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Batman #457

Looking ahead to Brian Michael Bendis’ relaunch of Young Justice in January, I thought it would be fun to take a look at a couple 1st appearances for it.

Granted everyone wants the super rare newsstand 2nd print of Batman 457, but you can find plenty other versions in dollar bins. This is the 1st appearance of the Tim Drake in his Robin costume. You can also keep an eye out for the 1st Tim Drake in Batman 436 and his 1st in the original costume in 442, as they frequent the cheap bins too. But I like 457 as his first as the Robin that I know and love.


Recent High Sales Data:

CGC 9.8 (1st) – $98.00 on 11/15/18
CGC 9.8 (2nd print newsstand) – $3,299.99 on 5/22/18

Raw (1st) – $40.00 on 9/2/18
Raw (2nd print newsstand) – $510.00 on 10/2/18


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Wonder Woman #105

Well she may not have been a founding member of Young Justice; but be on the lookout for Cassie Sandsmark’s 1st appearance in WW #105. I’ve found plenty of these, and grab them every time I see them. Not the best cover, but worth grabbing on the cheap anyway.

Cassie would go on to follow Donna Troy as the second Wonder Girl. The Young Justice team wouldn’t really come together until she joined the squad in issue #4. And considering she is a part of Bendis’ relaunch team, her profile should be on the rise. Besides you won’t find Bart Allen’s 1st in Flash #92 in the dollar bins, and you will find so many copies of Kon El’s 1st Superboy in Adventures of Superman #500 in the dollar bins that it’s not even funny.


Recent High Sales Data:

CGC 9.8 – $90.29 on 9/29/18
Raw – $13.29 on 10/7/18


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So until next time…
“Be Prepared, son. That's my motto. Be Prepared.” – Joe Hallenbeck


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