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First things first, just wanted to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and hope you all have a happy and safe holiday!  Hopefully santa fills everyone's stockings with nothing but great Indie comics!! As for this week it is virtually non existent as far as new releases. With that being said I will let you know about the ones that are.


Bone Parish 5 – Boom Studios

My pick of the week this week is Bone Parish 5 from BOOM Studios. Don't think there is any spec value here unless we see this book get optioned. That being said I could easily see that happening with the Caliber of story that Cullen Bunn has on his hands. Drug Cartel, New Orleans, and New Drugs….. Need I say more. I know Dan Piercy author of The Reading Pile is onto this one as well and I can’t wait to hear his thoughts on it!!!  Great read in my opinion!!!


Mars Attacks 3 – Dynamite Entertainment

I have to admit, I know absolutely nothing about this series, but i do like the throw back cover A by Francavilla.


Go-Bots 2 – IDW publishing

Another one that I hate to say , but I haven’t been following……. But hey, It is releasing this week! Haha


Man Eaters 4 – Image Comics

Here we have issue 4 of Man Eaters from the controversial author Chelsea Cain. I haven’t read past the first issue of this series , but my Girlfriend has, and loves it. I have been picking up every issue and I will continue to do so. Just never know with Cain doing the writing where this will go, and if it will have any legs spec wise.


Die Die Die 6 – Image comics

Worth A Read

Written by Robert Kirkham, so you know I am Definitely reading it. I actually love the series. Yes some issues are hit and miss but overall a great read in my opinion. The 1st issue of this series caught some heat, as it was unannounced and was sent to shops based on how many copies of Oblivion Song they ordered. On top of that  they had 10 different covers with different word bubbles on each as well. It was pretty cool actually and sold a lot of books. This one is Def Worth a Read!


Last Week's Updates


Hardcore 1 – Image Comics

This was my read of the week by far. Absolutely loved the story! Home run on this one. Could definitely see our government already working on the technology in this book! Can still be found at cover price. Read it!!!!


Ogre 3 – Source Point Press

This  one has sold out everywhere and is now a $10 book! Great read as well!


Livewire 1- Valiant Entertainment

Can still be found at cover, and Glass Ratio variant is selling under ratio. I have not had a chance to read the story yet.


Grumble 2 – Albatross Funnybooks

1st issue was a great read. Have not read  issue 2 yet. Cover B on issue 2 is going for $12 to $15 right now and very hard to find.


Spawn 292 – Image Comics

Cover art was no different from A cover yet again. Black and white this time but was hoping for way more. Can still be found at cover.


Thanks again for reading, and have a great holiday!!!!!!



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