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We wanted to run this as the Flashback today because Skot updated it a couple weeks ago…




Since Rebirth is a huge success so far, and Detective Comics #935 comes out today. It’s probably as good a time as any to talk about Batwoman, Kate Kane.

Obviously, Detective Comics #233 is her first appearance, but I’d like to focus on the modern version who showed up in 2006.


52, Week #7 (Jun 2006): First full appearance in “New 52 Continuity” as Kate Kane, (NOT a Batwoman Appearance). However, this appearance should not be discounted. Huge tip of the hat to John Demayo for mentioning it recently. I had just written it off as a cameo. While it’s a single scene, it’s a lengthy one between Renee Montoya and Kate Kane. It’s key since it lays the groundwork for Kate’s “love interests” going forward. We know nothing about her except she’s rich, can throw a punch and prefers women. Not much to go on, but enough to keep her interesting.

52, Week #9 (Jun 2006): Single panel cameo appearance in costume. It would be misleading for me to not mention this…It feels like a billboard, in more ways than one. “I'm here, look at me, I'm going to show up in a few issues!”. I’m not really inclined to believe this should be more sought after than either Week #7 or week #11. However, you're the market, so you decide.


52, Week #11 (July 2006): Batwoman First Full Appearance in New 52 Continuity. First cover appearance of the new Batwoman. This really is the beginning for Kate Kane’s modern journey as Batwoman. She appears both in costume as Batwoman and as Kate Kane throughout the book. Also she fights monsters, who doesn't love monsters? Print run is 122,001 copies. No variant.

She has a bunch of scattered appearances over about a 3 year period, including more 52 Weekly appearance. I'm pretty sure someone's cataloged them all… Moving right along.

Detective Comics 854 (Aug 2009): This is really where things kick into gear for Kate Kane/Batwoman. It’s the start of her 3 back to back story arcs in Detective Comics. Personally I think this is an overlooked book and in many ways it’s the start of the Batwoman series 2 years later. The variant appears to be a 1:10. I’ve seen it listed as a 1:25, but I do not think this is correct. There’s also a second printing variant with a completely different cover.


Detective Comics 856 (Oct 2009):This issue is pretty key, as it might be the first meeting between Maggie Swayer and Kate Kane. They dance, Kate’s in a tux, it’s an interesting book. No variant.

The next 3 issues are basically an origin for this version of the character told via flashback and intercut with the fallout from the first story arc “Edgy”.

Detective Comics 858. (Go part 1): The Adam Hughes Variant Cover is starting to slowly disappear in the wild. Kate’s origin story pretty much starts here via flashbacks. Part one covers childhood trauma up to the military.


Detective Comics 859 (Go part 2): Jock Variant. Like the Adam Hughes cover these are dwindling too. The Kate Kane/Renee Montoya relationship, this is the history behind that, told via flashback. Interesting side note, for those of you who watch the TV show Gotham. Remember the relationship between Barbara Kean and Renee Montoya in season one? This is where they lifted that from.


Detective Comics 860 (Go part 3): The Alex Ross Variant is already scarce. Continuing the Kate Kane/Renee Montoya relationship history lesson, ending with the creation of her costume.

Detective Comics #861 (March 2010) though #863 (May 2010): Jock interior Art. 3rd Story arc in Detective Comics for Batwoman. This story was NOT reprinted in the Edgy TPB and Hardcover like GO. No variants.


The Batwoman ongoing series is easy enough to track down and research on your own.

Sorry gotta cut this short, it's Wednesday and I need to score a Detective Comics #935.

Till next Week!

UPDATED! 10/28/18


After a few years now of the Rebirth rejuvenation and the coming of the CW's live action version of the character, seemed like time to update this article a bit… it's almost like a part 2 to be honest.

Batwoman has gotten a major push during Rebirth. Between her arc in Detective Comics and her own series it seems the character isn't going into the shadows of obscurity again  any time soon. Granted the Rebirth book has been cancelled with issue 18, expect her to pop back up soon to coincide with the Batwoman TV show being developed for CW following the December crossover event.

Before I get to the Rebirth books, I wanted to mention a couple of books I missed the first time through on this. These are primarily going to be variant covers and regular covers.

BATGIRL #12 (Batgirl vs Batwoman) This book is already on people's radar, it's an Artgerm cover from the New 52 Batgirl run.

Final Crisis Revelations #3 (Philip Tan variant) This is a gorgeous cover which folks have gotten wise too but copies can still be found for cheap… if you're willing to dig. They are already getting listed at around $20 on eBay for those that were late to this particular party.
Batwoman #17 Not sure why i didn't mention this in the original article, but Batwoman 17 is a key issue, since it's the proposal issue. The Black and White 1:25 variant cover version is fetching north of $75 at the time of this update. As a side note, it's the first of the 1:25's for Batwoman not to be a sideways wrap around cover.
Batwoman #27 (1:25 Scribblenauts variants) Let's face it, how many comic shops were ordering 25 copies of Batwoman at this point. The original creative team had left over “creative differences” with DC, ie, DC chickening out on the gay marriage storyline. Oddly enough this variant is a homage to the Batwoman issue 0 one shot cover.
BATWOMAN #28 (1:25 Steampunk variant.) Again, like with the Scribblenauts variant, how many LCS's were ordered 25 copies of Batwoman at this point, not many is the answer. Also the genre of Steampunk has a huge following, so most of the copies out there are already tucked away in private collections.
BATWOMAN #30 (1:25 MAD Magazine variant.) This book has sold for as high as $70 and considering it doesn't have Batwoman on the cover, to me anyways, that's a surprise. As with many of the later Batwoman 1:25 variants from this run, they really are tough to find.
Now onto some Rebirth related covers for Batwoman. Some of these books shot up for a time after release but have fallen back to earth. It might be time for them to see another bump, as interest in the character is refueled by the CW crossover event in December.
Detective Comics #953 (Rafael Albuquerque variant) Albuquerque has done a whole run of covers on the Rebirth Detective Comics run, some of them are Batwoman related. This one however is the most striking and powerful cover of the entire run in my opinion.
Batwoman #1 (WonderCon 2017 Foil Cover Variant) People seem to dig foil covers these days, so there's no reason to think this one will be any different.
Batwoman #1 (Blank Cover Variant). Blanks don't get enough love in my opinion. I think they're great for the collectors who want something truly unique and one of a kind. As an example, taking a blank, bringing it to a show and getting an artist who work you admire to create a one of a kind piece of artwork on it makes it truly special. Add a celebrity signature, in this case Ruby Rose, and it can become priceless and the crowning jewel of your collection.
Batwoman #13 (Lee Bermejo variant). This is destined to be a classic cover every Batwoman fan needs in there collection.
Batman #50 (J. Scott Campbell Virgin Variant) While nothing Batwoman related happens in this issue, since it's the not wedding issue of Catwoman and Batman. This cover will be a book many JSC fans as well as Batwoman fans will want to add to their collections.
Batwoman's rebirth run has B covers for every issue, most of them are by Michael Choi from issue 4-18. I'd be here all day trying to list them and most of them are worth a look.
Well, that's it for this update, i'm sure I'll add to this again in the future, so make sure to check back.


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