New 52 Scribblenauts Variant Run

Welcome back to another Run Recap!   In 2014, DC Comics released certain titles with a Scribblenauts themed incentive variant homage cover. Some have gained some value while others are easy finds on the cheap.   Not as popular as the following month's Steampunk covers or as rare as some of the Robot Chicken covers that end this run, there are still some clear winners.

Keep in mind the stated numbers are a max estimate based on ratio of 1:25 against total print run.  Some of these should have drastically lower existing copies(How many folks were really ordering 25+ Batgirl, Batwoman, Teen Titans just to name a few).


“Action Comics” #27  1441 copies

“Aquaman” #27 1464 copies

“Batgirl” #27 1489 copies

“Batman” #27 4619 copies

“Batman and Two-Face” #27 1818 copies

“Batman: The Dark Knight” #27 1515 copies

“Batman/Superman” #7 2442 copies

“Batwoman” #27 898 copies

“Earth 2” #19 1444 copies

“The Flash” #27 1396 copies

“Green Lantern” #27 1953 copies

“Green Lantern Corps” #27

“Justice League” #27  3466 copies

“Justice League Dark” #27 2614 copies

“Justice League of America” #11 1257 copies

“Nightwing” #27 1533 copies

“Superman” #27 1410 copies

“Superman/Wonder Woman” #4 1894 copies

“Teen Titans” #27 1103 copies

“Wonder Woman” #27 1281 copies

All print runs were sourced using reporting.


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    Cool run. The print run on the Flash seems a little on the high side though.

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    I was always curious about the secrets behind the curtain at the publishers when it came to 1:25 or 1:00 or any ratio variants, since they’re never crash numbered (individually serial numbered) to substantiate a more accurate print run. Do the publishers just crank the presses regardless of the exact science of following a ratio, and then allow retailers to obtain an allocation based on the odds (so, order 25, get 1 for the 1:25’s), but in truth, there were more printed and that exists with the publisher? I often hear retailers receiving damaged copies of high ratio variants and the publisher making things right with replacements, so it sounds like there’s some sort of back-stock or additional inventory that may exist. I do get it, that if it’s 1:25 and 5 different retailers buy 5 copies, culminating to 25, that the 1:25 variant goes unclaimed, allowing for the publisher to have more in their archive.

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