Die #1 Exclusive Cover by Emma Vieceli from ONE STOP SHOP

Back with another amazing CBSI Comics giveaway!!  This round we have a few copies of the exclusive DIE #1 Variant with a cover by Emma Vieceli from our friends at One Stop Shop.

Die #1 is by Kieron Gillen (Wicked + Divine, Star Wars: Darth Vader) & Stephanie Hans (popular variant cover artist, this is her first interior work on ongoing title).

The comic releases December 5th 2018.  This exclusive cover features art by Emma Vieceli, who most recently put out the hit book Life is Strange, already selling for $15+ and going to third print.

WANT TO WIN A COPY?  Just submit your answer to the question in the comments section.  3 Lucky winners will receive a copy of this awesome Die #1 Exclusive Variant Cover by Emma Vieceli from ONE STOP SHOP!!


What is your favorite Image #1 comic and more importantly WHY?


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Contest will run until Tuesday December 4th, winners will be announced on the 5th.


A huge thanks to Tim and the rest of the One Stop Shop crew for hooking us up with these awesome variants to give out to our members!!



  • My favorite image 1 probably has to be the maxx. I didn’t read it when it first came out but a few years down the road when I was old enough to understand it. The strangeness of the story, the style of Sam Keith’s art, and the mental aspect of the story have always intrigued me. My favorite. For sure.

  • Cop out but Saga is hands down my favorite image comic and favorite first issue. I got the first HC collected edition at NYCC and read it cover to cover in one sitting. It was the first comic I ever read and 2 years later I have 600+ (not a lot compared to the vets out there but my bank account is hurting and I love Gillen from Wicked + Divine. My PC would greatly appreciate the giveaway)

  • Saga has the closest emotional ties for me. It was the book that got my girlfriend interested in comics and something extra that we could connect over. She bought me the two hardcovers for my birthday and Christmas and we’ve been able to read them together.

  • That’s a tough call, so many good number one’s. If I had to pick an overall personal favorite #1 from image, it would be none other than their mascot’s – Spawn #1. I’m a huge Spawn fan, always have been — can’t wait for the movie — and I still buy every Spawn today. It’s a #1 you can’t overlook, iconic cover, great story, started images longest running series, sold over a million copies and still holds value; yup it’s definitely my favorite.

    Honorable Mention: Dead Rabbit #1 (what a story)

  • Gotta go with The Walking Dead #1. Although there have been tons of other “zombie” comics, The Walking Dead personalized it for me and got me hooked with the art and especially the story lines.

  • Favorite #1 Image book? Probably a tie between Spawn #1 & WildC.A.T.S. #1. Not because of the books themselves, but because of who I was, at that time. A 12 yr old kid with his allowance/lunch money buying comics purely for the love of the books. No speculating, wasn’t looking to flip, just collecting for the love of the hobby. Still got those books and for the most part, still collecting for the love of comics.

  • Saga, hands down. Brian K Vaughn’s writing paired with Fiona’s Staples art was pure magic to me. I instantly went out and read everything BKV I could and started collecting anything Staples had done. It got me to start checking out more indie titles as well, which led me to Chew, Locke and Key and ton more titles.

  • Read comics as a kid in the late 70s/early 80s. A co-worker took me to an LCS on a lunch break, and was blown away by the new comics, especially the art, and especially Spawn #1. I wouldn’t be on this website today, if it wasn’t for that book!

  • Foxom

    Savage Dragon, Erik Larsen wails! Because who’d have thought it’d still be around, gotta give it respect for the grit, staying power, and intense back hair.

  • Mine is definitely Saga #1 because it was the comic that single handedly pulled me back into loving comics as an adult. From the gorgeous art to the mature touching writing it made me fall in love with comics all over again!

  • I’d have to say my favorite first image issue is A.D. #1 by Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire. Depending on your upbringing and outlook on life the series will leave you in reflection about the characters as well as one’s own life. I read the first issue and totally connected to the main character’s anxiety’s of losing people and memories as well as intrigued by the concept of living forever was portrayed. At the time I had Image books but they were most first generation stuff and I received the sample issue from Scott personally when I randomly saw him at the Image booth doing a signing in NYCC 2016. After reading that I began to understand and learn that Image is actually a factory of all these amazing out of the box ideas that my favorite writers go when they want to be creative. Now there’s almost nothing from them I don’t read.

