1 Stan Lee Signature Series

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Various
Wow.  Over 800 sales on eBay alone since Stan's passing.  That is an insane number of sales.  Prices obviously vary greatly by book/condition, but, unsurprisingly, it appears that signed Spidey books command the most.


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2 Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration #1

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Various
Stan Lee updated his 2 page text story that was in Captain America Comics #3 and this time it included artwork by Bruce Timm!  This went from a cover price book to $50 once people were alerted about it.  Nice catch Key Collector!


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3 Immortal Hulk #2

WRITER: Al Ewing
ARTIST: Joe Bennett
The 1st Appearance of Dr. Frye and an absolutely incredible cover by Alex Ross.  Is there anyone that brings it every single time more than Ross?  Expect to pay $20-30 at the moment.


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4 Middlewest #1 Skottie Young 1:20 Variant

WRITER: Skottie Young
ARTIST: Jorge Corona
Skottie has his fans and they apparently want this variant as they are paying $60+ the week of release.  In fairness, I did not see this at the few shops that I visited.


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5 Dead Rabbit #1

WRITER: Gerry Duggan
ARTIST: John McCrea
Hundreds of copies sold this week after the book was recalled due to a copyright issue with a bar.  The regular cover is sitting at $15-20 and the store variants are at $35-40.


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6 Batgirl (Vol. 5) #18 Josh Middleton Variant

WRITER: Hope Larson
ARTIST: Sami Basri
Another Middleton variant out of this run to blow up.  Fetching $30 right now, have I mentioned how we just seem to love rain and snow cover art?


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7 Black Hammer #1

WRITER: Jeff Lemire
ARTIST: Dean Ormston
Option news and this one shot up to a $30 book.  Readers of this title have been praising it since it came out and I guess they were right.  The SDCC variant /500 is selling for $300.


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8 Green Lantern (Vol. 5) #1 LCSD Variant /500

WRITER: Grant Morrison
ARTIST: Liam Sharp
This one and the Power Rangers LCSD were the clear winners this year for these variants.  I thought DC absolutely would not make a variant with this low of a print run?


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9 Black Order #1 In-Hyuk Lee 1:50 Variant

WRITER: Derek Landy
ARTIST: Philip Tan
This book was hotter last week when it was selling upwards of $200.  While it has settled in the $125-150 range, that's still a pretty good return on a 1:50 variant just out a week ago.


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10 Conspiracy: The Illuminati Marc Rosete Cover

WRITER: Hans Rodionoff
ARTIST: J.G. Miranda
A non-female cover from Zenescope is commanding $25 on release?  What is going on??


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Voltron: A Legend Forged #1 Jenny Frison Variant

WRITER: Josh Blaylock
ARTIST: Mike Bear
To Frison fans, this book is well known.  Someone was able to pick this up over the summer in the $50 range but it now commands $100+.  Try finding this one, I have tried for a long time with no luck.

Contact Comics #12

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Various (L.B. Cole cover)
Yes, the 9.0 that just sold for $12,000 was a Mile High Copy (but it sold in 2006 for just $3000), but a 6.0 that sold for $2000, sold last year for $1350 and for just $900 in 2016.

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  • Avatar

    That Contact 12 is purely amazing and pretty scarce as well. Not sure I will ever have a chance on adding another nice LB Cole cover to my PC again.

  • Avatar

    I read Immortal Hulk and don’t remember Dr. Frye. Do we know why this is hot?

  • Avatar

    That Contact Comics is the winner here. I’d love to have a print of that cover.

  • Avatar

    Jimmy called that green lantern weeks ago hopefully people listened

  • Avatar

    I passed on that Green Lantern foil. Was offered first dibs from the store as “the green lantern guy”. Was too pricey IMO and didnt see it being hot and didnt look great. Was offered it before LCSD. Few others were offered all passed. Was then put out on the shelf for LCSD and sat. Kinda funny.

    Was 50. Hate paying that kind and not having the vibe it would be of interest enough to go up NOR was it anything cool enough to have in the PC. I see those people asking a C note and a lot of bidding hasnt ended yet but hovering around 50 with a few days to go. Id be selling!

  • Avatar

    That Marvel 75th also contains a new post-Alias, (but pre-Jessica Jones) Jessica Jones story by Bendis (not reprinted elsewhere I suspect).
    Also – that SDCC Black Hammer… there’s only 499 of them. I know this because my cat puked on mine and I had to throw it away and replace it! No joke lol.

  • Punisher78

    Variants & Certified signatures need to have their own top 10. Every week it’s Variant Variant Variant. How about a top 10 Raw non Variant

  • Avatar

    I literally just looked over a 75th Anniversary copy yesterday in a 50 cent longbox. *kicks self*


    Watch lots for the Voltron Frisson variant. I found 2 in the last month that way. I won one under $10 and I got a buncha other Voltron books too….

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