CBSI HOT 10 BREAKDOWN : 11/18/2018

Welcome to another CBSI/ HOT 10 Breakdown. Here we will aim to bring you video accompaniment for CBSI’s most popular feature : THE HOT 10. Watch as ComicTom (infamous comic industry Youtube star) and Russ Bright(owner of Mill Geek Comics in Bothell, WA) break down CBSI’s Hot 10 list!!




In memory of Stan Lee, this week's Hot 10 List focused on Stan's Top 10 books. Comic Tom & Russ recap the CBSI Hot 10 list offer a lot of great info and perspective on each of the comics!!  The Bags and Boards giveaway this week is a signed Photo of Stan Lee!!


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A BIG THANKS TO BEN STEIN (MASTER OF THE HOT 10 LIST), THE CBSI IG TEAM(Brian Wood & Jack Demayo) and of course Comic Tom and Russ Bright from Bags and Boards for help spreading the good word.


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