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Batgirl #45

Following up on last week’s highlight on one of James Jean’s brilliant Fables covers in Cover Tunes, I wanted to highlight the run done on Batgirl as well.

This is a beautiful collection of covers that ran through issues 41-57, with #45 and #52 being highlights for me personally. I debated which of those to spotlight before settling on this image that just pops off the page. But the entire series is worth picking up IMO and can easily be found in many dollar bin boxes. Interest in this Cassandra Cain run on Batgirl may heat up; as she is set to be in the upcoming Birds of Prey movie.


Recent High Sales Data:

CGC 8.5 – Only 1 graded copy in Census. No sales data.
Raw – $9.99 on 9/12/18


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Detective Comics #647

Well as you know, you probably won’t have much luck finding Batman #359 in a dollar box. In fact, you most likely can’t find a 1st Cassandra Cain Batgirl in Batman #567 either. However you might have a chance at finding Stephanie Brown’s 1st appearance in Detective.

Stephanie Brown debuted as the character Spoiler, but she did eventually take up the Batgirl mantle for a time. She also happened to be Robin for a short while. Though her most well-known issue is most likely that Artgerm cover for Batgirl #12. Good luck finding that, so keep your eyes open for Detective Comics #647 through #649 for the debut of Stephanie Brown.


Recent High Sales Data:

CGC 9.8 – $92.00 on 10/29/18

Raw – $8.99 on 10/22/18


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So until next time, keep on digging. Who knows what you’ll find…

“Be Prepared, son. That's my motto. Be Prepared.” – Joe Hallenbeck



  • Avatar

    Love that James Jean cover. Been picking them up for a few years.

  • Avatar

    That Batgirl cover is beautiful! Thanks for highlighting it, hopefully I can grab one 🙂

    I agree, #52 is the second best of the bunch. Poison Ivy reminds me of something from an old Arthur Rackham print. Anybody not familiar with his work, worth checking out, not comics, but a book illustrator from the earlier 20th C.

    • Peter Renna

      Thanks for the Arthur Rackham tip. That’s some beautiful work. Good luck on the hunt, and don’t overpay. These can be found for cheap. I got mine for a quarter.

  • Avatar

    James Jean’s covers are a thing of beauty, I wish he had done more superhero work. The Batgirl cover has been a favorite of mine for years. I also am rather fond of his Green Arrow #58 cover

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