Dollar Bin Digging 12




She Hulk #29

If you follow my IG than this is old news to you, but I literally found this book and some other great Mike Deodato Jr. She Hulk Covers in a dollar box this past weekend at the Flea Market. That’s right, I’m giving you up to the minute…well, up to the week, updates from the dollar bins.

These aren’t worth much, but these are just some quality covers that you can score for your collection for a buck. It’s well worth the effort IMO. Other highlights from this run include 23, 24, and 27. All great Deodato covers that play with the cover Title. Something about books that do fun stuff with the Title. They get me every time.


Recent High Sales Data:

CGC – No Sales, only 9 graded
Raw – $10.50 on 9/2/18


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Captain America #328

Well I got some good feedback on my inclusion of D-Man in a recent edition of The Usual Suspects. Lot of love out there for D-Man. So why not go pick up his 1st appearance in Cap 328? Will we ever see D-man in the MCU? Chances are quite slim, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth grabbing for a buck. So keep your eyes peeled for this oversized Wolvie with the Giant D on his chest while you flip through the stacks.

Comics don’t always need to be about the $$$. Sometimes they can just be for fun, or just for great art. So that’s why I went with these picks this week. Just your friendly reminder that this hobby is more than just about the flip or even spec.


Recent High Sales Data:

CGC 9.6 – $30.00 on 4/20/18
Raw – $5.50 on 9/23/18


Don't Feel Like Digging?

So until next time, remember…

“It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard… is what makes it great.” – Jimmy Dugan


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  • millivanilli

    that She Hulk 29 goes great with the Sideshow statue. that D-Man tho lol

    • Peter Renna

      What can I say, people love D-Man. I think he’s just one of those go to gags and used for reference like Kite man or Stilt man. But I was pretty happy to find those She Hulks. Didn’t know about those covers as I wasn’t a big She Hulk collector. But coming across them in the wild, I def think they are worth having. Especially for cheap.

      Wow I had no idea about that Sideshow statue, but that things is pretty awesome. Quite pricey so I am guessing it isn’t easy to find.

      • millivanilli

        You need to see the statue in person to really appreciate all the details, pictures don’t do it any justice, I came across the one I bought in a local comic shop in NY, I was just hypnotized by it so I bought it without even trying to haggle with the owner lol, but I did pay under $300 for it, now prices are in the 2k range!

        • Peter Renna

          That’s great that you managed to pick one up at a good price. I like statues but I don’t have a spot for them in my house. Plus I’d be terrified with my crazy 6 year old running around. Maybe later in life I can become a statue guy.

          I saw those prices. When I searched it and was seeing $1500-$2k prices and I was shocked. I added a comment and picture on the G+ page but i couldn’t find you to tag you but I gave you credit for pointing it out.

  • Avatar

    Just grabbed that Captain America today.

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