SPEC ALERT : Blue Beetle film!

DC has announced they are developing a new Latino superhero film starring the Blue Beetle(Jaime Reyes) .


A few keys to be looking for here :


First Appearance of the Reach: Blue Beetle (2006-2009) #12

First Appearance as Jaime Reyes: Infinite Crisis #3 (2 covers plus a 2nd print sketch)


First Appearance as Blue Beetle: Infinite Crisis #5  (2 covers plus a 2nd print sketch)



THANKS TO RONIN KAN and Robert Chavez over on the CBSI G+ Page for the heads up on this one!



  • Father_fanboy

    My 12-year-old is going to be STOKED! He’s been really getting into comics the past couple of years and for some reason this Blue Beetle really struck a note with him–he loves him and has asked me to get him all the collections I can with him in it.

    I never really got into him myself, but I’ve been trying to find some good runs/trades with BB—if anyone has any suggestions I’d appreciate it!

  • Avatar

    Infinite crisis books blowing up.

  • Avatar

    Picked up a bunch of these a few years back when it became obvious Hollywood was going to go crazy with PC…Not to say I don’t like Reyes as Blue Beetle because I do and it seemed he was a shoe in for bigger things.

  • Avatar

    I assume the A and B covers for the two Infinite Crisis issues are 50:50 splits? In which case, despite a pretty high print run, the Jim Lee #5 cover is an even better bet, considering the other cover is both not great looking by any means and also doesn’t feature Jaime

    • Avatar

      Yeah, I am pretty sure they are a 50/50 split. The B cover is definitely the way to go, but if you you see cover A at a good price don’t pass it up. There is also a Euro/German variant with cover A out there limited to 777 copies.

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    I would think many still have those Infinite Crisis issues in there PC’s from when they where first released.

  • Avatar

    What about Blue Beetle #1?

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