Weekly Picks for New Comic Books Releasing December 5, 2018

It’s December so of course we see a lot of Christmas and holiday themed comic books starting to hit the shelves. Harley finds there is nothing worse than spending the holidays with her uninvited, unannounced family in Harley Quinn #55. Deadpool gets his most difficult mission yet, taking out Santa Claus in Deadpool #7. This plus so much more are in my weekly picks for new comic books releasing December 5, 2018.


***Note: Nightwing #54 in the video is the wrong cover, it shows a Jeff Dekal cover from an earlier solicit instead of the correct Mooneyham cover. 


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  • Mike Morello

    That Burns variant on Black Knight #2 is insane! Thanks for the highlight on that. I wouldn’t have ever even thought to look at that title.

    I’ve passed on most incentives over the past few months, but I’d also love to find that Brooks Psylocke (not likely).

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