First You May Have Missed: Itsy Bitsy

Spider-Man and Deadpool, two marvel greats with a wacky exciting ongoing series that i seem to hate and love at the same time. Out of this mania we got the first appearance of Itsy Bitsy, if this first passed you by here is your chance to catch up.



Itsy Bitsy started out as a human, but when she ran across a man named patient zero(who was actually Jack Hammer, Deadpools old friend weasel sent back to earth by Mephisto to get revenge on spider-man). Zero crossed her dna with that of both Spider-Man and Deadpool transforming her into a freakish creature. Zero's plan was for Itsy, who he had named Susan Mary to kill Deadpool and Spidey but she had other plans.

She first appeared in Spider-Man/Deadpool #9 where she interrupted a battle between our heroes and the villain group Hateful Hexed in which she proceeded to kill some if the groups members while singing “the itsy bitsy spider”. This is where Spider-Man gives her the name.

Instead of killing the duo Itsy wanted to join forces with the two to enact vigilante Punisher style justice on their enemies. Of course at this time with Deadpool not killing and Spider-Man….well being Spider-Man this did not sit well.

At first you might think Itsy is just some joke of a creation that is not worth a mention but this character actually has a lot going for her. Lets start with her origin, she is a completely new character with ties to both Deadpool through Weseal and Spider-Man Through Mephisto.

Her design is very recognizable, borderline insane, creepy, but cool in its own way. She shares powers of both Spider-Man and Deadpool as well as things like acid spit but i think the most amazing thing about Itsy's debuts lies in her story arc.

A lot of character's come and go but few hold any real significance to the legacy of the heroes they torment, Itsy Bitsy is not one of those characters. This was a brilliant story arc that took the polarizing Daredevil vs Punisher Debate and refreshed it brilliantly.

Sadly the arc was split up by filler and cross title events so many readers may have given up on it or missed the true flow but here is how it played out. At a time when Deadpool is not killing and working alongside Spider-Man Itsy Bitsy a dna hybrid of them both shows up and begins to kill in their name trying to join them and referring to them both as daddy.

This complex situation of how do you stop someone from killing villains has been seen plenty of times before but what makes this different is this is someone who is a mix of one of the most friendliest hero's and the most murderous vigilante and she manages to best and outwit them so bad that she forces Spider-Men hand to the point that he decides he needs to kill her.



Spidey develops a device that is equivalent to a sun in a box(as well as a new weapon loaded Itsy killing suit) and plans to disintegrate Itsy Bitsy. She managed to turn Spider-Man to murder, this is probably the most important part of the Itsy character. *Spoilers he didn't do it. But not for lack of trying.

Spider-Man attempted to kill Itsy but was stopped by Deadpool who partially didn't believe he would but when he witnessed his attempt he killed Itsy before Spider-Man could in order to save his soul. I think this was a well done story and pivotal point for both Spidey and Deadpool with Spidey even admitting afterwards that he would have done it.

If pushing Spidey to murder while Deadpool tries to stop him from doing so is not a great story arc and trait for a character i don't know what is. In the end it is shown that Itsy's regenerative powers allowed her to still survive unbeknownst to our heroes. I'm sure she will be back.


Spider-Man/Deadpool #8

70k print run

1st appearance (cameo) of the women who becomes Itsy Bitsy. Not a big deal in my opinion but hey first Cletus Cassidy gets some love so sure why not. There is also a Black Panther variant cover.


Spider-Man/Deadpool #9

65k print run

1st appearance of Itsy Bitsy. She manages to make the regular cover and she has a full debut in this issue. There is also a story thus far and a 1:15 variant. They are all reasonably priced but i would stick with the regular and the ratio.


Spider-Man/Deadpool #17

34k print run

1st appearance of the new Spidey suit.


Bonus: Spider-Man/Deadpool #21

Venomized Itsy Bitsy Variant for a cool Isty cover.


Well thanks for reading hope you enjoyed and remember “it is better to have first and flipped, then to never have first at all”— Valiant Horton



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