1 X-23 (Vol. 3) #7 Mike Deodato Variant

WRITER: Mariko Tamaki
ARTIST: Georges Duarte
Wow, not since Batgirl #23 hit has a ‘B' cover done so well the week of release.  These are currently selling for $25-40, but what this one has over the Batgirl is a 1st Appearance of a cloned villain.

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2 Teen Titans (Vol. 6) #12

WRITER: Ben Percy
ARTIST: Mirka Andolfo
BWL is back and it has obviously caused renewed interest in his 1st Appearance here.  This is now a $75-100 book raw and 9.8's are back in the $300's after having settled to $200 or less over the summer.

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3 Marvel Super-Heroes: Secret Wars #7

WRITER: Jim Shooter
ARTIST: Mike Zeck & John Beatty
Since Sony will clearly be making more Spider-Verse movies, it is possible that Julia Carpenter will make an appearance at some point.  $15-20 raw.

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4 Firestorm #24

WRITER: Gerry Conway
ARTIST: Rafael Kayanan
Graduating in the early 90's means that just hearing the name Ian Ziering brings back 90210 memories (man that show was terrible).  Anyway, it looks like Ian has been cast as Blue Devil for the Swamp Thing show and not surprisingly, this 1st appearance is on the uptick.  You could have purchased a 9.8 earlier this year for less than $50.  Now you will have to pay $150+.

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5 Red Sonja (Vol. 4) #21 Derrick Chew NYCC ‘Virgin' Variant /500

ARTIST: Carlos E. Gomez
This NYCC variant was around $75 for a set of the logo and virgin back in September.  This ‘Virgin' is now a $175 book by itself.  I'll let you comment on the cover art…

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6 Grumble #1 Word Bubble Variant(s)

WRITER: Rafer Roberts
ARTIST: Mike Norton & Marissa Louise
Mimicking what Kirkman did on Die!Die!Die!, Grumble took it a bit further by limiting the number of the word bubble variants to apparently 1000 for the girl ($20-25) and 300 for the dog ($40-50).  These ‘secret' variants are definitely here to stay.

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7 Silver Surfer: The Best Defense #1 Skan 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Jason Latour
ARTIST: Jason Latour
Slick cover art seems to be the driving force behind this $40+ book.  Has anyone else noticed how awesome Surfer covers can be?

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8 Mega Ghost #1 Eric Powell Variant

WRITER: Gabe Soria
ARTIST: Gideon Kendall
Eric Powell definitely has his fans, so when a likely low-printed book has a variant with Powell's name attached, it's no wonder that it is a $15+ book.  It is a pretty cool cover, though.

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9 Punchline #2

WRITER: Bill Williams
ARTIST: Matthew Weldon
Riding on the coattails of issue #1, issue #2 is selling for $15-20 out of the gates.

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10 Amazing Spider-Man #365

WRITER: David Michelinie
ARTIST: Mark Bagley
Why not invest in Spider-Man 2099, everything else Spidey is selling? 9.8's (which is probably the only grade to invest on this one) are well over $200 now.  2 months ago they would cost less than $100.

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Winter Soldier (Vol. 2) #1 Printer Error

WRITER: Kyle Higgins
ARTIST: Rod Reis
So there are some, unclear at this point how many, of these with Venom #9 pages in it.  Definitely one to watch or look out for at this point as there has been a confirmed sale for $35.

Exposed #1

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Various
As Ben C has always said, any #1 in the GA is a good one.  This one though…sheesh.  A CGC 7.5 sold this week for $2160.  Guide is $211.  The last 7.5 sold in 2012 for $158.

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