1 Special Marvel Edition #15

WRITER: Steve Englehart & Jim Starlin
ARTIST: Jim Starlin
News of an updated Shang Chi movie has pushed this book in multiple grades to record high sales.  9.8 hit $3300, 9.4 hit $600 and 9.2, $328.  Is there any Marvel property that should be ignored at this point?

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2 Batman: Arkham Knight #1 Gamestop ‘Gold' Variant

WRITER: Peter J. Tomasi
ARTIST: Viktor Bogdanovic
So, last week, we highlighted the regular Gamestop cover.  This ‘Power-Up' gold version has now popped up and is fetching $250 at the moment.

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3 Uncanny X-Men (Vol. 5) #4 Mark Brooks 1:100 Variant

WRITER: Ed Brisson
ARTIST: Pere Perez
Snow…again…well, people must really like this cover, or they are again swinging for the fences on the newest high ratio variant.  Either way, $200 is what it will cost you if you want to own this one.

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4 Lady Death: Nightmare Symphony Artgerm Variants /77

WRITER: Brian Pulido
ARTIST: Diego Bernard
Lady Death knows how to market itself.  This Kickstarter had a $15k goal that filled in 44 seconds and reached a total of $300k.  To get these 3 covers, you had to drop $800, but it has paid off.  Individual copies are selling for $350 and a set of the 3 will run you $1200.  These will sadly never make my Artgerm Master Set…

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5 Ultimate Fallout #4

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
ARTIST: Sara Pichelli
And here we go…after some modest gains to earn it a spot on last weeks list, it has jumped quite a bit this week.  Raws are now $60-70 and 9.8's have surpassed $400.  Rottentomatoes checkpoint–still at 100% with over 75 reviews.  Will this be THE best comic movie ever?

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6 Edge of Spider-Verse #2

WRITER: Jason Latour
ARTIST: Robbi Rodriguez
Some old schoolers ‘hate' this character.  What can I say, you clearly are by far the minority at this point.  Spider-Gwen has become huge and should only gain more momentum after seeing her in action.  I can easily see her make the jump to live action.  9.8's have increased to $500 this past week.

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7 Amazing Fantasy #1

Weeeee!!!  ANOTHER Spider character!  The 1st Appearance of Arana, later Anya, Corazon.  I have thought for a while that this one was undervalued at cover price or less.  $20 now.

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8 Infinite Crisis #5

WRITER: Geoff Johns
ARTIST: Phil Jimenez
No disrespect to George Perez, but people seem to want the Jim Lee cover and are paying $15-25 for it.  The 1st Appearance of Jaime Reyes as Blue Beetle saw heat starting last Friday with movie news.  Don't forget about Infinite Crisis #3!

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9 Hawkman #4

WRITER: Jack Schiff
ARTIST: Sheldon Moldoff
Don't you wish we could go back in time and put Zatanna on the cover of this issue?  Anyway, rumblings of a Zatanna flick are pushing sales higher on this classic.  2 separate CGC 4.5's sold for $380 & $412.  The highest ever in that grade prior was $300.

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10 Black Hammer #8

WRITER: Jeff Lemire
ARTIST: Dean Ormston
You should be able to find this one hidden in some back issue bins.  The 1st Appearance of Sherlock Frankenstein is seeing interest because of the Black Hammer option news and is seeing sales in the $15-20 range.

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New Avengers #27 & 11

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
ARTIST: Leinil Francis Yu
Well, the Avengers 4 trailer dropped this morning, and **Spoiler** Hawkeye made an appearance.  These 2 books then subsequently vanished from eBay.  Speculators were correct on this one.

Blue Bolt Weird Tales #119

WRITER: Jay Disbrow
ARTIST: L.B. Cole (cover)
An absolutely insane cover by Cole.  Last year a CGC 5.0 sold for $284, which is still higher than current guide value of $200.  This week, another 5.0 sold for $840.

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