Prejudice Breeds Emptiness


*** Warning, this comic is for mature audiences! ***

Prejudice Breeds Emptiness…


Happy 2019 fellow CBSI members! I trust your Holiday Seasons were memorable. I have been meaning to write this new Blood Bank, and with the calendar turning, there was no better time! Every year, millions of Americans create New Year Resolution goals. In fact, the lists do not really change year over year on a macro level, it’s usually the same ideas from many – Diet, exercise, save money, etc. One that always peaks my interest is to read more books. This is always in the Top 10 on a multitude of platforms. Now, you can interpret this in anyway you see deemed fit. Yet, reading is a pillar within lit society.

If you dissect this at an even more micro level within comics, many like myself are too prejudice. Wait, what was that? Yes, we judge books strictly by publisher. Come on, it’s okay go ahead and admit it. How many Zenoscope series readers in the house? Let’s these those hands up. Yep, thought so, not many coming forward with that one! Self admittedly, I carry this emotional pattern too. In looking specifically at BOOM, I would pass more times that not, probably to the tune of maybe 1% viewership of their titles.  However, something caught my eye with Cullen Bunn’s brilliant Bone Parish. Oh and I am glad it did, as it’s one of the best new series in 2018 bar none. This critical acclaim is universal, and the original storyline stands out from the crowded walls of Wednesday walls.


Retailer Virgin Variant # 1


Let’s have the creator himself describe this universe: 

BONE PARISH is a supernatural crime story, the story of a tenacious family that is determined to carve out their own empire despite overwhelming odds,” said writer Cullen Bunn. “The challenges they face originate both in this world and the next. They face pressure from rival criminal organizations that are much more powerful than they are. They must contend with internal strife as obsession and ambition tear away at them from within. And they face horrific threats from the restless spirits they stir as part of their sinister business dealings.”


The art of newcomer Jonas Scharf immediately draw us in as the viewer into this crime ridden world:



Now if that doesn’t grab you attention after the panels too, well there is plenty of other options out there. However, if this peaks your curiosity, here’s a bit more. This “family business” of producing the new drug, derives from a unique source. The drug is made of human corpses, but that isn’t the only thing. The people who use the drugs don’t just trip, they experience the things from the corpses’ past, actually live them. And it is because of this that the family targets corpses of dead celebrities and leaders and other important people.

Here is a key set of panels showing one of the main antagonist characters, Rafael enjoying his first “high” and or experience. The repercussions of this are far reaching as he decides to “take” this operation from the family producers, and secure the business for himself and his empire.



In addition, what truly gives this story as separation from others is the strong main characters and their own trials and tribulations.



Without spoiling too much, there is a deep seeded story here that slowly gets flushed out over the first arch of the story with panels full of emotions that keep us readers vested. Up into this point we are thru issue # 5, so there is a plenty of time to jump on this train!

In closing, the overall reminder to this piece is if we lead with negativity on titles based purely on publishers, we are shorting ourselves and breeding a thinner pull box regardless of how it is consumed. In complete transparency, necromancy storylines turn me off usually. There is some dark material within these pages, but if you look past this and the violence, the world within Bone Parish is outstanding. It is just riveting, there is no other words for it. Highly recommend! Grab the TPB that’s on sale now!



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