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Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 11/14/18

Oh man what a week. Stan's passing was all over as he and what is the legacy of Marvel is very influential in our popular culture and I probably wouldn't be writing this article right now if not for him and his fellow creator team. Cheers Stan. In other news I was extremely happy to hear Black Hammer got picked up for all sorts of goodness. Much like the news this week is packed full, let's check it out.


Avengers Vol 7 #10 Cover H Incentive Alex Ross Variant Cover 1:50

Ross is boss, but will this cover get the love it deserves? Sales seem to be $50-60 which is promising, but his covers don't seem to hold on though. I think $30 or under is safe. I hope I can get one for my PC as I love this cover. Also supposed 1st app of a new red widow or something.

Weatherman #6 Cover D Incentive Jerome Opena Variant Cover 1:25

Sad this is going on a break till next year. I can't find any sales yet. These are getting harder and harder to find and most seem to go for ratio or right over. This is the last issue till next year and that causes books to cool. I'm disappointed we have to wait. I was really getting into this title. I think half ratio is a safe pickup.

Black Order #1 Cover C Incentive In-Hyuk Lee Variant Cover 1:50

Beautiful cover and sold out quickly. Lee is starting to develop a following and I was expecting this book to be hot and most are $70-120 but then I see a $322 and I just smh. Don't get me wrong I want one and hope to get one, but I think that is a bit much. I think This is a good grab $60 or under as it seems hot enough to sustain a few days over that. I'd feel better under $50 really though. Unless there is a 1st app I haven't heard of, bonkers pricing doesn't make sense. Even if there is a new character it would be a villain which aren't great bets. It is a good to great cover, but it isn't top 10 of the year by any means. Regardless this is the “One.”

Cosmic Ghost Rider #5 Cover E Incentive J Scott Campbell Variant Cover 1:50 

I'm not a fan of this cover being used over again. The GITD from SDCC was enough and seems to be selling for under $50. I don't expect this one to do well, but if you like it I think it is a PC book. I think half ratio, probably less than that if you want it seems safe.


Fantastic Four Vol 6 #3 Cover E Incentive Moebius Variant Cover 1:50

I'm really digging this recent Moebius run. I really hope to grab this one. I don't expect it to do well though. Bins as low as $15, but I think this one may get love long term. If you see it for that cheap, $15 or less, and you like it I think it is worth the dice roll.


Vault Of Spiders #2 Cover B Incentive Marcos Martin Variant Cover 1:25

Seems like there is always a new spider character in everyone of these. Doing well so far at $20 to ratio, but I think play it safe at half ratio or less.




Unstoppable Wasp Vol 2 #2 Cover B Incentive Luciano Vecchio Variant Cover 1:25

I don't care about this one at all, but I know people like the rare covers. One sold for a bo of $37 and one listed at $80. I'm always shy and think $20 or less and dump it quick. I still think half ratio is much more comfortable though. This cover isn't great so unless there is a new character it is only hot from ghost status which I don't care for.

Cool Covers

Catwoman Vol 5 #5 Cover B Variant Stanley Artgerm Lau Cover

Another great Artgerm for ye old PC.

Detective Comics Vol 2 #992 Cover B Variant Gabriele Dell Otto Cover

We need more Dell Otto non-store variant covers. Good not great, but one for the PC.

Red Hood Outlaw #28 Cover B Variant Yasmine Putri Cover

I haven't been big on these Putri covers, but I know a lot of folks are diggin them.

Suicide Squad Vol 4 #48 Cover B Variant Francesco Mattina Cover

Mattina SS is a must grab, they are just so good.

Wonder Woman Vol 5 #58 Cover B Variant Jenny Frison Cover

Jenny from the block still slaying it with these WW covers. This one is great and light from behind is my jam. Selling out online, but doesn't seem to be heating up. I'm going to be sad when this run ends.

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 #9 Cover B Variant Clayton Crain Uncanny X-Men Cover

Okay so her face is off, but there is just something about this cover that does it for me. I shouldn't get one, but I probably will. If her face wasn't wonky it would be a definite grab.

