Aristocrats of War #11 – Our Army At War

Our Army At War Key Issues

Probably best known for Sgt. Rock, Our Army at War was one of the longest running comic series. Ending at #301, the title was changed to Sgt. Rock and ran until issue #422. I am going to dig a little deeper into Sgt. Rock next time. We don't really see many keys until Sgt. Rock shows up. This includes may minor keys and notable appearnances.

Issue #1 features a great Carmine Infantino cover. Great colors!

The last of the Sgt. Rock Prototypes. 1st Appearance of Rock's Easy Company.

A continuation from issue #81, still "the Rock".

Here we get what is considered the 1st true Appearance of Sgt. Rock!

2nd Appearance of Sgt. Rock.

1st Appearance and Origin of Ice Cream Soldier. Not to be confused with the G.I. Joe Character of the same name.

1st Cover Appearance for Sgt. Rock!

Partial Sgt. Rock Origin, Rock is promoted to Sergeant after holding a hill as lone survivor of his outfit.

1st Full Sgt. Rock Issue.

1st Appearance of Zack Nolan.

1st Appearance of Bulldozer.

1st Appearance of Junior.

1st Appearances of Wee Willie and Sunny.

Battle Roster Cover

1st Appearance of Wild Man and Jackie Johnson.

Mademoiselle Marie Crossover. Also Sgt. Rock is revealed to be an orphan. This is one of many contradictory childhoods of Rock. Another is he was raised by his step-father.

1st Appearance of Canary.

1st Appearance of Little Sure Shot.

1st Appearance of Sgt. Krupp. Sgt. Rock in Boot Camp.

1st Appearance of Enemy Ace.

Some consider this to be the 1st Appearance of The Unknown Soldier, although it isn't the Unknown Soldier that reappears later in Star Spangled War Stories and other DC issues. This Unknown Soldier dies in this issue!

Reprint of G.I. Combat #87 (1st Haunted Tank).

The Sgt Rock mythos is one of my favorite. See anything I missed? Let me know.

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