  • Wic+Div is my favorite. It pretty much pulled me back into comics. I had picked up a few books that I liked in the few months before it started coming out, but it was the one that really got the hooks in me again. Everything from the vibrant art to the humor in the dialogue to the diverse cast of characters worked for me. It made me seek out the creative teams previous work in Phonogram. As a kid, I loved comics and old myths like the Greek and Roman pantheons. This basically combined the two and added my teenage passion of music. It was like a heat seeking nostalgia bomb, but somehow still immediate and fresh.

  • For my favorite Image #1, I gotta go The Wicked & The Divine. When McKelvie first started doing these now infamous headshot covers they were such a simple concept, but were masterfully done,eye catching, and life-like to see on the stands. On top of that, I was immediately intrigued by the Bowie-esque character on the 50/50 B cover to issue #1 (that turned out to be Lucifer). I was even more captivated once I dug into the story that immediately tapped into the zeitgeist of our celebrity and entertainment obsessed society while creating its own unique story for all these characters, and Gillen’s dialogue is incredibly witty and tongue-in-cheek clever. It’s one of the few books I still read religiously (pun-intended). Really looking forward to what Gillen and Hans (whose beautiful work I also love) have in store for this new book!

  • My favorite Image Comic #1 issue is THE WALKING DEAD, not even factoring in the AMC Television Series, but the comic book series itself has been a reliable drama with excellent storytelling and a pretty solid creative team that’s provided aesthetic continuity. I’ll admit, I didn’t pick it up when it first came out, and I probably jumped onboard several years after it’s release, but have been fortunate enough to catch the entire series through the collected editions. The First Issue set the foundation to a potentially never ending adventure with new dynamic characters emerging and reliable fan favorites retiring 6-ft under, making this an “expect the unexpected” series that’s enjoyable.

  • My favorite #1 comic from Image would be Shanghai Red. On a weekly basis I buy comics that have great stories. I like how Image releases comics because of their non-superhero approach. Yes they have Spawn but having a number of stories to choose from that is relatable in a human sense is a breath of fresh air.
    So I was looking for a new story to follow and then I saw Shanghai Red on the shelves and then my girlfriend asked me if I was going to buy it. I said no because of budget limits then in a little while she bought it for me! and man it was so good! It had this story that is fueled by revenge, and of course you would expect a little violence here and there, and the determination of Red to exact her revenge to those who wronged her and her family. It just shows how strong of a character she is, which reminded me of my girl minus the violence. haha
    Anyway, great story + it was gifted to me. Personally and easily my favorite.

  • Walking dead is my number 1 image title with a close second of unnatural. I’ve been a fan for a long time and watching the group go through anything and everything is great. Who doesn’t love a book where when a character dies it’s a punch to the gut since you know there is no coming back. When you are done with the book you get the letters written in which is a really cool way to see how others reacted to the same book you’ve read.

  • misfit138

    My favorite Image title #1 is Peter Panzerfaust #1. 🙂 Just Kidding!

    My favorite title #1 is Fear Agent. I know I know it moved over to Dark Horse Comics, but it started as an Image book and they even released an Image Firsts for issue #1. This story pays homage to the EC comics from the 50’s. It’s written by Rick Remender and art by TONY MOORE!!! This book features 50’s spacemen with the glass helmets, hot women, cool ray guns, even cooler space ships, killing millions of aliens and he is drunk doing it. Issue #1’s cover even has a Weird Science Fantasy #29 (Frazetta – and I own about a 4.0 condition copy) feel to it. History lesson, WSF #29 was to be a Buck Rogers cover but it was too violent. Remender and Moore did this book to pay their respects to Wally Wood. Wally Wood rules. They did a great job of capturing that EC feel while making it their own also.

  • I started collecting comics when I was 10 yrs old, I stopped around 30. I had a family of 3 boys and a girl, money had to go raising my kids. now only 2 remain, I started again. my first image comic after that long break was Seven to Eternity. I had to buy the first 5 to catch up, at that time it was around 50.00 for number one. the story was really good, but the art was what made it even better!

  • walking dead #1 .Loved the series both in book and on tv

  • Definitely Saga is Image’s #1 title currently in publication because it is an awesome space soap opera!

  • I’m probably the only one, but Gen 13 was my favorite at one time.

  • Birthright…great fantasy story, superb art by Andrei Bressan.

  • Dan Piercy

    Monstress 1. It’s one of my favorite titles, by any publisher, and I’ve been with it since issue 1. Thanks.

  • beta420

    My favorite Image #1 is Spawn! I remember when Image first formed and I would pick up every new book they put out. I was already in love with McFarlane’s work at Marvel so Spawn was my most anticipated title. It did not disappoint, and it remains my favorite Image #1 to this day.