Black Order #1 Cover B Variant John Tyler Christopher Cover

I like when he does covers other than action figure covers. I think doing almost exclusively one type of cover can hurt an artists level of talent. But what do I know I can't draw a stick figure.

Captain America Vol 9 #5 Cover A Regular Alex Ross Cover

Wow, just wow. This cover is insane. I love this cover. I'm probably going to slab one. I wish they did a virgin variant of this one. I love it.

Domino Vol 3 #8

Gang Hyuk Lim is on a roll. The cover #7 was surprisingly good and it looks like he is doing a few more covers for this run. I really don't like this book as a read though.

Uncanny X-Men Vol 5 #1 Cover D Variant Marko Djurdjevic Cover

I like this Djurdjevic cover, but for what they are asking for cover skip it. I plan on grabbing one when they go on super sale in a few months.


Venom Vol 4 #8 Cover B Variant J Scott Campbell Uncanny X-Men Cover

Campbell covers are hit and miss for me, but I'm really digging this one and I read Venom anyway. The regular cover isn't too shabby either.

Judge Dredd Megazine #401

These Dredd covers have some hits. I'm not huge on this one, but I know others are talking about it.

Read it

Quantum Age From The World Of Black Hammer #4 Cover A Regular Wilfredo Torres Cover

BH got picked up and I couldn't be happier. If you haven't given the BH world a try there are 2 trades for the main run. Jump on it!

Flash Vol 5 #58 Cover B Variant Karl Kerschl Cover

Can we get Mattina back or Dell Otto to do these B covers for Flash again? Still a solid read.

Mister Miracle Vol 4 #12 Cover A Regular Nick Derington Cover

Final issue and I can't wait to actually be able to read the whole run thru in one shot as I usually end up forgetting what I read issue to issue.

Cemetery Beach #3 Cover A Regular Jason Howard Cover

CB has been good so far and I'm excited for #3.

Bitter Root #1 Cover A Regular Sanford Greene Cover

Sounds interesting and the A covers will be connecting thru the 1st arch.


I was hesitant at first, but I am actually digging this title.

Murder Falcon #2 Cover A Regular Daniel Warren Johnson & Mike Spicer Cover

The first issue was a hit and I hope they keep it going strong.

Oblivion Song By Kirkman & De Felici #9

I'm behind on this one. I want to crank out a few issues soon and hopefully catch up.

Life Is Strange #1 Cover A Regular Claudia Leonardi Cover

I hear I should grab one. I don't get it.

Darth Vader Vol 2 #23 Cover A Regular Elia Bonetti & Giuseppe Camuncoli Cover

This current Vader run is straight fire. Last issue was awesome and I love Vader setting up Mustafar.

Friendo #2 Cover B Variant Kim McLean Cover

The first one was okay. It was interesting enough that I will flip thru the 2nd.


  • Marvels Captain Marvel Prelude #1 – I usually don't care for these but a few have done well. I'm not hearing good things though.

Bonus look back – how did last week do a week later?

 How did last week's spec end up doing? We take a look at last week's predictions and see if we did OK one week later!!!

(Last week's spec will be quoted like this. What it really did will look like this.)

Deathstroke Vol 4 #37 Cover B Variant Francesco Mattina Cover – This cover is amazing. I grabbed a few before foc and hope to grab a few more nm+ copies. I def want a 9.8 for the old pc. The colors really make this one pop. This one is trending over cover, but I don't think it will be a $10 winner, but more $6-8. I love this cover. At cover or right over. I think this one has some life long term. 

Road Of The Dead Highway To Hell #1 Cover C Incentive Santiperez Pencil Art Cover 1:10 – Sounds interesting and this ratio might get some heat, though I think IDW overprints in general. So far a few sales for $15-20 is good. I still don't trust IDW books and wouldn't pay over double cover. $20 is solid

Star Wars Han Solo Imperial Cadet #1 Cover D Incentive Luke Ross Variant Cover 1:50 – Should be hard to find and seems to be selling $75-85 a few days ago. I don't think there will be any 1st apps, but maybe. I think it will be hot for a little bit based off rarity. Ratio or less seems like a good flip. I'd be happier closer to $40 or less in case it dies quickly. This one hit a wall a few days ago. It was going $70 and there is a auction that is trending at ~$50 so far. 

