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Shadowman #8

Changing gears a bit this week, I wanted to highlight a few Independent books from Valiant. Yes, that Valiant. These books rivaled the releases from Image Comics back in the 90’s, but today they litter the dollar bins.

Most aren’t worth the paper they are printed on, but there are a few books that could be considered Valiant “keys” if the universe finds its footing once again. Maybe the upcoming movies will bring more eyes to these books. But Shadowman #8, the 1st appearance of Master Darque, was a big deal back in the day. One of the few memorable villains from the imprint, this book still holds some value and I grab it every time.


Recent High Sales Data:

CGC – $37.75 on 10/27/18

Raw – $8.75 on 12/2/18


Don't Feel Like Digging?




Bloodshot #6

Sticking with the Valiant Universe for another one, this issue features the 1st appearance of Ninjak. One of their more popular characters, and very grounded, this is a character that could quickly find his way to the big screen. You would also want to keep an eye out for Issue #7 as well as it completes the 1st appearance set.

Granted the Valiant Universe could amount to nothing and the Vin Diesel Bloodshot feature could be all that we get, but who knows. We’re talking about a dollar book, so it’s not a big investment if it all amounts to nothing. But why not take a shot for a buck.


Recent High Sales Data:

CGC 9.8 – $89.99 on 11/11/18

Raw – $14.99 on 10/12/18


Don't Feel Like Digging?

So until next time, keep on digging. Who knows what you’ll find…

“Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory.” – Henry Jones Jr.





  • Ben C

    Awesome info. I laughed at both of these books when the Valiant movies were talked about.

    I stopped laughing when they started being solid flips located in your local dollar bins…

    Nice job Peter, and thanks for the awesome info!!

  • Avatar

    I recently asked Topher about a “Valiant Firsts” so this is awesome stuff!

  • Topher

    I grab those Shadowman 8 too!

  • Coswrd

    Ninjak does not appear in Bloodshot #6. If you think he does, then what is the 1st appearance of Shadowman.

    • Avatar

      IIRC, I thought #6 was out of costume and #7 is in costume? But I could easily be wrong.

      • Avatar

        6/7 for Ninjak that is.

        • Coswrd

          It is ..but that is like saying the 1st appearance of Carnage is Amazing Spider-Man #344. But if you hold that Bloodshot #6 is the 1st Ninjak, then unfortunately, using the same logic, X-O Manowar #4 is the 1st Shadowman.

          • Peter Renna

            I hear ya about the Carnage angle. But for Valiant books it really seems that 1st cameo/out of costume is what the market wants. A quick glance at X-O#4 prices are well above Shadowman #1. Same for Eternal Warrior #4 being much higher than Rai #0. Could also just be because of lower print runs

    • Peter Renna

      That’s true, he’s only out of costume as Colin King in #6, but that is the issue the market has decided to pay a little bit more for. They are usually found together in long boxes, which is why I would say just grab both 6 & 7.

      And Shadowman 1st appears as Jackie Boniface in X-O #4, and sells for a decent amount because of it. Valiant really liked debuted their characters (even as out of costume cameos) in other books to show the connectivity of their universe. And the market has again decided that X-O #4 is “worth” more than Shadowman #1. For whatever reason, as such I would try and get both if you can for cheap there as well to cover your bases.

      • Avatar

        Absolutely. I got excited because I’d find a bunch of Bloodshot #1s at 2nd and Charles (a used media store) for $1 only to learn that Eternal Warrior 4 and Rai 0 were the actual keys for the character.

  • Avatar

    I prefer 7 for the Ninjak 1st and theirs a few others that you can find in your local dollar bin:
    Harbinger 9&10, 38 newsstand is a tough find
    BLoodshot 9,19,21,30 and 51 is a tough find as well

    • Peter Renna

      Nice. Thanks for the info.

      I would recommend anyone who has other books related to the topic, just throw them out here in the comments section for the community. I only do 2 books a week, so if you know a couple more, please share as I am sure people would appreciate the extra knowledge.

  • AZBarbarian

    Any Pre-Unity Valiant book (Pre mid-1992) is a good purchase if you find it at a good price. They are much more scarce than the rest and rarely found in dollar bins any more. There are more Valiant collector’s out there than you may think. Some of the very late issue Acclaim books hold some value as well, as they are tough to find. As always, all of these are really tough in high grade after 20+ years in dollar bins.

  • Coswrd

    Valiant had a regular habit of introducing characters before their first appearance. Jack Boniface is a prime example.

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