Sell High: A Star Wars Story Part 1


Hello, my fellow agents. Today’s briefing comes from a long time ago and a galaxy far, far away….

The space western known as Star Wars changed the world of pop culture. With the movie and subsequent sequels came tons of merchandising. It wasn’t long before Star Wars comics entered the picture.   

Dark horse began publishing Star Wars comics in 1991, begining with Dark Empire. Today there are a surprising number of sought after trade paperbacks and hardbacks.

I know, I know. You have a bad taste in your mouth from missing out on selling your copy of Star Wars Darth Maul Son of Dathomir TPB for $199.


Star Wars Darth Maul Son of Dathomir TPB


This one was a personal grail for years. I finally found one. A week after Marvel reprinted it. Its cover was torn. Even in NM condition, it had lost 80% of its value, but at last I had found it. I held it in my hands, took a picture for old times sake and put it back on the shelf.


Star Wars: Tag & Bink Were Here


Then there’s the fall of Star Wars Tag and Bink Were Here TPB. I bought two copies of this one used and sold them for $75 each. Man those were the days! Also, reprinted by Marvel you can now maybe sell a Dark Horse copy in NM for $20.

But don’t lose heart.

Fire up those jedi senses, let go your conscious self and act on instinct. The force is strong with you. Head out into the field and find these hidden treasures. I hear Jaba will pay twice cover or more for them.


Star Wars Omnibus: Boba Fett (TPB)


This omnibus features everyone’s favorite bounty hunter. It boast almost 500 pages of Boba Fett reprints from Dark Horse Comics and Star Wars Galaxy Magazine.


Star Wars Omnibus: Tales of the Jedi #2 TPB (2007 Dark Horse)


Featuring early tales from the history of the Jedi, these omnibuses are great reads and sought after by hard core fans. Tales of the Jedi Volume 2 sells best, but 1 and 2 sell well together.


Star Wars Omnibus X-Wing Rogue Squadron 1, 2, 3


The same can be said for Star Wars Omnibus X-wing Rogue Squadron. What is interesting about these three volumes is that volumes one and three were reprinted, but not volume two. Thus, volume two sales for a premium.

That’s all for this week my fellow agents, but there is more to come, That’s right. There’s going to be a sequel! No need to wait for a trailer. You just need to wait a week.

Or maybe you can fire up those Jedi senses and use Trade Secret #9: Search Ebay Collectibles>Comics>Graphic Novels, TPBs  for sold listings of Star Wars.

May the Force be with you, true believers. See you next week!


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