  • Wow surprised no one mentioned Invincible #1 yet… And I just was talking with Robert Kirkman the other day about this… it was our generations Amazing Fantasy #15 / Amazing Spider-Man #1….. Stan Lee/Ditko days…. a brand new character in a brand new universe for readers….. In the New Millennium… It was for new fans to jump aboard a new journey which is rare considering Image doesn’t produce many superhero stories especially in the 2000s…. You were rooting for Invincible like Peter Parker’s high school struggle days… it was relatable read especially since I was in elementary school at the time… way elementary school =)

  • In the 90s, when my reading/collecting began, Pitt was amazing! It really started my love for the art in comics. I felt like it was a style was different than anything to that point. Great series!

  • Rising Stars #1. Written by one of my favorite writers fresh off finishing Babylon 5. B5 was one of the first, if not the first, shows to have seasonal and series arcs as opposed to the episode of the week, and I carried those expectations into the series. I was not disappointed. Threads laid down in the first issue where expanded upon as the series went, and the story had a defined start, middle, and end. The heroes were flawed and you sympathized with the villains, which was a first for me here. The art was great and was one of the first #1’s where I sought out the variant covers to the issue. In the wasteland of 90’s crap that was being published, Rising Stars #1 was a diamond.

  • I have to go with Ascension #1. Finch’s artwork is amazing; I have always loved this short-lived series and just picked up another set of them; I can’t stop collecting them!

  • As of right now I’m rocking with skyward and unnatural, skyward because of the awesome story so far and unnatural is for the art! Not to say skyward has bad art and unnatural has a bad story. I’m just a fan of the certain aspects of each!

  • Dell18

    Image….so many great titles. I was around for the early classics like Spawn and WildCATS, and the next group like Gen13 and Witchblade. There’s some great current titles like Unnatural, Skyward and Gideon Falls. Some of my all-time favorites that were part-time Image titles like Stray Bullets, Bone and Strangers In Paradise. I think what might mean the most to me years down the road is going to be Brian K Vaughan’s Paper Girls. It’s one of the few books I have to read the day it comes out. Great story. Great art. It’s also the series that finally hooked my oldest daughter after years of trying to convince her to give some stuff a shot. It got her to finally actually try Fables and Sandman more than two issues and be open to other books. She’s now 12 hours away doing her Freshman year in college. Away from home for the first time, so I buy two copies and send one to her each month. She’ll then text me about it after she’s read it. There are a few other series that match it’s quality but the added connection with my daughter put it at the top of my list currently.

  • fourwayflashers

    We Stand on Guard #1. It was good to see that Brian K Vaughn truly knew what Canadians were truly capable of when we are finally pushed over the edge by those Capitalist Water Stealing hooligans to the south. Oh and it was a good read.

  • I’m the 100th person to say it, Saga got me back into comics. Saga #1 made it’s way into my collection for a lot more that the cover price on release day though. What the characters go through coupled with the art drew me in from the beginning. Not a lot of comics can have an absolutely captivating first issue, but I think Saga is one. As the story goes on, I love #1 even more. Seeing what it has become makes it all the more valuable for me. The incredible fans of the series also make it more important than it could be without them. Saga letters are one of the two I make sure to read thoroughly. (Second is Sex Criminals)
    Lastly, it’s not #1, but the series also has my all time favorite double splash of a dragon fellating itself!!

  • I know this is not an obscure title. But I’m a 90’s guy that is a big fan of the Todd Father. When he left Marvel with Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld and the rest of the guys I went too. And one of the 1st books I bought was Spawn #1. It was just so different than anything else at the time. And being a teenager at that time and reading about a guy that goes to hell makes a deal with the devil to come back to life and see his wife gets powers and decides to uses them for good was pretty damn awesome. Not to mention that the artwork was amazing.

  • Invincible #1…I think I only saw one other response for invincible. It actually doesn’t’ surprise me because I feel it gets lost in the shuffle.
    He’s one of the few new characters that I really enjoy, and that is hard to do these days because everything seems like a re-hash. My friend let me borrow all 10 hardcover volumes (which went to like issue 120) and I think I read the entire thing in a couple weeks because I was so engrossed I couldn’t stop. I also like the fact that they actually ended the book (perhaps it will come back in some form) but I am cool with the story being complete.