Dead Rabbit #2 Cover B Incentive David OSullivan Variant Cover 1:10 – The 1st issue was surprisingly good and I look forward to this one. This cover will probably be hard to find and seems to be selling for ratio or better. I think a little over cover is okay. I think this might be a hold and see if it options. Ouch. No love on this one as it is going for cover or right over.

WWE #22 Cover D Incentive Rahzzah Virgin Variant Cover 1:15 – I'm not big on WWE, but I like Rahzzah and his following is increasing all the time. Hard to find and selling for double ratio so far. Easy grab at ratio or lower it seems. Ghost town with only one bin avail at $70 and a low sale yesterday of a VF copy. 

Rags #2 Cover B Variant Luigi Teruel Silver Cover – I don't get it, but it sells. Flip it quick if this is your bag. Sales a few days ago $70 which is crazy. Seems to be going a lil over $30. 

Punchline #1 Cover B Variant Matthew Weldon Road Trip Cover – Seems to be a ghost. It might flip. I can't find any listed and only 1 international sale. If you see it for cover or right over it might be worth taking a chance on. I wouldn't chance too much though. Looking at $50+ is crazy. Good flip if you got it. 

Wrap Up

This week was bigger than I thought. I don't know what I was thinking. There is a lot going on which means I will probably forget something when I'm at my lcs. I really hope I get that Ross and that Lee for sure, but I'll take what I can get. Happy that we finally get the end of MM which I hope wraps up well. Anyway let me know what Y'all think and if I missed something. Have a great Wednesday and thanks for reading.



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  • Avatar

    Damn that Alex Ross Capt. America reg. cover is badass!! The Colors just stands out

  • Adam Lebednik

    Made a few edits because words and I’m a terrible editor.

  • Avatar

    Great list, but as a comic shop worker, I have to know, where are you finding a brand new 1:50s for less than half of ratio so often?

    • Adam Lebednik

      Some shops are more generous with pricing than others. Some shops that charge ebay prices for variants usually end up with long boxes full of worthless variants months later. Often they dont manage inventory well and end up having dollar boxes full of few month old comics. Some shops dont care about them at all and even refuse to order them despite qualifying for them. Some shops are wildly inconsistent. One week a 1:25 is $25 and the next it is $10 or less. Some will consistently do half ratio. It all depends on the shop, the city, the owners, the customers, and the location. Some shops the customers don’t care about them and even a few dollars over cover so they sit. A 1:50 on a book that has a 500k print run is extremely common so some shops will sell them for $10 or $15. On a print run of 10k they are extremely rare and the shop might skip the shelf and put it straight on ebay auction. Some shops have long time regulars they take care of. There will be a thor guy. He has had a pull at a shop for 20 years and gets everything thor. He gets the thor variants thrown in his box for cover just because. In my city we have several shops and the pricing for each variant can be drastically different week to week and store to store. I know guys that have shops where the variants are cover and in the same pile as the regular covers. A shop in a city like san fran might have to charge a lot for them because overhead is crazy high but their customers pay because they make tons of money and can afford to live in the expensive part of town. A shop in bfe kansas has very low overhead but their customers also dont have a lot of disposable income so they sell them cheap. Some stores are mainly game/card shops and hardly dabble in comics. Some mostly deal in back issues and dont care about current moderns. Different strokes for different folks. Hope that helps

  • Avatar

    OUCH!!!!! First it was SPIDER-GWEN: GHOST SPIDER #1, LEE VARINAT and now BLACK ORDER #1, LEE VARIANT…people are asking $500.00 and more for this book. it’s a gold mine for the lucky few. The Economic law of Supply and Demand applies in most areas of life. Yet, a lot of people are left playing musical chairs…not chair to sit on and holding a bunch of HIGH Priced Variants in our hands.

  • Avatar

    Alex Ross has been hitting it hard the past couple years; some of his best work. He’s by no means underrated, but his ratio variants don’t seem to do well. I guess it’s the print runs?

    • Adam Lebednik

      you might be right most of the variants I remember from him are from larger print runs. But even some of the smaller ones don’t seem to catch fire. Maybe we are just complacent on how good he is. take it for granted.

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