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Aaron Rodgers may be considered the BAAADDDD MAN in the NFL, but his season is going about as well as Avengers: Endgame will go for Thanos. Sure, he got Mike McCarthy fired, and Thanos may in fact kill Captain and Thor, but then the Avengers will assemble and take down the Mad Titan after seven years of his stellar build up. I thought that in lieu of the Avengers: Endgame trailer dropping, what better than to write this article; who’s next?

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Let’s face it, Loki, Ultron, and Thanos are some of the baddest dudes in the Marvel Universe. Most would question how can the writers one-up them, without underwhelming how powerful those three were made out to be? You would think that anyone after Thanos would be easy to take down, so how Marvel continue to up the ante after already setting the highest of bars? With a newer and younger cast of characters of course!

What the MCU has done so well with its heroes is develop them. So much so that they’ve set themselves up for another ten years of success. When Avengers 5 does come out, you can bank on it being called The New Avengers, as this is surely the end of the originals (the big four at least). With Captain Marvel at the helm, (played by smoking hot, Nine Inch Nails wearing, Oscar award winning actress Brie Larson) Spider-man, Black Panther, and Doctor Strange still in their infancy, and my assuming that Shuri will take over as Iron (wo)Man, the MCU is in a good place. That’s without even mentioning the Fox deal and all of the characters involved (primarily Wolverine and Silver Surfer), though I will be.

So yes, with newer and less experienced Avengers brings new challenges and adversity. Marvel has already stated that it would like to go in a cosmic direction, but that is before they assumed control of the X-Men and Fantastic Four. Both of these teams have more than their fair share of cosmic foes. With the Skrulls appearing in Captain Marvel, a Secret Invasion film seems almost absolute…but in case Marvel doesn’t believe that Veranke is a heavy enough hitter, here are some possibilities for the next big boss in the MCU.

-Dr. Doom

Before the MCU made Thanos even cooler than he already was, Dr. Doom was the pinnacle of Marvel villains. Hell, all villains for that matter. Wizard Magazine named him the baddest comic book villain of all time. First appearing in Fantastic Four #5 the FF movies did him absolutely no justice. The good thing is, we live in a world of second chances, or third in his case, and third time is always the charm. He also plays major role in Secret Wars, one of the most iconic stories in Marvel…something that could certainly be brought to the big screen.

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A sound FF villain no doubt about it. He would be sick to see on the big screen, I just think that if they choose to do an FF villain it’ll be Doom. His first appearance is Fantastic Four Annual #6.

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-Franklin Richards aka Immortus aka Iron Lad aka Rama Tut aka KANG THE CONQUERER

A super powerful and more traditional Avengers villain, Kang is a fine choice to follow in Thanos footsteps. A guy like Kang would simply be watching in the shadows, ready to pounce in the aftermath of End Game. His first appearance as Kang is Avengers #8.

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The third and forgotten Summers brother, with major abandonment issues as well as the mentality of a child is stupid powerful. Powerful enough to call himself Emperor Vulcan. First appearing in X-Men: Deadly Genesis #1, one of my all-time favorite X-Men stories, this would be a great way of introducing Marvels two mega teams. Vulcan goes crazy, Cyclops and the X-Men go to space to save him, and the Avengers go to stop him.

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-The Hood/Dormammu

My sleeper pick and what I want the most out of all of these; The Hood. First appearing as Parker Robbins in The Hood #1, finds a cloak and boots while raiding a warehouse. In the New Avengers the cloak he found is possessed by the Dreaded Dormammu, essentially using Parker as a conduit. Eventually though, Parker gains control of Dormammu and his abilities. This would leave the Avengers grounded on Earth, but still supernatural. It would also erase the stigma following Dormammus movie treatment. It felt way to Galactus/Paralax cloud for me to fully enjoy. Dormammu first appears in Strange Tales #126.

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-The Sentry/Void

There are few things (one above) that I would enjoy seeing more than a live action Sentry. The most powerful character in the Marvel universe IMO, can only be its most powerful villain as well. The original Sentry story is just fantastic, deep, and incredibly thorough. He has torn Ares in half and battled the Hulk to a stalemate and wasn’t even trying. Imagine developing Robert Reynolds as a character throughout the next few films and hitting you with the Void come the next Avengers flick. Sentry #1 is his first appearance and always a great speculative book.

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-Galactus and his Heralds

I’m not particularly partial to the giant purple planet eater, but he’s a celestial, so much respect. I could see an entire phase involving his heralds as the bad guys, ending with Galactus in the final film. He first appears in Fantastic Four #48. Terrax and Firelord would be excellent Heralds to see live action.

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Marvels version of the devil first appeared in Silver Surfer #3. He plays a major role in the Infinity Gauntlet story, but too late. If Marvel decides to go supernatural…he’s the guy. Cough…cough. Sorry, I just remembered Ghost Rider and threw up in my mouth.

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Aleiggi13 don’t think that I forgot about you my friend. I was hoping I would receive all of the winner’s addresses at once but that didn’t happen. I’ll be sending your book shortly, along with another book for your patience. For the other two winners, you have until next Wednesday (12.19.2018) to redeem your prize by sending your address to CBSI, or I’ll be adding your respective books to this current contest.

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After enjoying the trailer that was Netflix The Umbrella Academy, I’ve decided that I’ll be giving away one more first appearance of the team. There will only be one winner, unless the above mentioned users do not respond, in which case I’ll pick three! What you have to do to win: Give me a brief explanation of who you believe should and will be the next big bad in the MCU! You may use one of my selections or one of your own. Just state why you believe he/she would be a good fit for the future of the MCU. Remember these books are out of my PERSONAL collection and have not been given to me to use as prizes. I value everyone in this community and this is my thanks to you! Good luck…and don’t hesitate to subscribe to my YouTube channel which you can find in the about us writers section of the site!


