin Hatters, and watch out for blindfolds imitating ear pieces. Until next time, farewell from the world of tomorrow!


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