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Greetings and jamutations Tin Hatters! The eggnog is dairy free, the Festivus pole is ready for the Feats of Strength, the Tom Cruise is tucked in, and we have another new Tin Foil Spec! For all my fellow Tin Hatters, in case you didn’t know, there was a contest back in October for CBSI followers. I wrote my first Tin Foil Spec article for the competition and managed to get second place! (If you’d like to read it for reference, here it is: Tin Foil Spec December 2018.) I know what you may be thinking, “But Master Wong, December isn’t over yet!” True, but we all know which books are coming out next week, and it’s safe to say it won’t be a crazy week (although Superior Spider-Man variants could be quick flips). Some bold predictions were made back in October, some bolder than others, so let’s go back to October 2018 to look into December 2018 and see how we all fared.



Has it already been 3 months since the Batawang? Time flies and wangs are forgotten. Let’s see how DC turned out for the Hatters:


The Batman Who Laughs #1

I feel like I should have seen this coming. Store variants killed whatever heat this book could’ve had. If you pre-ordered the minimal trade dress Mattina variant, you can claim a small victory. For those of us who got the regular A and B covers, well, we got the first appearance of the Grim Knight. We’ll see where he takes us.

FINAL TIN HAT RATING – 2 out of 5 Tom Cruises. First appearance, but a massively overprinted book.


Goddess Mode #1

This book didn’t exactly light up either. It had a lot of potential, but it seems that most of the thunder was taken by the abrupt cancellation of Border Town and the allegations surrounding that book’s writer. It is one of the early new Vertigo books, so right now, the book’s potential hangs in the balance if DC ever makes shows out of their Vertigo titles to put into their streaming service.

FINAL TIN HAT RATING – 2 out of 5 Tom Cruises. Pretty story with very pretty drawings but the label needs a jolt in the arm.


Martian Manhunter #1 

This is a win based on the Middleton cover alone! The dandiest of the dan. His variant for issue 2 doesn’t look so dandy though. Let’s hope issue 3 brings back the dandiness. Either way, the story was fantastic, and I’m definitely hooked on this series. Alien sex, baby!

FINAL TIN HAT RATING – 4 out of 5 Tom Cruises. ALIEN SEX, BABY!


Batman #60 & #61

The Mattina variants were the ones to pick up. These will one day make an awesome set. The nice part about both of these issues is that we got what can probably be considered the first canon appearance of Flashpoint Batman (unless it ends up being Earth-2 Batman or something entirely different), and we got another story involving the Anti-Batman (plus his second appearance). Both books could end up $20 books down the line.

FINAL TIN HAT RATING – 4 out of 5 Tom Cruises. Hold on to these books.  


Catwoman #6

Artgerm’s run on Catwoman seems to end here, and he just dropped his amazing variant for his next Batgirl cover. Shops are caught up to Artgerm and Middleton, so this one goes to the PC.

FINAL TIN HAT RATING – 2 out of 5 Tom Cruises. Gorgeous cover but not lighting up on the aftermarket.


Detective Comics #994 

From the Anti-Batman to the Arkham Knight, we saw glimpses of a new villain taking down some people close to Batman. Is this a first appearance? First cameo? First word bubble? Don’t go heavy on ‘Tec #1000. This could end up another Red Goblin mess.

FINAL TIN HAT RATING – 4 out of 5 Tom Cruises. A lot of potential here. Sell if it ends up hitting $30.


The Green Lantern #2 

Another gorgeous Mattina. Great story by Morrison. Unfortunately, it didn’t equal to immediate success on the aftermarket. Still a good read though.

FINAL TIN HAT RATING – 2 out of 5 Tom Cruises. Nice PC copy.


Nightwing #54 & #55

2019 could be the year of Yasmine Putri. She seems to following the Middleton path. Putting out gorgeous covers, getting a bit of buzz, but waiting for the Batgirl #23 to drop. Keep stashing these.

FINAL TIN HAT RATING – 3 out of 5 Tom Cruises. Cover potential. Could heat up as people attempt to collect her old stuff.


Red Hood: Outlaw #29

Only get this one for Yasmine.

FINAL TIN HAT RATING – Equal amount of Tom Cruises as the Nightwing.


Teen Titans #25

The Alex Garner variant was just too sweet. This issue brought us Crush’s origin story. However, her first appearance hasn’t lit up collectors, and her origin story is even less so.

FINAL TIN HAT RATING – 2 out of 5 Tom Cruises. The potential is there if she blows up as a fan favorite character.



We had to say goodbye to our dearest friend, Mr. Stan Lee. As the man behind the Marvel Method swung away into the heavens, Marvel placed banners honoring him on their books.


Champions Annual #1

We got origin stories for both of The Big 2’s new, young female heroes. Just like Teen Titans #25, this has potential if the character ever blows up. However, what’s up with the Babs Tarr variant? Anyway, if I were a betting man (which I’m not because I’m a floating tin hat), I’d place my money on Snowguard more so than Crush.

FINAL TIN HAT RATING – 3 out of 5 Tom Cruises. This character seems more popular than Crush.