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    That’s a solid list.
    I think High Evolutionary would be awesome (yes I won a copy of Thor #133) but I always loved the Evolutionary War story line. I think it would be a great story spanned over two movies.

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    I always enjoyed the comedic aspect of ARCADE (1st App in Marvel Team-Up #65-66, and awesome in Uncanny X-Men #123-124) who would be a perfect role for Conan O’Brien to play. I loved the whole “Murderworld” gimmick. I think for the right film, he could be a really fun villain, almost like DC’s The Joker in the sense of having writers create entertaining dialogue. I think he’s designed more for a MCU Marvel TV show to carry a 1 hr episode more so than the villain of a feature length film unless as part of a rogues gallery ensemble of villains.

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    Great list! I would love to see The Super Adaptoid & The Phalanx brought to the MCU. It would be a great way to bring the X-Men into the fight, and push the cosmic aspect. Bring Nova, Quasar, Wraith etc. into the MCU.

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    I want to see a trio lead by Norman Osburne. The other two in the “Big 3” Dr Doom and Mysterio…. Those three guys.. or you can replace Mysterio with Mr Fear… someone lesser known…. But Norman Osburn would be the Main Big Bad of the next phase… Dark Reign/Siege type of phase… 2009/2010 nostalgia … Marvel has already caught up to the events from 2005/6/08 with Civil War, Planet Hulk, Secret Invasion…. 2009/10 events are coming in due time. Norman is measured, methodical, and lethal…. he is a bad ass and can whip ass with brains or brawn. He’s a good fit A since he’s almost like Thanos in terms of being mindstrong, time for a Spidey villain to combat the MCU as a whole since he’s essentially the most famous villain in all of Marvel comics, and lastly it’s time to see him lead an all-star team of villains to take on an all star team of heroes… no more single bad guy versus 20 heroes… plus have i mentioned his goblin outfit is sick

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    I would love to see Onslaught be the next big Marvel baddie. This would help bring in the FF and the X-men. They could even do House of M after. I thought he was a great villain and it was an awesome storyline.

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    Solid list, I think among your list the most likely to appear in the next phase of the MCU is Galactus and his heralds. Why I think that is because i think it’s still too early to be bringing in the X-Men, but maybe the FF – although I don’t believe they will.

    We already know that this next phase is going to be labeled “The Cosmic Phase”. In my opinion we’re going to be seeing heroes like Captain Marvel, Thor, Nova, Quasar, Darkhawk, Warlock, Doctor Strange the Guardian and other cosmic characters. I think we’re going to be steering away from earth so some likely villains could be as such: Galactus, High Evelutionary, Oblivion , Kang the Conqueror or my pick The Fraternity of Raptors.

    I think the Raptors would be a great threat against whatever new Guardians team that forms. They’d have a good opening what with the nova corps gone and all seeing as they kept them in check. A long shot but would be cool.

    First Appearance: Darkhawk: War of Kings #1

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    Hey A.J., no worries brother! I am thankful for winning some comic goodness, but most of all, I appreciate the knowledge you share with us, the readers. Keep up the good work and happy holidays!

    • A. J. Diesel

      Hey my man! Was able to ship your books today! We’re a little ways away lol but I’d expect the books to be there sometime next week! Let me know when you get them and I hope you enjoy!!!

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    All great ideas/answers shared so far. For the next phase in the MCU, I think Marvel/Disney would want to build off of the groundwork that they’ve already laid in the previous phases. An astral/supernatural plane has been established, the quantum realm we got from the Antman series and then the cosmic/Asgardian realms as well. And we’ve seen how time plays a factor in the MCU as well ( Doc Strange/InfinWar). To bridge into the next phase on these established world’s, villains that work well in these areas are the ones to look out for. Since Dormammu himself is banished from Earth’s realm, me may return through a conduit like The Hood. Kang can be a bridging character, as he exists in multiple eras in the MCU, both as a hero (Iron Lad/Young Avengers) and classic (Avengers) villian. But with so much cosmic groundwork already laid out in GotG/Thor/Cap Marv, it’s most likely we get an Annihilus, Galactus or Skrull threat against the galaxy. Which could give way to a Shi’ar Empire introduction into the MCU for future X-Men storylines. The trick would be to find a balance between far-reaching cosmic storylines and earthbound heroes. Introducing the FF into the MCU, to support a newly assembled version of the Avengers to battle an enormous galactic threat like Galactus or Annihilus would be most fitting for the next phase, I think. (With a Dormammu/ The Hood subplot)

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    I’m going with Dr. Doom. He’s relatively known to the casual Marvel audience because he’s been around forever. Maybe a team-up with Mysterio, it can be called the men with helmets (just kidding). The MCU has to cross-over their titles more. Look at the success of the Elseworlds cross-over for three middle-of-the-road shows. (I think they are pretty good, but no one outside of the comic community does.)
    Thanks for the give-away. It’s generous of you. CBSI is great!

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    After Thanos the Marvel Movie U can’t and shouldn’t use a “weaker” (I say that very lightly) villain as a multiple movie spanning bad guy. Also, since Marvel is going cosmic I think a great villain for them to go up against and build up to would be the Beyonder. It will take the help of more than a few cosmic characters along with Earths mightiest heroes to win against him!

  • A. J. Diesel

    Hey everyone!!! Life has been hectic with Christmas shopping and coaching. I’ll post a new article next Thursday and list the winner in it! Thanks to the people who submitted!

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