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Ultimate Fallout #4 1:25 Djurdjevic Variant

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Were just over a week away from the opening of Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse and all things spider-verse are blowing up, but especially Miles and Gwen books. The movie has been getting rave reviews, and that’s pushing up the prices of both Ultimate Fallout #4 and Edge of Spider-verse #2. A 9.8 of the Fallout variant sold for $2K while a raw hit $450.


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Spider-man 2099 #1 Toy Biz Variant

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People are starting to make bets on other Spider-men properties, and Spider-man 2099 has been picking up steam. This second printing was packed in with Toy Biz’s action figure, so getting a high grade might be tough. The toys have been hovering around $40, while a high grade of just the book sold for $80.


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Masters of the Universe Rise of the Snake Men #1 Variant

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This He-Man variant was limited to 500 and came with a numbered COA from MVCreations, and recently sold for $225.


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    Man some of these MVCreation variants and frickin rare.

    There’s this one, they also have a frickin rare gatefold variant and a Frank Quitely variant of their regular MOTU run.

    Then there’s those really damn rare Image #1’s. A holo-foil #1 issue that is triple signed with COA (hell even the non signed Holo-Foil is super rare). They also have Graham Crackers #1 GOLD foil variant that is really rare as well and both issues feature a 5 page Invincible preview esentially making them the 1st App of Invincible!!

    What’s with He-man comics are rarity??

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    I gotta say, I don’t like that Djurdkevic cover at all. It just looks like a mess, like a very very bad movie poster, with oddly arranged floating heads.


    Always search for He-Man books. There are lotsa slept on variants, and even quite a few sweet regulars that are cheap….

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    I bought a Five Below bag of comics that had a Secret Wars issue I needed and this Ultimate Fallout book was buried in the middle. I read it, thought it was decent, then bagged and boarded it and put it away…I randomly looked it up for the Hell of it and almost died when I saw it was a three figure book. I spent the rest of the week hitting every Five Below in the area moving the comics around in those bags to get a second copy…must have looked through a good 100 packs and couldn’t find another one.

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    Yap my book gone up because of the movie: ultimate Fallout 4 variant.

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