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Hello everyone, welcome to another edition of I.S.S.  This is another jam packed week in the world of Independent comics, so let’s get right to it!


Hardcore 1 – Image Comics

Coming from the Creative minds of Robert Kirkman and Marc Silvestri, Hardcore 1 is written by Andy Diggle, and could be a breakout hit! There was an ashcan version of this released by Image Comics a few months back and it was GREAT! An assassin working for a secretive company that can turn anyone into a drone at any given moment is the premise for this story. How could you not want to read it honestly! The first issue has gotten great reviews and is being raved about by some people. If you like Sci-Fi this is a must have.


Ogre 3 – Source Point Press

Ogre 3 comes out this week written by Bob Salley and Published by Source Point Press. This will be the conclusion to this great  mini-series and I can’t wait! Full of humor, heart and chivalry, this series is one you should definitely read!!!! Issues 1 and 2 saw some heat and settled around $10 books and i expect this one to do the same. This is my pick of the week.  On a side note, fans of Ogre can breathe easy now, as there will be another series coming in the fall called OGRES!!!!!


Livewire 1 – Valiant comics

This is a new ongoing series from Valiant Entertainment and gets into a little crossover with the Harbinger series. Written by Vita Ayala (Supergirl) this book follows Amanda  Mckee and her unique set of skills as she tries to escape certain Death. Ok here's the real kicker on this one. Valiant has a variant that will have a GLASS cover with special UV ink!!!! I honestly can’t wait to see how this turns out! It could be great or a total disaster!!!!


Grumble 2 – Albatross Funnybooks

First issue got great reviews everywhere and rightfully so!!  Love the world that Rafer Roberts has created on this one and LOVE Eddie! No spoilers here but if unconventional and out there are your things then this one's for you!!! Prices on the secondary market for issue 1 are all over the place at the moment but still all above cover price, even on cover A. That being said though, I am getting issue 2 for the story and the great Cover B done by Jenny Frison. Love it!


Spawn 292 – Image Comics

Another Mattina and Mcfarlane cover that still hasn’t been revealed has me scratching my head . The last time Image did this, it was the same art as the A cover and the only difference on the B cover was the fact it was a virgin cover.  This time it does state that it will be black and white but still says image not available in previews.……..That being said, definitely keep your eyes open for this one because I feel like they may do something different this time……Hope so anyway.  


Worth A Read

Bitter Root 2 – Image Comics

I was really looking forward to this issue and it did not disappoint!!! The writers have built a phenomenal world and the art puts it over the top. This is one of those books that seems to put its own twist on some historical things while touching on racism at the same time. In this issue you see a plot developing against the one family that has been the world's salvation, and it has definitely caught them off guard!!! Jumps back and forth in time but it is very easy to follow when doing so. READ IT


Also watch out for these titles releasing this week!


Ares IX Darkness (one shot) -Image

Burnouts 4 – Image

Cold Spots 5 – Image

Exorsisters 3 – Image

Gideon Falls 9 – Image

Middlewest 2 – Image  (Great Cover by Mike Huddleston. Reminds me of M.C. Escher)

Outpost Zero 5 – Image

The Warning 2 – Image

Witchblade 10 – Image

Crimson Lotus 2 – Dark Horse

Night Moves 2 – IDW

Sukeban Turbo 2 – IDW

Black Badge 5 – Boom Studios

Firefly 2- Boom Studios

Sparrowhawk 3 – Boom Studios

Deep Roots 5 – Vault Comics

Edgar Allen Poe’s snifter of Terror 3 – Ahoy Comics

Friendo 3 – Vault Comics

Monstrous 2 – Source Point Press

Quincredible 2 – Lion Forge

Tank Girl Action Alley 1 – Titan Comics

Last Week’s Updates


Punchline 2

Great read and doing well on secondary market! Cover A is a $10 to $12 book while the soaring variant is going from $30 to $40


MegaGhost 1

This book was literally a ghost haha. Hard to find anywhere and is a $20 book right now.


How the Trump Stole Christmas

Several sales of $10 and one at $15. Not bad.


Stars End 2

Saw sales of $10 to $15 but can now be found at cover price.


Team M.O.B.I.L.E. 1

Couple sales of $15 and $10 but can now be found for around $8


Dead Kings 2

Still very hard to follow read wise for me and can be found at cover price everywhere.


Thanks again for reading, and I hope this helps out!




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