Marvel’s Avengers: Untitled Prelude #1

Oh man, talk about trash. The story was a terrible rehash, and there was nothing of note. It still wasn’t as bad as that Captain Marvel Prelude #1 though.

FINAL TIN HAT RATING – 1 Katie Holmes out of 5 Tom Cruises


Venom #9 Animation Variant

Into the Spider-Verse is the best comic book movie of 2018! It has a strong chance at an Oscar nomination and could go toe-to-toe with Incredibles 2. Also, Nicolas Cage had the best lines. This was a 1:10, so act fast and stash.

FINAL TIN HAT RATING – 4 out of 5 Tom Cruises. Probably a 6k print run if the Venom book did 60k. Not bad to stash and hold.


Spectacular Spider-Man #313 variant

Another animation variant. Noir may be finding his niche, but Gwen already has her fan base. Based on this book’s numbers, there might only be 3k of this variant out there. Definitely have this stashed away.

FINAL TIN HAT RATING – 5 out of 5 Tom Cruises. Major potential here.


Solo: A Star Wars Story and Solo: Imperial Cadet

These books didn’t light up like the Last Jedi books. Then again, those books also dropped (except for the #4 variant). If you found them cheap and quick-flipped them, you made out like a Disney.

FINAL TIN HAT RATING – 3 out of 5 Tom Cruises. Good for a quick flip, but they have come back down to Earth.


Star Wars: Age of Republic books

Not too much action here. Seems like people are waiting for Jango Fett.

FINAL TIN HAT RATING – 1 out of 5 Tom Cruises. Not even the Prequel memes could save these books.


Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #27 variant

Man, December was not kind to Star Wars books. Who knew that last year’s polarizing movie would affect the comic hype as well. After months and months of awesome characters, December finished off with R2-D2 and C-3PO for the Galactic Icon variants. Yeah, they’re cool robots and all, but after getting Boba Fett, General Grievous, IG-88 and the like, to finish up with these two buddies seemed a bit of a…probe tease.

FINAL TIN HAT RATING – 2 John Travoltas out of 5 Tom Cruises. These were not the droids we were looking for.


Image Comics

The land of options and opportunity. Let’s see what movie studios can pick up next.


Die #1

Solid read with option potential. Still available on Midtown though.

FINAL TIN HAT RATING – 2 out of 5 Tom Cruises. This book may get optioned, but it didn’t immediately sell out.


Prodigy #1

Always be wary of Mark Millar. We won’t know if his Netflix books will be gold until the Magic Order TV show comes out.

FINAL TIN HAT RATING – 1 out of 5 Tom Cruises. Guaranteed Netflix option doesn’t mean heat.


The Freeze #1

Although available on Midtown as well, I got a feeling about this book. Very cool premise that is begging for adaptation.

FINAL TIN HAT RATING – 3 out of 5 Tom Cruises. Keep your eyes and ears peeled.


Dead Rabbit #3

Man, such a shame what happened to this book. The ratio variants and con variants blew up after the cancellation announcement. This had all the potential of a money making book.

FINAL TIN HAT RATING – IRS Audit. Book was cancelled unfortunately so this issue never saw the light of day.


Other Indies

This is the section where books have seemed to catch heat recently. From Antarctic Press to Red 5 Comics, we’ve seen our fair share of quick flip winners. Let’s see if the Tin Hat had any winning predictions!


Black Hammer: Cthu-Louise One-Shot

by Dark Horse Comics

Black Hammer recently got optioned, and those #1s skyrocketed in price. People are slowly catching on to collecting the accompanying one-shots and first appearances.

FINAL TIN RATING – 2 out of 5 Tom Cruises. Has potential but focus on the first appearances of the Black Hammer characters.


Blood Realm #3

by Alterna Comics

Alterna Comics recently had one of their books optioned. Blood Realm seems to be the one everyone raves about though. At a $1.99 buy-in, make sure you’re hoarding these.

FINAL TIN HAT RATING – 5 out of 5 Tom Cruises. This series has a lot of potential. Those #1s will be tough to find in 9.8 conditions.


Zinnober #7

by Scout Comics

Scout Comics had a glorious year with several of their books being optioned. From The Source to Smoketown (hey, remember Smoketown?) they provided a year of quick flip winners. Issue 1 of Zinnober had an awesome B variant that quickly heated up and seems to hold at $20. Dragons are always awesome no matter the medium, so this has a good chance of being optioned. However, the final issue may not be as sought after as the first issue.

FIN TIN HAT RATING – 2 out of 5 Tom Cruises. The series as a whole would be a mega Tom Cruise, but just basing it on issue 7 alone is only about 2 Tom Cruises.


There you have it Tin Hatters! The Tin Hat December Spec in review. There were mostly quick flip winners with some potential long term books. We had some John Travoltas unfortunately, so hopefully those $20 flips helped. One book that the Tin Hat did miss was the X-23 B variant. Who knew a secret assassin would turn out to be another clone that would catch similar heat to Gabby’s first appearance? Oh well. This will teach us to comb the Previews more diligently for the future. Until next time Tin Hatters! Farewell from the world of tomorrow’s yesterday!


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