  • Spawn #1 hands down my favorite. I buy every copy I see $5 and under. All started when I watched the Spawn animated series as a kid. Love the show/movies/Comics. Rarely pass up a spawn book under $1

  • eye_ess

    Picking one Image title to be a favourite is always a difficult one, because being an Indy Publisher, they put out a lot of amazing original content. For me, I’d say my favourite title is Southern Cross #1 by Becky Cloonan and Andy Belanger. I first met Andy at Fan Expo Canada and got him to do my first ever commission. While talking to him, I learnt more about him, his inspirations, where he wants to progress, all before the release of Southern Cross. After which I got intrigued with the title (currently under hiatus but planning a return to complete the story), and honestly its an amazing read with a mix of horror, fantasy, and sci-fi, all mixed into one book. They end each story with cliffhangers, and all the details in the art is simply beautiful. Not to mention, there are some instances where I can see where some art is inspired (Japanese Dekotora Trucks).

    If you haven’t read this tittle, I strongly recommend it, and I look forward to the completion of the story.

  • doomedandconfused

    My favorite so far is Paper Girls #1 because it’s the first comic that I finally convinced my wife to sit down and read and she’s been hooked ever since. Now we’re sharing my love for the hobby together ever since.

  • This is a tough one, it’s like asking someone to pick between Pizza, Burgers, Burritos, Pasta and then tell them you can only have one of them for the rest of your life (as you can tell I have a very healthy diet when home alone)! How could you ask this…? It’s inhumane!

    I’d have to say Gen 13 (and SW), it got me into comics and it was the first series I bought religiously, they had some awesome posters and covers, Janet Jackson Variant, the Conan homage type one, life size Catlin Fairchild (if anyone has those posters – please hit me up), issue cover 12 (by Campbell). Gen 13 had a lot of humour and got me through my angsty teens. Overall provides me with fond memories of the carefree years, bar before mentioned angst ;). On that note, I am going to go dig them out of their box for a read!

    Honourable Mentions: Manhatten Projects and Fear Agent and, and, and…

  • The Walking Dead, it was my first Zombie comic I fell in love with and now it’s my favorite show.

  • I loved The Realm #1 – I’m a big sword & sorcery fan and so I loved the fantasy/AD&D vibe to the book. I also had the chance to meet Jeremy Haun during his promotional tour for the book whose artwork I love so it was great meeting an artist I admire and finding out just how awesome he is in real life! Also scored a bunch of the signed tour exclusives so those good memories coupled with the overall style of the book make it my favourite!

  • Walking Dead #1. I was turned onto the comics by the show and while I do like the show the comics were just that much better. Once I read the entire series I went to the Image website and subscribed to get new issues(actually #185 just came in the mail today) and started collecting the series and buying everything I could. I don’t have the actual #1 but I have many of the variants and a 9.8 #100.

  • I’d have to say that Chew #1 is my ultimate Image #1 book. This book brought me back to the forefront of comics. I had not been into comic book collecting or reading since i was a kid and reading Chew #1 brought right back in, full swing. The creativity and originality to the story as a whole and the continuation of new characters and powers that they had in relation to food amazed me. I had always been trying to collect as much as Chew as possible. I was fortunate enough to meet Rob Guillory in Boston and have most of my collection of his signed by him. Meeting him and seeing how nice and humble he is sealed the deal with how great of a writer/person/artist (I know Layman did art for Chew) he is. Chew will definitely go down in the history books for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Walking Dead #1. Easily. I was thrilled at the time it came out. Finally a serious, well done zombie book.

  • It’s gotta be Deadly Class. The story, the setup, the comic, the style. It all comes together to create such a good #1 issue.

  • Paper girls. It’s the series that got my teenage daughter hooked onto my comic book obsession. I get a thrill out of discussing the coming and goings of the story arcs with her. I also love how excited my daughter gets when she sees me bring home the newest issue and she squeals, “I’m reading it first!”

  • Has to be The Walking Dead 1. Great cover and outstanding story. The story is always entertaining with the only issue I haven’t liked so far being the variant story in issue 50.

  • Danger Girl #1 has an opening sequence like the pre-credits sequence in the best James Bond film that was never made. Scott Campbell was never better. I kept buying copies and giving them to people who liked good film, to show them what comics could do.

  • My favorite #1 is Youngblood. Brings back memories of when I was a teenager, waiting for the comic book store to open its doors so I could rush in and grab a copy before they sold out. I guess it was the speculator spirit in me even at that relatively young age. Can’t say that it necessarily paid off in this instance, but boy was that fun.

  • I know it’s a popular answer but for me it is Saga #1. My return to comics in the past 2 or 3 years had me seeing people constantly talking about how great Saga is. I eventually started it and was simply amazed. Between the art, the story and the WTF is going story lines I became hooked. I still read it to this day. I actually own a Saga #1 9.8 first print that I absolutely love!

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